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Good Second Date Ideas

Ok, so the first date went amazing, but now how are you supposed to top it? You don’t want to be too extravagant when you’re first starting to date someone, but you also want to make a good impression so that they keep coming back for more. So, here is a list of some excellent second date ideas, that will surely secure that exclusive relationship!

1A Cooking Class

A cooking class is a perfect second date. Not only will you and your boo be learning some new recipe together, but there are so many opportunities for a little flirting. Don’t be afraid to brush a little flour onto your lover’s nose or let them hold your hips when you’re busy whisking some eggs. These little moments will grow your chemistry and make for a super cute story.

2Horseback Riding

If you are an outdoorsy person who likes a little bit of adventure, horseback riding could be an ideal choice for a second date for you and your new fling. Horseback riding will give you a chance to take in the beautiful scenery around you and it will let him know that you are up to get a little dirty exploring nature.

3A Dance Class

A dance class is not only a fun second date option, but it’s also so romantic. However, if your boo seems to have two left feet, it could make for some big laughs too. No matter what, a dance class is the perfect date because it brings you closer to your partner physically, while also learning something new!


Sailing is definitely a romantic option for that couple whose idea of a good date is somewhere scenic and relaxing. Go at sunrise or sunset for some amazing views and be sure to cuddle up when the air starts to get chilly. Also, don’t forget the wine!

5A Play

Seeing a play is a great option for a couple that’s a little shy. There will be no pressure for a lot of conversation. And, then the show will give you material to discuss afterwards over coffee or a drink. Seeing a show that may be controversial or bring up a lot of emotions is a good way to dig deeper with this new bae to see if he’s really worth pursuing a relationship with.

6An Escape Room

An escape room will definitely put your wits to the test. And, it will allow you to see if your boo is a good teammate and partner. If he gets angry and frustrated too easily or is overly competitive, take those as red flags and reevaluate his current standing in your life. However, if he is helpful, asks for your advice, and works with you, take that as a good sign to move forward!

7A Picnic

A picnic may seem a little old school, but there is a reason why this tradition for a romantic date has lasted so long. Picnics are super sweet and if a guy is planning it, you get to see the effort he puts into making a spread that will feed both your heart and your stomach. Also, who doesn’t love laying in the grass with their sweetheart on a bright sunny day?

8Wine And Paint Night

Wine and paint nights are all the rage right now and that’s because they’re perfect for some giggly evening fun. If you like competition, you could even see who’s painting comes out the best. Or, maybe switch paintings at the end of the night as gifts for each other! Hopefully, the relationship will continue and they can be hung together on the same wall in the future.

9A Museum

Museum dates are great for the intellectuals. It’s such a gift to get to know your new partner by studying, observing, and hearing what they think and feel about certain things, such as an art piece. Everyone analyzes pieces differently, and being able to understand what your boo is feeling from a certain piece will only make your bond stronger.

10Your Favorite Restaurant

It’s nice to share some of your favorite things with a new lover to give them a little introduction to your life. So, why not bring them to your favorite restaurant? It will be nice because you will feel comfortable and they will be able to learn something about you. Be sure to recommend menu items to your lover and tell him why you love the place. I’m sure he will love getting to know a little bit more about your likes and dislikes.

11A Concert

If you and the guy you are seeing are total music lovers, then a concert is definitely a great idea for a second date. Either you could surprise him with tickets to a concert of a band you are currently obsessed with to introduce him to the music and see if he vibes with it too. Or, you could possibly pick something together or even choose something randomly that you’ve both never heard of! Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite artist!

12A Walk Around Your Neighborhood

This may sound way too simple for a date, but a walk around your neighborhood could spark many things. This walk will allow him to see into your day-to-day life and it will also encourage him to ask questions. It will also spark stories that you have and get you both into some deep conversations. Be sure, to stop in shops and grab coffees to get the full experience. This date is laid-back and relaxed, but definitely allows for the two of you to bond efficiently.

13A Book Lecture

If you and your new fling are book lovers, then definitely take the time to research some book lectures and author talks near you. Even if you haven’t read the book or heard of the author, it is a great way to connect on that deep literature-loving level that you share. It also may lead you to new literary discoveries. And, if the date goes well, of course, splurge and buy the book so you can read it together.

14A Karaoke Bar

A karaoke bar is a great way to see your new boo-thang do something silly and a little adventurous. You may want to try a duet for some flirty fun. Or, maybe you want to show-off to each other, by strutting yourself onstage and singing your heart out. Either way, this is definitely a fun date for extroverts who don’t mind embarrassing themselves a little!

15Flea Market

Flea markets are a great date idea because you get to discover what catches your lover’s eyes. Are they attracted to the bin of vinyls or would they rather look at some vintage furniture? It definitely sparks conversations about your interests. And, it’s a unique date idea, which is always a plus!

16A Bonfire

There is nothing more romantic than a nice little campfire with your bae. Who wouldn’t want to be cuddled up under a blanket and beneath the stars with a nice pair of shoulders and abs? Also, nature is such a calming place to be able to really open up and listen to your partner. There is no better place to get to know someone than next to a late-night bonfire.

17Visit A Local Garden

Visiting a local garden is a solid second date option. You will be able to take in all the beautiful scenery with your date and spend the time walking and talking and taking some cute pictures together. Your guy will get bonus points if he buys you some flowers after from the local flower stand!

18Go Biking

Biking is not only great exercise, but it’s also a wonderful way to discover new areas! That’s why biking in a new location is a great way to spend a second date. Hopefully, your guy will be able to keep up with you!

19Go For A Hike

Hiking is definitely an ideal second date for the adventurous couple. There is nothing better than working up a little sweat, making it all the way to the top and feeling like you’ve accomplished something, and sharing a sweet kiss as you look at the view. It’s a great place to talk without the distractions of the outside world. And, the scenery of it all is an added bonus.

20Go On A Ghost Tour

For the partners who like to be spooked a little, a ghost tour is the perfect second date. The adrenaline you get when you have a little scare will heighten the experience of the date! It’s definitely a great excuse to grab his hand and hold it tight.

21Have A Movie Night

Movie nights are always a classic go-to second date because it allows you to relax while still getting to know your partner. Make it fun by dressing in PJs and ordering pizza! And, make sure to take turns picking the movies so it’s fair.

22Get Psychic Readings

Getting a psychic reading with a new fling could be a fun second date. Even though you aren’t planning your futures together, it would be fun to see what a total stranger says about your future and then you can share and compare your results over coffee. It doesn’t matter if you believe in psychics or not; this is just for something fun and out of the ordinary!

23Go Stargazing

Stargazing with a lover is not only sweet and romantic, but also intellectual. Pick up a constellations book and see how many you can find. It’ll be fun to work together and get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives. Dating should be fun, and stargazing is just one way you can make that happen!

24Theme Park

Who doesn’t love theme parks? This is a super fun second date idea, spending the entire day together and just having crazy fun time!

25Go Shopping

If you want a more causal date dea, going shopping together is a great way to know each other, share your favorite food, likes and dislikes and maybe share a meal together afterwards.

26Road Trip Date

If you both love adventure and prefer something spontaneous and exciting (rather than going to the nearest coffee shop), consider taking a short road trip together! By car, train or a bike, taking a road trip together will definitely bring a flair of excitement to your second date and will give you great memories together.



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