What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?


Dream Interpretation and Meanings

Have you been dreaming about someone and wondering what it could possibly mean? Even though science has come a long way in understanding the brain, the meaning of dreams has remained an elusive topic that scientists and doctors have been unable to comprehensively explain. Having said that, many people who study dreams have conducted studies and developed theories about certain patterns in dreams and what they could mean. Below we will discuss some of the explanations for what it could mean when you dream about someone!

1What does it mean when you dream about your crush?

Dreaming about someone famous
Dreaming about a person you have a crush on

Dreaming about someone you have a crush on is incredibly common and often occurs simply because you were thinking about them before you fell sleep! Most dreams about crushes are pretty simple and straight-forward and reflect positive scenarios about how you want your life to be with them. However, if you find yourself dreaming about your crush exclusively or very intensely, it might be worthwhile to think about why this may be. Are you obsessed with them? Is your crush on them healthy? For the most part, crushes are harmless, but if you find yourself looking forward to going to sleep so you can dream about your crush, you may want to consider making an active effort to tone your crush down a bit. Crushes are fun, but you don’t want to let your dreams give you an unrealistic expectation for who they are or what you mean to them. And you don’t want to start looking forward to sleeping more than you look forward to your experiences when you’re awake! If you find out they aren’t the person you convinced yourself they were or that they started dating someone else, it can be more “crushing” to reconcile your findings with reality when you have spent a lot of energy building them up in your dreams.

2A person who used to be in your life

Usually a dream about someone who is no longer in your life means that you have some unfinished emotional business with that person. Maybe this was a guy who “ghosted” you, or a friend who died. Often these types of dreams have to do with the fact that you felt like you never got closure with this person. Even if you don’t think about it in your daily life, your lack of closure with someone who was important to you can weigh on your subconscious heavily and this emotional energy can be reflected in your dreams since you have no control about where your brain will go when you are asleep. Alternatively, dreaming about someone who used to be in your life can simply mean that you are nostalgic for when they were in your life and maybe even ready for them to be a part of it again!

3A former flame when you have a new boyfriend

This is the kind of dream that makes you feel guilty and weird when you wake up! You can’t control your dreams, so don’t feel guilty about dreaming about an old flame when you have a new boyfriend. Having this kind of dream doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be with your ex or that you don’t love your new boyfriend, but having this dream should inspire you to think about your feelings. Are you happy with your new boyfriend? Do you actually miss your ex, good and bad parts of your relationship included? When you’re in a new relationship, it’s totally natural to think about your romantic past and dreaming about an ex can be an innocent and natural way that you respond to transitions in your life. Having said that, you shouldn’t ignore your dreams about an ex. What you should do is try to be honest with yourself about your feelings. Remember: it’s totally okay and normal to have unresolved feelings about an old flame. When you spend a lot of time caring about someone, you can’t expect yourself to just forget about them just because you’ve found someone new. Don’t judge yourself for your feelings, but be honest with where you stand. If your dream makes you confront that you are still in love with your ex, you don’t need to tell your boyfriend the dirty details, but you should consider informing him that you aren’t able to commit fully to your new relationship. He may want to continue dating, but it is more fair to you and him in the long run if you don’t pretend that you are totally over your past.

4Dreaming about someone famous

Dreaming about someone famous can be totally random or could have symbolic significance. If you’re dreaming that you are someone famous, you may have similar career goals to this person or admire how they are perceived. If you are dreaming that you are dating a famous person, you may have a celebrity crush, or you may see qualities in this person that you would like to find in a romantic partner, whether they are famous or not. If you just dream that a celebrity or two is there, your brain may have simply used a random famous person to fill a character spot in the plot of your dream!

5Dreams About Having a Baby

Dreams about having a baby and Pregnancy dream are more common than people might think. That is not necessarily a prediction of some future event and in some cases may be due to fear of getting pregnant (in case you had unprotected sex). Alternately, a baby may represent an aspect of yourself that is still developing mentally or a need to feel more loved and accepted by yourself.

Dreams are so fascinating aren’t they? Even though you really want to know what your dream about someone could mean, science has not yet evolved to a place where anyone could tell you the exact meaning of your dream and why you had it. This can be frustrating, but it also means that you ultimately are the best interpreter of your dream! Pay attention to how a dream makes you feel. If dreaming about someone makes you happy, you can probably assume that they either did have, or do have, a positive impact on your life in some way. If your dream about someone leaves you feeling upset or agitated, it might be safe to assume that something about this person, or what they represent, doesn’t contribute to your life positively. Having said that, dreams can be completely random, so if you have a dream that your amazing best friend turned into an evil beast, don’t think that your dream means you should cut them out of your life!



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