Signs You Are an Ambivert



Ambivert Definition and 10 Signs You’re an Ambivert

Introverts get their energy from being alone while extroverts get energy from being around other people. A few years ago experts determined that there was another category of people that take the best from both worlds – Ambiverts.
Ambivert definition: A person who ho exhibits different qualities of introverts as well as extroverts.
This can be a great thing for you in a job setting and throughout many other aspects of life. It is very easy to find yourself in some tough situations because of your Ambivert personality, but you’re amazing! You can handle it.

1You have lots of friends, but a really tight smaller circle.

Extroverts have lots of friends and focus on making new connections any chance they have. Introverts have a small group of friends, but those friendships run deep and will last a lifetime. If you are constantly ready to make new friends, but have a select few you hold near and dear, you could be an ambivert. This also has the huge potential to be a benefit to you throughout your life, networking is so important for your career, but having a tight reliable circle of friends is important for your well being.

2You love being around people… But only for a little while.

You love being around people sharing stories, working in groups, and meeting people, but after awhile this gets old. Large groups of people are exciting and fun, but after awhile it just gets tiresome being around people. You start to wish you were sitting in your comfortable bed scrolling through Facebook, reading a book, or binge watching netflix with you, yourself, and your cat.

3Too much alone time is a drag

Too much of curling up in bed with a good book can make you feel like the most boring person that ever walked the earth. You need your people time too! You just need a good balance of both your personal time and your outgoing personality time. A good mixture allows you to be your true self! When the large crowds start to seem tiresome it means you need to recharge with some alone time. A hot cup of tea and a good book can work wonders.

4Your friends have different personalities

One wants to stay in and order take out and talk, the other wants to hit the club and pick up guys, and another want’s to pull an all nighter studying in the library. And you, you want to do all of them… just not at the same time, but possibly in the same night. With each change of atmosphere your attitude will change accordingly, because you are just awesome and can do anything. Always remember that you need your alone time occasionally though!

5Your Friends like to tell you their secrets.

The extrovert in you makes you relatable with everyone while your introvert counterpart makes you trustworthy. Therefore, you are the bearer of all secrets past and present. Friends like to trust you with their secrets and ask for advice because they know you will understand, and because you won’t gossip about them to others. This can be a very tough job for ambiverts sometimes. Knowing everything can make it easy for you to worry about a lot more than you have too. Keep in mind that everyone’s problems are not your problems too.

6You can easily be the center of the conversation or a bystander.

It just depends on how you feel that day. If you are in the mood to hang out with people, you will be the center of attention because that’s just who you are! If you are in a more quiet mood, you are just as comfortable listening. Ambiverts can do anything!

7You feel shy in some situations but not others.

One day you might feel amazing standing in front of a classroom full of people, but next week you might feel a little shy. It depends on how comfortable you are with who is in the room. If you feel like you don’t fit in with a group you might instantly resort to your quiet mood, and that is okay! You might also feel shy in some serious situations because it is serious. You may not want to be too outgoing for a particular job interview, but for another you might need to be. It all depends on the situation.

8You catch yourself in your “loud” moments.

You are in the middle of telling a hilarious story to a group of people, and then all of the sudden you realize you might be coming off as a little obnoxious so you tone it down a little. There is nothing wrong with getting passionate about telling a story, but when your “quiet mood” shows up, you realize being that “loud” just isn’t you.

9You can act a different way than what you are feeling.

In the uncomfortable situations you sometimes find yourself in, where you don’t exactly fit in with a group of people, you can play the part of having fun very easily. Part of this comes from not wanting to be the awkward kid in the corner, but also because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This can be a lifesaver for the more important situations that arise throughout your life.

10Ambivert is your name and Flexibility is your game.

The most significant indicator of ambiverts is your flexibility. You are okay with a change of plans, change of job, changing your major, or changing your whole life plan. Ambiverts are free souls that can thrive in any situation. You are flexible in who you are comfortable talking to, your plans for the evening, and what types of people you are friends with.



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