Quotes About Strength

Quotes About Strength


Inspirational Quotes About Strength

Strength is often seen as very inspirational. Being a strong person, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is a great quality because it means they can endure anything that is thrown at them. Being tough in life is not always easy, but sometimes it is necessary in order to keep going. Here are some inspirational quotes about strength that will motivate you to fight through the hard times you might face.

1Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Challenges will always pop up in your life. What matters is how you handle these unexpected bumps in the road. If you get comfortable being uncomfortable and learn to become adaptable you will definitely gain strength.

2Look Fear In The Face

If you beat your fear before it beats you then you will be invincible. Fear is just the thought that you can’t do something, so prove yourself wrong and believe that you can make it through anything that comes your way.

3It Will Change You

You are allowed to scream and cry, but do not let the bad things that happen in your life break you. Be a queen, pick up your crown, and keep moving towards your goals with positivity!

4Brave And Broken

Some things in life can break you and make you feel like life just isn’t worth it. But, the strong ones keep walking when they are broken. As they walk their wounds slowly start to repair themselves and they become even stronger.

5Still, I Rise

This quote, “Still, I rise” by Maya Angelou is very famous. And, it’s for good reason! It’s a mantra that everyone should have in their back pocket. No matter what tears you down, you will get back up, if only you believe in yourself!

6Turn Pain Into Power

To be a true queen, you must be able to turn your pain into power. Fear and sadness into strength. And, love with all that has hurt you! You will get back up once you have fallen down as long as you believe you are truly royalty.

7Been Through Hell

There are some people who have been through it all so nothing seems to scare them anymore. That is because they turned their pain and suffering into strength and now they know that the fire really can’t burn them unless they let it.

8Learned To Climb

There are things in life that tear us down, but they also teach us how to fly. Overcoming obstacles can be difficult in the moment, but when you look back at all you have made it through, you will feel pride in the strength and lessons you have gained.


Being strong on your own is a great quality to have. You shouldn’t have to be find your strength from someone else, it should come from the inside. So find your fire and let it blaze. You’ve got this!

10No Lemon So Sour

There is nothing so terrible that you can not put a positive spin on. It may seem hard in the moment, but after the fact, you will realize why you have to endure such a terrible situation. Be open to a new perspective!

11Rock Bottom

People who have hit rock bottom understand that it’s hard to get out of that toxic spot. But, the people that do make it out of there rise above everything and become extraordinary people. So, don’t shame people who have been low, praise them when they’re high!

12How Strong You Are

Sometimes we don’t know our own strength until we are hit with something that really shakes up our world. Only then will we understand how much our souls can endure.

13You Are The Fire

Everyone should come to realize their own power and strength. There is fire within us that we often don’t touch until we need to. Learn to work with your fire to master your passions and feel strong and confident in your daily life.

14Deeper Roots

Bad experiences in life can definitely make you stronger. They work as storms do on trees, deepening our stance so we can stand strong and not fall. The more we endure, the more we can take, thus making us invincible.

15Strength Is Beautiful

Feeling really low and then realizing you can overcome what you are going through is a beautiful feeling. No one likes to feel like a damsel in distress. It is much more empowering and satisfying to know that you are strong!

16Your Hero

You are your own hero. There is no Prince Charming that is going to save you every time something in your life goes wrong. Learn to accept the fact that you are all that you need. When you realize that, the strength you feel will be overpoweringly satisfying.

17Get Back Up

It’s ok to forget how strong you are once in a while. We all go through ruts during bad times! The important thing is that you get back up and prove to the world that it didn’t break you, it just made you stronger.

18Strong Women

Strong women are beautiful women. And being a strong woman certainly does not mean you are cold-hearted or hold a powerful status. It means you see the bigger picture and can heal and understand with compassion and love.

19Already Within You

Once you realize that everything you need is within you then you will become your most powerful self. You don’t need external validation to tell you that you are doing a good job. You are strong, loving, and passionate, so understand that and let it shine.

20Never Trust Your Fears

The things you fear are not as strong as your strength. They may try to trick you into being insecure, but you must hold onto the idea that you can get through anything that is thrown your way!

21You’re Gonna Be Happy

22When You Don’t Have Strength

23Fragile Like A Bomb

24The Most Feared

25Lifting Myself Up

26Proud Of The Woman I Am

27Scare Weak Men

28Life Is Tough


30Stronger Than A Man

31Extraordinary Destiny

32That Kind Of Power

33Unleash Her

34Hey Little Fighter

35Wear Their Pain


These inspirational quotes about strength really tell what it means to be strong. And, I am sure after reading them you are motivated to get through whatever seems to be bugging you at the moment. Which is great, because, girl, you’ve got this! Whatever it is.

Through these quotes, we learned that strong is not always seen on the outside. Someone could be crying, screaming, or hugging another person and be the strongest person in the world. It is not about appearance. It is about the ability to see the bigger picture and make it through unhappy circumstances that disrupt your daily life.

Strength is also definitely not about physical appearance. Being physically strong is nothing in this world if you cannot be strong emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Your spirit will be tested much more than your physical body in this world, so being able to pick yourself back up during rough times is a must. You have the strength within yourself, so be sure to remember that and learn to find it when you are feeling low!

An important thing to remember is to learn how to see things from a different perspective. As the old saying goes, “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Begin to understand that you become stronger and wiser when life tests you. You learn to endure more and take care of yourself, which is a priceless lesson. Your life will be much happier when you begin to look back on all the things you made it through and to feel the power that got you to where you are today.

So, today, remember that you are strong, capable, and can make it through any bad day. Tomorrow will be brighter because you will be stronger.


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