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Undercut Hairstyle: Undercut and Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Undercut Hairstyle


Top 20 Undercuts and Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Bobs aren’t the only hair trend spreading like wildfire among women these days. 2015 also saw a rapid increase in women flaunting that staple of the skating subculture – undercuts. Originally a style prevalent among working class men, it’s now being rocked by women of all shapes and sizes. The undercut hairstyle can be a liberating step! It showcases a new side of femininity that doesn’t traditionally figure into what a beautiful woman looks like. If you keep your hair short, it’s also a snap to blow dry or air dry, cutting precious minutes off your beauty routine. Be that as it may, committing to this kind of hairstyle requires regular maintenance, so if you aren’t willing to get this cut refreshed every few weeks, maybe stick with another look.
Whether you’re ready to go all the way or want to dabble with this new trend, here are 20 styles to help you decide what is best for you!

1Color Contrast

Inject some color into your look with this two-toned undercut style! We love the hue contrast between Rihanna’s honey caramel combover and the deep black undercut. This helps you add depth to the look and is a creative way to play around with color.


Take your undercut to the next level by using it as the base for a mohawk hairstyle! If mohawks suit you, simplify your beauty routine further by shaving the sides for a clean look. Just add volumizing hair product to the mohawk to keep it in contrast with the short buzzed sides and go!

3Slicked Back

Proving that the undercut isn’t just for young women, Yasmin LeBon rocked this look when she was 47 years old! Slick back your hair to channel this classy and subtle look with a hardcore edge. We love how her undercut has slightly grown out for a feathered look that still looks clean.


Keep your cut super short for an androgynous look like the one that British model Agyness Deyn rocks here. Ask for highlighted tips to channel her cool look! Bonus: this super minimal cut will be easy to maintain and keep fresh.


The undercut isn’t just for punks, you can stay glamorous and feminine with this trend. Cassie keeps her flowing curls and they provide an eye catching juxtaposition with her large and edgy undercut. This look is dramatic in and of itself, so keep your makeup minimal to avoid being overpowering.

6Blinged Out

No need to be demure, show off your new cut with some sparkle! We love the subtle yet fun accessorizing Mel B did with her undercut. Who needs shiny hair clips when you can decorate your hair itself! Experiment with different accessories to channel your mood, and to keep your look new.


Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with these flirty and playful loose curls but add a modern touch with this small shaved section! You can easily cover the undercut with your curls if needed, but left to its own devices it’ll gently add an edge and fun twist to your ‘do!


This metallic lavender shade on Kelly is something else! Her shaved sides and towering and voluminous top make a bold statement. If you like dying your hair on the regular, that doesn’t have to stop just because you shave your head. Experiment with different shades and add some color to this cropped look with long on top short on sides haircut.

9Back of the Head

Undercuts don’t have to be on the sides, check out this shave on Kylie Jenner.  Keeping the cut on the back makes it an even subtler choice, no one will be any the wiser when your hair is down. Sweep it up into a ponytail or a high bun to show off your edgy side.


Go all in with this UP-do that showcases shorn sides and a voluminous top. There’s no subtly hiding your undercut with this look, so be bold and own it. We love that Tilda Swinton’s hair still looks soft with this look but experiment with different amounts of gel if you want a look with harder and sharper spikes.


Keep the top of your hair intact and shave your bottom half for this adorably boyish nape undercut. The loose hair on the top looks great in contrast with the short and simple nape. You can also try this look with a pixie cut or super short bob.


This slicked back yet voluminous pompadour is the perfect red carpet look to sport with an undercut. The destroyed undercut is very rocker glam but the sleek pompadour is high-class. Keep in mind that this style looks best with defined facial features, like Scarlett’s signature cheekbones.


Don’t let girls with straight hair have all the fun! Keep it bouncy and cute with a curly lob. The round ringlets look great with the short undercut, and it creates a very trendily asymmetrical look. This style is perfect for girls with naturally wavy or curly hair.

14Edgy Design

Rumer Willis contrasts her simple A line bob with an edgy side undercut. We love the horizontal lines that add an extra level of badassery to her look. This style looks great with a nose or cartilage piercing. Keep the rest of your hairstyle plain to show off your undercut front and center.


This barely there undercut is perfect for those of you who want to dip a toe in the water but aren’t quite ready to go all in. This slightly grown out undercut looks great with the highlighted and tousled pixie cut that Evan Rachel Wood is rocking. The key to this look is plenty of gel to keep the intentionally messy feel just right.

16Rock ‘n’ Roll

Emeli Sandé wows with her platinum pixie cut that features big curls on top and a sleek undercut on the sides. To get her voluminous look, keep your hair on top long, and use old-school curlers to achieve poofy ringlets.  This look has a retro rocker feel!

17Side Heavy

A major departure from her long curly locks, Demi Lovato debuts this side heavy undercut look! To key to this hairstyle is the major asymmetry between her chin-skimming bob on one side and her shorn side on the other. Enjoy the freedom your ear experiences on the shaved side of head and accessorize with a lot of earrings!


Side fringe looks banging on this former American Idol! Her sleek side bangs are flirty and feminine while her side undercut shows some teeth. Follow her example by adding some lines into your fade for some extra edgy glam!


Take a plunge into the deep end with Missy Elliot by showing off short sides, a fauxhawk and bold color all at once! We love how her fauxhawk sweeps in front of her forehead in all its tousled glory. To channel this look, keep your fauxhawk soft with non sticky hairsprays and minimal gel.


Throw it back to the “teddy boy” look with this quiff that is both cute and sophisticated. To get the look for yourself, use hair mousse to style the shape of your hair and then blow dry it, making sure to dry hair in the direction of the quiff. To get height and volume, brush your hair upwards as you dry it!



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