Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

Things To Talk About With Your Crush & How to Talk to Your Crush

Even though you and your crush have a ton of fun together, it’s important to make an effort to have conversations with each other that extend beyond weekend plans and what you want to grab for dinner. How to talk to your crush? Whether you are on the hunt for a topic to talk about that will help you get to know him better or a topic that will help you figure out if you two are compatible in the long run, we’ve got you covered with this list of topic suggestions!

1Topics To get to Know Him Better:
What made you choose your career path?

Why this is a great topic to talk about with your man: Traditionally speaking, men are very career oriented and gain much of their sense of worth and accomplishment from their jobs. He may not talk about his career much with you because he doesn’t want to bore you, but odds are that he has a lot of thoughts and feelings about his job, or at least the job he hopes to have one day. Asking him about why he selected his career path is a great way to not only learn about what motivates him, but also to demonstrate interest and support for a part of his life that is important to him.

2How did you meet your best friend and why is he/she so special to you?

Why this is a great topic to talk about with your man: Expressing interest in your man’s best friend is a sweet way to demonstrate that you respect his most important friendship. Especially if you don’t like his best friend, asking about this person will show your guy that you are kind, open-minded, and care about his life beyond the scope of his romantic relationship with you. Plus, even if you haven’t seen his best friend’s positive qualities, hearing why your guy values this person will help you see his bestie in a new light. Your relationship with your man has a better chance of working out if you and his best friend get along, so this is a great question to help you improve your feelings toward his best friend.

3If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?

Why this is a great topic to talk about with your man: A lot of guys put on a tough front and avoid delving into topics that reveal vulnerability, so learning about what he worries about or is insecure about is a great way to get to know him on a deeper level. True intimacy is about knowing each other inside and out and this question will help you achieve that!

4Topics About Your Relationship:
Do you see a future with us?

Why this is a great topic to talk about with your man: We are the first to admit that this is not an easy topic to bring up! Especially if you are worried that he doesn’t see a future with you in it, you may want to avoid asking this question to prevent confronting an unpleasant reality. Even though it’s natural to be apprehensive about this question, it is extremely important to figure out if you two are on the same page about the future of your relationship. For example, if he wants to take it slow and never have children, and you want to have kids and get married in five years, there are definitely some compatibility issues. Even if it hurts in the short run to find out that you two aren’t on the same page, it is always better to find out sooner rather than later. Remember: Finding out that you aren’t compatible is a blessing in disguise because it means you can find someone who you have a real future with sooner!

5What do you think our biggest strengths and weaknesses are as a couple?

Why this is a great topic to talk about with your man: Especially if you feel like you two have been having some friction recently, having a frank and honest discussion about how well the relationship is working from each of your perspectives is extremely important. Oftentimes, couples make the mistake of becoming passive-aggressive with each other instead of addressing problems head-on. The problem with this strategy is that many issues magnify over time when frustrations pile on to each other. Having honest conversations about your feelings is a productive way to not only prevent small problems from morphing into relationship-ending problems, but also to remind each other about the reasons you love being with each other!

6What are the 3 most important qualities for you to see in a long-term romantic partner?

Why this is a great topic to talk about with your man: This is a great topic to gauge how compatible you two are as romantic partners. If you don’t embody the qualities that he identifies as most important, you need to decide what this means. For example, if he loves a woman who adores cooking and cleaning, but you hate these activities, you may need to confront that you aren’t a good fit for each other in the long run. On the other hand, if he values openness and you are a private person, you need to figure out whether or not you can see yourself becoming comfortable with being less guarded around him. The difference between these scenarios is that the first deals with obvious incompatibility and the second deals more with your willingness to compromise or grow within a relationship. Having said all this, don’t forget that a relationship works both ways: you need to also be honest about the most important qualities that you need your long-term romantic partner to possess. If you embody all of the qualities that he needs in a long-term partner, but he doesn’t have the qualities you need, it is important that you don’t ignore this. Incompatibility always rears its ugly head at some point, and it always hurts a lot more the longer you wait to address it!


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