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Zac Efron Movies List

Any serious Zac Efron fan knows that he’s more than just Troy from High School Musical. Take a trip down memory lane and see what Efron’s been up to lately, with this list of 20 Zac Efron movies!

117 Again

Mike O’Donnell’s life hasn’t turned out the way he expected. His wife wants a divorce, his kids want nothing to do with him and he was passed over for the promotion he was expecting at work. If only he could go back to his golden era, when he was a hotshot basketball player in high school…you know the rest right?

2High School Musical

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock in recent history knows the plot to this movie. But for those who want a quick refresher, Zac Efron plays the lovable floppy-haired basketball player who’s secret passion is to sing. He falls in love with a girl who is also vocally inclined, and the rest is history.

3Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie can see dead people. Primarily one dead person, his younger brother who was killed by a drunk driver several years ago. He promises never to leave his brother, but he’s put to the test when he meets a girl with plans to travel the world.

4The Lucky One

This movie is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book, so romantics at heart rejoice! In this one, Efron plays a Marine whose life is saved when he reaches down to pick up a photograph from the ground. An explosion nearby would have killed him if it were not for that small movement. He’s determined to find the girl in the photograph, and luckily runs into her in Louisiana…

5The Lorax

Shedding his trademark golden locks, Efron voice a 12 year old brunnette in this movie remake of the beloved Dr. Seuss book. He goes on the search for a real tree to win the girl of his dreams and on his journey meets the Lorax, the creature who is fighting to protect the world.


Showing his versatility as an actor, Efron fits in suspiciously well in the 60s, where Hairspray is set. He plays the role of dashing Link Larkin, who basically runs the dance show. If you like singing along, Hairspray will deliver with all of its showstopping tunes!

7Miracle Run

Efron stretches his acting skills by playing an autistic high schooler in the Miracle Run. This movie details the struggle of a single mother played by Mary-Louise Parker and the struggles of sons to cope with their disability.

8The Derby Stallion

Similar to High School Musical, Efron plays a boy who is struggling to realize his dreams in The Derby Stallion. His parents want him to be a baseball player, but Efron’s character would rather ride horses. He starts racing, but runs into trouble when he falls in love with the same girl as the current racing champion.

9Melinda’s World

A great choice for diehard Efron fans, this film is his movie debut! Efron plays the love interest of the main character, Melinda, as she struggles with her parents and losing her childhood innocence.

10Liberal Arts

Calling all How I Met Your Mother Fans! Ted Moseby (real name Josh Radnor) is both a director and actor for this film. Radnor plays Jesse, a college admissions officer who returns to his alma mater only to fall in love with it all over again, as well as a current student. Efron plays a supporting character of a philosophical hippie who spouts odd aphorisms.

11The Paperboy

Matthew McConaughey plays a journalist who is trying to prove that a man on Death Row has been wrongfully convicted. To help him out, he recruits his younger brother, yours truly — Zac Efron. Bonus: You get to hear Efron with a Southern accent!

12Me and Orson Welles

This film details the life and work of legendary George Orson Welles through the lens of a young actor, Richard Samuels played by Efron. Richard Samuels is starstruck by Welles and swept off by a sudden romance with a fellow actor.

13New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve follow several characters around in different subplots on the magical last day of the old year. Efron plays a young man who is helping an old woman fulfill her bucket list.

14High School Musical 2

The much anticipated sequel to the first movie, High School Musical 2 doesn’t disappoint. Troy and Gabriella are together but trouble lies on the horizon, in the form of jealous Sharpay who thinks Troy should be hers and stops at nothing to get her way.

15High School Musical 3

It’s senior year and high school is about to be over. Gabriella is headed to Stanford and Troy is going to U of A. It looks like they must part ways, but first, they stage a musical about their high school years called (you guessed it) High School Musical!


One of the best Zac Efron movies 2014! A middle-aged couple with a young daughter are horrified to learn that they are neighbors with a frat house. When they refuse to respect the peace and quiet of the neighborhood there’s no choice but to wage an all out war. Efron plays the main frat star who secretly wants what the couple has, a future beyond college.

17That Awkward Moment

Zac Efron seamlessly transitions from his HSM teenybopper image to sauve alpha male in That Awkward Moment. Though he wants to remain single with his two guy best friends, he finds himself entangled in a romance with a girl named Ellie.

18Zac Efron New Movie – Dirty Grandpa

Efron plays an uptight lawyer who is about to be married. He is encouraged to loosen up and “follow his dreams” by of all people, his grandpa. The raunchy grandpa in question is played by Robert De Niro, and doesn’t let his old age stop him from having the time of his life.

19We Are Your Friends

Another new Zac Efron movie. Riding the EDM craze, We Are Your Friends shows Efron as a San Fernando DJ struggling to break into the LA music scene. When he finally makes his debut, it’s not what he expects, and ultimately not what he wants.


Efron gets his MD in Parkland, where he plays a doctor at the hospital where a dead JFK is brought. Parkland is an interesting look at what might have happened on the unforgettable day of Kennedy’s assassination.

Now prepare to fall even deeper in love while watching some of these movies with Zac Efron!



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