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Toner For Hair: What Is Toner And How Does It Work?

toner for hair

Toner For Hair: What Is Toner And How Does It Work?

Dying your hair is always a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you are doing it yourself! It can make you have a bad hair day, or even turn into your worst nightmare! Stripes and dodgy colors can turn your hair into a mess! No need to fear, for we have found the dream product to avoid a hair disaster! Girlterest presents… toner!

1What Is Toner?

Toner is an amazing product that gets rid of and corrects unwanted tones. Scared your hair will turn Simpson yellow when you bleach it? Well, even if it does, you can save it with a bit of toner! This doesn’t just apply to blonde, but also brash red, gold or orange tones. It is a demi-permanent hair color that will change the structure of your hair, quite likes dyes and bleach, so you have to be just as careful! It is often used after bleaching but not straight after as it will seriously damage your day, we recommend waiting a few days before going crazy with the toner!

2Why Use Toner?

Toner is so useful and give you beautiful locks! As we mentioned before, it evens out all those unwanted tones and corrects those not so glamorous shades. If you are a dye-addict and have been coloring it for years, it definitely takes it toll on your hair, it may not be visible now, but once you lighten your hair, it speaks for itself. Toner is the product that can hide the evidence and give you even and perfect hair.

This product is also very good for your hair if applied correctly. Want hair straight out of a L’Oréal advert? Well, the toner will help you achieve the glossy and silky locks you see on TV. Also, it helps your color last a lot longer, and as you will be dying your hair less, it will cause less damage.

Toner can also help you manipulate your blond hair and chose what tone you are aiming for – do you want a cooler or ashier look? This applies for other colors too, what kind of blue do you want for example?

3Which One Should I Chose?

Like all hair products, there are so many choices, good or bad. There are so many different types too! We are here to help you find the best ones for you, that you can incorporate into your hair color routine. The following toners are in fact ammonia toners that you will need to use a 20 volume developer with…

4Wella Color Charm Toner

This Wella toner is in every color imaginable, and it neutralizes those ugly tones. Users recommend leaving it on clean damp hair and check it every minute or so. Once the tones that worried you have disappeared, you can rinse it off, but avoid shampooing it for 48 hours. This is quick, effective and incredible value for money, as you can find it for around $7 in your nearest store.

5Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow White Toner/Mixer

This product will even out the unwanted tones and also make it as light as it can possibly get, making your hair color routine easier and more successful. This is the perfect toner to use if you plan to dye your hair a bright color like neon pink or electric blue! This will eliminate the darkest of tones, Manic Panic definitely know a thing or two when it comes to hair color!

6L’Oréal Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher

The Brash Banisher can get rid of harsh tones within 25 minutes max! It is recommended for those of you who want to go blond in particular, as it gives you a light ash-blond look. If you are worried about your hair going orange when bleaching your hair, this product can even save you from those disasters! It is also the product to go to lighten your highlights and make them look a lot less harsh.

7Paul Mitchell The Color Permanent Cream Hair Color UTP Ultra Toner

Though this product is a little bit on the pricier side of the spectrum, we have to admit that this is one of the best! The results are unbelievable, and no one will be able to tell you did your dye job at home! Though the toner is purple, it can turn your hair white without having the dreaded purple tinge. You will need to use this with a 20 volume developer, and used correctly, you will have light and silky locks.

8Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning

Schwarzkopf is one of the best brands out there for hair care, and it’s not really surprisingly, especially with products as brilliant as this one. This gets rid of all the yellow or orangish tones you have, and gives you perfect hair in 10 minutes! It is also great for removing left over darker tones from previous hair colors.

9Ugly Duckling Los Angeles Professional Hair Color Toner

The Ugly Duckling toner contains argan oil, a key ingredient to many hair products, which will leave you with undamaged, soft hair with extra shine. It lifts all previous dye jobs and therefore the dreaded yellow orangey tones that make the stuff of nightmares. Though it is permanent, it doesn’t stain your skin either. The coverage is amazing too!

10Stargazer Hair Colour Toner (White)

This toner, obviously, lightens your freshly bleached hair. If your hair is longer than shoulder length, you should buy two bottles as one won’t be enough, but it will do if you want to touch up your roots! It conditions your hair whilst you leave it on, giving you the soft, smooth hair you have always dreamt of. Be careful of how long you leave it on for as it can leave a purple tinge to your white hair.

11Directions Hair Colour – White Toner

First things first, the packaging is gorgeous! The results are outstanding and give you silver hair in no time, making it ready for whatever color you are planning to do next! It knocks all the brassiness out of it. Your hair will appear vibrant, smooth and flawless. It will make the color intense and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.


Though what you do to your hair before dying it is important, what happens after is just as crucial. There are so many things you need to know before you accidently wreck your hair hours after dying it. It would be a shame to damage your beautiful hair! Here are our tips for hair that is so on-fleek, your friends will be green with envy!

1) Purple shampoo – it is a great way of preserving your hair color and adding a bit of color without having to go through the dying process again. Check out our article here on purple shampoos and conditioners.

2) Wash your hair less often – why? Because your color will fade a lot quicker of course! Once every two days should do the trick! The more you wash you are, the more toner you will have to apply, so if you can’t give up that habit, get a cheap yet effective toner, because otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of money!
In general, you should only have to tone it two to eight weeks in.

3) Find a shampoo especially for colored hair, because it will contain all the key ingredients you need to preserve your hair color and nourish your hair. Dyed hair can look frazzled but with the right haircare products, you can have perfect hair in no time!

4) Use heated appliances less – freshly colored hair plus your straighteners is a big no no! Keep your use of heated appliances to a minimum and let your hair dry naturally, otherwise, you could seriously damage your hair!

5) Keep using conditioner! Do not commit the sin of not using conditioner when you wash your hair, especially after bleaching and toning! It is so important for your hair to feel hydrated and be nourished! A good tip is to heat up some extra virgin olive oil and massage it into your scalp. This activates your hair’s follicles, and plus, it helps your hair grow! Leave it in for 30 minutes before washing it out!

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