The Best Mac Lipsticks Colors

best mac lipsticks

Mac Lipstick Colors and Lipstick Shades

When it comes to lipstick, no other brand can seemingly compare to MAC. The boldness and confidence that a tube of MAC lipstick provides is truly incomparable to any other cosmetic brand. The main reason MAC seems to stay on top of the food chain is because of their wide spectrum of color scheme. Bold reds, nude pinks and even harsh purples… MAC has it all. Lipstick has also been a sparking trend, especially since the start of 2016, and bold lips have been seen on almost every Fall-Winter-Summer 2016 runway show. Lipstick is something that may not be essential for everyone, but MAC has palates that do appeal to everyone. MAC also has a wide range of colors meant for every skin tone and complexion.
It’s hard to find that perfect shade of lipstick, and even harder to match it with your own natural features. Since we all know how hard it can be to narrow down that one color, we’ve compiled this list of the best MAC lipsticks to purchase right now.

1MAC Red Lipstick: Brooke Candy

This take on the classic red is more than perfect. A classic red can never go wrong, and not only this is one of MAC’s bestsellers, but it is inspired by singer Brooke Candy herself. This lipstick even comes in special packaging! The bold red lip will never go out of style, and add the perfect drama to every outfit.

2Charlotte Olympia Lipstick

A different take on the classic nude red is the new collaboration that MAC did with infamous shoe designer; Charlotte Olympia. This red is just as eye-catching, however it is also a matte finish. Charlotte Olympia herself is a frequent red lip enthusiast, and this lipstick is the perfect accessory to showcase all things Charlotte Olympia for us shoe lovers. The matte finish also adds a unique sense of femininity, and has us lusting for all we can get our hands on.

3Zac Posen Lipstick

Another lipstick to invest in this season for all fashion lovers is the collaboration with Zac Posen. Posen is known to create delicacy and elegance within red-carpet gowns, but this shade that he created with MAC has our hearts racing. The blush-pink peach lipstick is so soft and warm, that it has us even more excited for spring. It also comes in the iconic Zac Posen packaging, making the lipstick that much more timeless.

4MAC Pink Lipstick: The Viva Glam

In 1994 MAC introduced the world to the Viva Glam Lipstick in deep red, but then in 1997 it was recreated into a pink mauve. Later on in 2004, the Viva Glam added a warmer plum finish, giving it the perfect pearly look. The reason that this lipstick is so special is because every cent of the selling price goes towards helping people who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

5Antique Velvet: Intense Brown

This shade may be the most important of the season. Darker lips are showing up on runway after runway, and we love it. This high-fashion texture is also matte finish, and defines lips perfectly.

6Crème in Your Coffee

Our next favorite tone of lipstick for spring is the look of a softer- yet still darker- prink/brown. Browns were extremely popular this winter, and are going to last throughout the spring. The reason that this color particularly is so appealing is because it is formulated to shape lips as well as showcase them. This shade is the perfect lip color for spring, and will be worn all throughout next fall.

7Film Noir

The brown lip look is a trend that is seen on many catwalks and celebrities these days. The look is the perfect accent to a plain jean and t-shirt look, or can add the perfect texture to a nude colored dress. The brown lip look is something that is here to stay, and this shade is the perfect brown.

8MAC Nude Lipstick: Fresh Brew

The nude lip is another lip trend that will never disappear. The cleanness of a nude lip is the perfect accent on a natural make-up look, or can add an element of class to a going-out dress. The nude lip was also a huge hit on runways this season, and this new color is surely one of the coolest nudes that we have ever seen. The Fresh Brew is a perfect nude lipstick for brown skin, but it also looks stunning on all skin tones!


This sheer metallic color is the perfect hue for all lips and especially a great lipstick for dark skin. It adds some shine to a natural-nude lip, but still makes a looks seem more finished. A sheer lipstick should be something every girl invests in, and this one by MAC is the perfect accessory for all lips.

10Heavy Petting

A red lip is very necessary to every girl’s wardrobe; however, the darker red lip is the perfect way to add drama. Whether you’re going out or just going to run a few errands, a darker red lip adds that full-lip beauty. Pair the dark lips with some bold eyeliner to create the perfect going out beauty look. The gothic-red lip look was all over fashion week, and is our go-to when it comes to wanting to standout.

11Hot Gossip

Every girl has tried the pink-lip look, and it also is here to stay. Pink lips are so popular because they can be worn with any outfit and still appear perfectly poised. The pop of color can make your make-up appear lighter, just in time for the warm weather.

12Smoked Purple MAC: Investigator

When it comes to what’s in trend, the deep purple lip is what graced majority of the runways this past season. The gothic-girly look is slowly taking over, and the plum look is the perfect way to try the trend. It combines all things 90s with a modern youthfulness. This MAC purple lipstick hue is one of our favorites this season, and we will surely be wearing it to all music festivals and BBQ’s coming this spring.

When it comes to lips, don’t be afraid to try new trends! You never know how a bold lip will completely compliment your outfit, and change your perspective on make-up in general. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to the people of MAC, they are professionals after all. The best way to ease into lipstick is to get someone at MAC show you which color compliments your complexion the best. From there, try the latest trends and incorporate lipstick into your daily wardrobe. The slight change in color really does put a look together, and highlights all those beautiful natural features.


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