New Beginning Quotes

Beginnings Quotes

Inspirational Quotes About New Beginnings

New beginnings are inevitable in life. People go through changes that can change the course of their lives forever. Some of these changes are disguised in tragedies, while others are happy changes toward a long sought-after goal. This collection of inspirational quotes about new beginnings will inspire you to make a change, change your perspective on life, and go toward your dreams.

1Trust The Wait

When nothing is certain in your life, it can be very intimidating. But, you must learn to think of things in a new perspective. Trust the journey and know that amazing things could happen for you!

2Dreams Into Plans

It’s important to know that anything is possible! Don’t doubt yourself when you are in the pursuit of your dreams. Think of a game-plan and go toward your goals with full-force. It’ll be worth it!

3Trust The Magic

Change can be scary at first. A lot of people experience anxiety with change. But, it doesn’t have to be! Find the magic in a fresh start and learn to love when things don’t stay the same.

4A New Hello

Change is not always bad. Sometimes we have to say ‘goodbye’ to toxic people and things in order to have something happy enter our lives. So, say ‘goodbye’ and wait for your ‘hello’ from the universe!

5Things Happen

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you begin to see the bigger picture. The little stresses and things that bothered you in your day-to-day will begin to fade away and you will feel more yourself than you ever have before.


There is no bad time for a new beginning. So, if there is something you want to change in your life, make a plan and take action! There is no use in wasting time.

7A New Beginning

Books eventually end. But, the story you are writing now keeps going and going long after you are gone. Take the time in life to write one that makes you proud. And, don’t be afraid of starting over. There is no shame in being a rough draft.

8It’s A Process

Change is tough, but it definitely makes us stronger. There are some things we must give up in our lives in order to move forward as strong individuals. Have the courage to do so!

9The Brightest Tomorrow

Sometimes dark days feel like they never end. But, you never know what tomorrow has to offer! It’s always brighter after the storm.

10Who I Really Was

Change often brings the realization of who you really are as a person. It might be a tough transition, but in the end, it will only make you stronger. Hang in there!

11Endings Can Be Beautiful

Endings can be beautiful. Even if they don’t feel beautiful when they are happening. You will often realize that things need to end for magic to happen!

12Everything Is Finished

In the midst of heartache, we think that our world is over. But, then as time goes on we find strength in ourselves and realize that it is only the beginning of our new magical adventure.

13Start Now

It doesn’t matter if you are scared, insecure, and totally don’t believe in yourself. If you want a change in your life, you need to start now!

14With Open Arms

It’s important to embrace new beginnings in life! Fresh starts always lead to something beautiful. It may be scary at first, but try to run towards them with open arms!

15The Graceful Exit

The “graceful exit” is a skill that everyone should master. When something is not serving you well anymore simply say ‘goodbye’ to it. Better things are waiting for you!

16You Must Understand

It’s very important to understand all of your feelings when making a change. Sometimes things just don’t serve you anymore and that’s ok, but take them time to understand that situation before you jump ship.

17Turning The Page

Sometimes opportunities pop up that we didn’t expect, like they definitely weren’t in your five-year plan. But, it’s important to welcome those opportunities. It may turn into a new adventure!

18Get A New One

If things aren’t working anymore, that’s ok! There is no shame in saying ‘goodbye’ to the past and starting fresh. You may be surprised at the magic that happens after!

19She Began To Fly

Changes aren’t always easy. Actually, most of the time, they are really hard. But, always remember that sometimes when you feel like you’re falling, you’re really just getting ready to spread your wings and fly!

20Better Things Ahead

Every day keeps getting better and better if you let it. Work with the magic of the universe and trust that good things are coming your way.

21Day One

22Anything You Want

23You Have Been Planted

24Your Spirit Knows

25Hands Are Full

26Every Morning

27Letting Go

28The First Step

29Never Too Late

30Find A Better One

31Two Mistakes

32The Chances We Didn’t Take

33Not All Positive Change


35No Room For Excuses


A fresh start is not always easy, but they are necessary as we journey through our lives. There will be many times throughout your time on this earth that you will begin again. Sometimes, it’s painful and it will seem more like a tragedy than a happy new beginning. For example, a romantic breakup or the loss of a close friend may make your heartbreak at the moment, but in the long term you may realize that everything happens for a reason and your quality of life improved once that toxic person was removed from your life.

Other times, a fresh start will feel exciting and like you are entering a whole new adventure or chapter of your life! This may come in the form of a move to a new city, a marriage or having children or starting college. These exciting new things may also come with some nervousness, but with a change that is to be expected. Don’t worry, though, you can handle it!

These new beginning quotes address all kinds of fresh starts and they will certainly motivate you to make the leap and go for what you want. They will also inspire you to make changes in your life if you feel that something is toxic and getting in the way of your success. Often, there are many things holding us back from what we want, but the only way to change it is to make the decision to move forward without them- that’s a fresh start.

So, if you are in the need of a change because things just aren’t feeling quite right, then these quotes will help to inspire you to make the crucial decisions you need to make in order to reach your goals. Best of luck, girl! You can do it.


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