Party Quotes

Party Quotes


Good And Funny Party Quotes

Everybody loves a good party! So, of course, we had to make a list of the best funny party quotes to get us all in a partying mood. These quotes will make you laugh and inspire you to throw the best shindig your friends have ever seen. So, get your party hats and dancing shoes on and get out the streamers because you will be ready to throw a party as soon as your done reading these good and funny party quotes!

1The Fun Don’t Stop

Champagne is the perfect way to get any party going! And, it’s also the perfect drink for a celebration. So, if your friends are celebrating a marriage, an engagement, or a housewarming, pick up a bottle of Prosecco and you’ll be the hero of the party!

2Make Mistakes

It’s true that you are always young once, so why not take the risk and have all the fun? Safely, of course! But, seriously, there is no shame in staying out too late and making memories with friends, as long as you don’t neglect your responsibilities.

3Goodbye Weekend

Weekends are the perfect time to let loose and party with your friends. It’s a great way to cool off after a long week of work. Feel the stress melt away as you dance with your friends!

4Drink Vodka And Fly

Sometimes life gets us down, and the only remedy is a strong drink with good friends. So, take that shot and talk it out with your girls. It’ll get better soon and this is cheaper than therapy.

5Having Fun

There is nothing better than living in the moment. And, when you get older you realize that those were the times that are most memorable because you were having so much fun and really enjoying life. So, keep being present. Every second is worth it.

6Party Pants

Life is too short to be serious all the time. Life should be fun. Life should be a party. So, wherever you go, be sure to bring your party pants. They will make every day more positive.

7Follow The Call

No one can resist a good party. So, when you hear that disco ball call, you better listen and run to it. Everyone deserves a little time to chill out and unwind with their friends. Don’t forget your dancing shoes, though!

8Never Killed Nobody

There is nothing wrong with partying once in a while. Every night probably isn’t such a good idea, but spending the weekend with your friends having fun and going out is a great way to practice some social self-care.

9What You Did

Party stories are definitely not stories for your parents. They don’t want to know who you dance with or who you kissed or why Stacy ended up with Johnny’s shirt. All they want to know is that you were safe.

10We Should Dance

Life isn’t always happy, but if we treat it like a party, then we can make it feel a whole lot better. Go through life as if it was a dance and you will surely have sunnier days.

11A Legend Tonight

Everyone wants a good story to tell the morning after a party; it makes life interesting when you have crazy experiences. So, don’t hold back because you’re scared. Take the risk…well, as long as it’s safe!

12Life Is A Party

Life can be a party if you have the right mindset. Don’t let your time here go to waste. Treat every day like it’s a treat to you and you will surely have happy days.

13Dress Like It

It’s always good to look your best. They say that first impressions are very important. So, if you always dress your best, then you will never have to worry about who you meet or who you run into! Take pride in your look and dress like you’re going to a party.

14A Party Without Cake

A good party always has an equally good cake. You can’t celebrate anything without good food. And cake, well, that’s the ultimate party food. From weddings to birthdays, everyone loves a good cake!

15Awesome Night

Hangovers are never fun. The lack of sleep and water can really kill you in the morning. But, they usually come with a pretty good story. Learn to see the positives in your morning regrets.

16Drunk Girls In A Bathroom

The girls you meet in the bathroom are always the best. They encourage you, root for you, and remind you not to text your ex, even when it seems like the best idea at the time.

17Holiday Party

Holiday parties are known for getting a little wild. But, hopefully you don’t embarrass yourself too much that you are living with a silly nickname throughout the remainder of the year.

18I’m A Drunk

You are only an official alcoholic if you acknowledge it. So, if you are skipping AA for your friend’s party, then maybe you are just a drunk. Is that better or worse? You be the judge.

19Born To Be Wild

Some people are kind of nanas when it comes to partying. 9pm may be the beginning of the night for some, but then end of the night for others.

20Favorite Party Trick

21Gives You Balls

22A Treasure

23Goals Are More Important

24I Like Large Parties

25No Good Reason

26Party On


28Every Empty Bottle

29Wild For The Night

30You’ll Never Be Invited

31The Best Way To Behave


33Lose Yourself

34To Go Wild

35Sleep Late

36The Wildside

37You’re Only Young Once


Calling all party animals! Parties are the highlight of the weekend. They are what help you unwind from the stressful work week and give you what you really deserve, which is some fun socializing with your friends. These party quotes acknowledge the importance of parties so that you can enjoy them that much more.

These good and funny party quotes point out that life itself should be a party. I mean, duh! We should be dressing nice and taking pride in our appearance every single day. And, we should also be celebrating the happy things that come into our lives, staying positive throughout the day, and not taking life too seriously. Because, hey, we only live once.

These quotes also discuss how it’s actually ok to unwind and let go every once in a while. Maybe partying every day is not such a good idea. I mean, we do have some responsibilities we need to attend to and partying all the time could turn into a toxic spiral. But, partying is also a form of social self-care. Everyone needs a little time to let loose with their friends, dance off their worries, and let go of any negative feelings.

Parties are also great for making memories. You may think you are just having fun in the moment, but chances are you will end up with a good story the next morning- one that you will be telling for years to come! So, as long as you are being safe, take the risks because it makes life a whole lot more interesting.

These quotes will have hopefully inspired you to be a little easier on yourself, allow yourself to have fun, and get you ready to dance away the weekend. If you are ambitious, you may want to be the leader of the group and try to throw a rocking party for all your friends to enjoy with cake, of course. Because, seriously, your friends deserve some self-care too.


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