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Different Types of Hugs And Their Meaning

Have you ever hugged a guy and wondered what it really meant? There are so many different types of hugs that guys dish out, and it can be hard to tell what exactly they’re trying to tell you with their mysterious body language. Here is a helpful list that breaks down the silent love language of hugs. So, hopefully, next time you hug Matt or Joe or Steve, you’ll be able to tell if he really likes you or if it’s a no-go. 

1Awkward Shoulder Hug

A shoulder hug could look sweet from afar, but let’s break it down a little. Why is he only hugging your shoulder? It’s not like he has his arm around you for an extended period of time; He is just giving you a quick side hug that doesn’t really make you hear wedding bells chime. So, girl, if he’s hugging your shoulder in a casual friendly way, then he is definitely not feeling it. 

2The Quick Squeeze

The quick squeeze is the definition of a friend hug. Correction: a BFF hug. When you feel a hug with a tight squeeze from a guy, it means that they really truly care about you…in a friend way. It is their way of showing you that you mean the world to them, without giving you the wrong idea. 

3Lift You Up Hug

Doesn’t your heart just flutter when a guy lifts you up during an embrace? A hug in which he lifts you up is usually the direct result from not seeing you for a long period of time. Long distance couples often have these elaborate embraces. But, even if you’re not in a long distance relationship, your man lifting you up when he hugs you is his way of letting you know that he is there to emotionally lift you up. He is your backbone and it is ok to depend on this one. 

4The Twirl Hug

The twirl hug can be romantic or playful and cute. It can be done romantically by sharing a passionate kiss at the same time or during an extremely romantic moment (cue the doves, violin music, and flower petals falling from the sky). Playfully, this hug can be done accompanied by a silly face and some bold laughter. The twirl hug shows just how comfortable he is with you. A boy that gives you a twirl hug is willing to dive out of the hug comfort zone a little and experiment with his affections. 

5Super Tight Squeeze

A super tight squeeze can be a little confusing. Some men may use this to show you how much they truly care about you as strictly a friend, and others may use this as a way to show you how much you complete them as a romantic lover. Either way, if you’re getting a tight squeeze hug from a guy, they definitely don’t want to ever let you go. You’ve got this guy for life. But…good luck figuring out in what capacity. 

6From The Back Hug (a hug from behind)

From the back hugs are every girl’s favorite. And, it’s no lie that guys love to hold your hips and feel your booty pressed against him too. If a guy gives you a hug from behind while you’re busy cooking, on the phone, or just getting ready for the day he means to show you that he loves you for everything that you are. You don’t need to be doing anything spectacular or have a glam smokey eye on to get his attetnion. No matter what you’re doing, he finds you appealing and lovable. He just can’t keep his hands off of you! And, he wants you to know that you are loved. 

7The Hug With A Rub

The hug with a rub is really very special. It usually occurs when a man is trying to console his loved one. It’s wonderful when a guy gives a hug with a nice little back rub because it means he understands his girl’s emotions and knows that she is either stressed or sad about something. And, what girl doesn’t want a man who can properly read her moods? The hug with a rub is his way of trying to be there for his lady the only way he knows how. Sometimes a little comfort is all someone needs to feel better.

8The Hip To Hip Hug

The hip to hip hug is always sexy. It occurs between a couple that is equally passionate towards each other and feeling a little frisky. Not only is this hug great for some build up of sexual tension, but it also is a great hug to lean back, hips still together, look each other in the eyes, and talk intimately to increase the tension even more. If a guy is giving you a hip to hip hug, chances are you’ve already seen his sensual side and it was good enough to make you want to see it again. 

9The Hug With A Pat

The hug with a pat is a definite friend hug. It can even be an awkward friend hug- perhaps even an ex-lover. If a guy gives you a hug with a pat he clearly doesn’t know how to communicate physically with you. He either is trying to make things not awkward…but ends up making them awkward by doing so. Or, he doesn’t want you to get the impression that you’re more than friends. 

10Head To Head Hug

The head to head hug is the most romantic hug. It occurs most in couples that are on their life journeys together. They have made commitments towards each other and there is complete understanding in their joint path and decision making. When a man puts his forehead to yours during a hug, it is not something to take lightly. It means that he not only loves your body, but also loves your brain and soul. And, that’s not always easy to find!

11The Bear Hug

The bear hug is a hug meant for both friends and lovers. A bear hug wraps you completely and holds on tight for a long time. It can occur during happy times, such as long-awaited reunions, or sad times, such as a family death. No matter what it is, a bear hug is given between people that care about the other person’s well-being and the mental state that they are in. 

12The Formal Hug

The formal hug usually happens between family members, co-workers, or acquaintances. This hug is used to convey a friendly ‘hello’ or a ‘congratulations’. This is not the type of hug you want to receive from a guy who you are totally crushing on. If you do, it’s possible he thinks of you as nothing more than a work buddy or maybe even a sister, so don’t get your hopes up that he will be confessing his love for you any time soon. 

13The Sleepy Hug

The sleepy can occur laying down in bed on a Sunday morning and your boo snuggles up close to you. It can also happen standing up as you sleepily melt into each other. Either way, a sleepy hug is a very meaningful hug to get from a guy. It is a hug that assures you that he feels comfortable enough to be himself around you. It also conveys that you are a comfort to him and he feels complete with you are around. 

14The One-Armed Hug

The one-armed hug is used often as a buddy hug to show camaraderie. It’s not the same as putting your arm around someone for an extended period of time, which many couples do. Instead, it is a quick way to show platonic affection towards another person. If you receive this hug from a guy, chances are he is related to you or just sees you as a close friend.  

15The Playful Hug

The playful hug can take many forms. It can be paired with other hugs like the lifted up hug or behind the back. But, the playful hug could also easily take place rolling around on the floor. This hug is goofy and often times includes a little tickling and a lot of laughing. If a guy gives you a playful hug he is definitely flirting with you. Whether you are already in a committed relationship with him or if he is a friend trying to see how far he can push his boundaries, he definitely is trying to tell you he sees you as more than a friend. 

16The Whole Soul Hug

The whole soul hug is the most meaningful hug of all. It is when two lovers bodies are fully connected with each other and you’re souls are speaking while your mouths are silent. It is a hug that fully encapsulates you and has you feeling fully satisfied, loved, and understood. This special kind of hug happens when two people are soul mates, twin flames, or special life partners. If you are lucky enough to receive this hug from a man, you should hold onto them. 



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