Long Distance Relationship Quotes

long distance relationship quote

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

When you are in love, you want to be as close to that person as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances prevent that from possible and you need to maintain a long-distance relationship. Maybe you go to different colleges, or you met abroad and live in different countries. It does not matter if you live 500 km or 5000 km from each other. We all feel the same when we cannot be with the one we love. It is difficult to keep feeling the same way if you cannot see each other regularly, but with these long distance relationship quotes, you can keep up hope and strengthen your relationship.


1Absence Sharpens Love. Presence Strengthens It.

Love feels so much more urgent when you are apart for long periods of time. The time you have together is used to cement the feelings, and make them last when you are apart again.

2Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much

It can be difficult to decide to go long-distance. It is not easy at all. But in the end, for the one you love, it is worth it.

3I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In My Heart)

When you love someone, even if you are physically far away, they are always in your heart. They are always with you in your thoughts.

4Can Miles Truly Separate You From Friends? If You Want To Be With Someone You Love, Aren’t You Already There?

Just wanting to be together, even if you cannot, means that you are not truly apart. You can find so many ways to be together without really being together.

5The Best And Most Beautiful Things In The  World Cannot Be Seen Or Even Touched. They Must Be Felt With The Heart

It means so much to be able to hug someone and touch them, but the real magic is in something beyond that. It is the connection you have with the other person that goes far beyond time and distance.

6Behind Every Strong Soldier, There Is An Even Stronger Woman Who Stands Behind Him, Supports Him, And Loves Him With All Her Heart.

No matter your opinion on the armed forces, there is no doubt that it is difficult to be in a relationship where not only you cannot see each other, but you also have to live with the fact that their lives can be in danger.

7Absence Is To Love As Wind Is To Fire; It Extinguishes The Small And Kindles The Great.

There is no test like distance to see if your love is strong enough to build a future upon. If it is not, distance will slowly kill the relationship. If it is, it will only make you love each other more.

8We Are The Perfect Couple, We’re Just Not In The Perfect Situation

The situation can be not ideal, but that does not mean that the relationship is flawed. Outside circumstances can and do affect the relationship, but they do not define it.

9True Love Doesn’t Mean Being Inseparable; It Means Being Separated And Nothing Changes

Feelings are not supposed to change based on how much you see each other. Even if you cannot see your partner, you still love them the same.

10Just Because Things Are Not At Their Best Right Now Does Not Mean That We Should Give Up. Gold Is Tested In Fire And Something Precious Like Love Needs Distance To Be Tested.

Distance is a great test for any relationship, although a very hard one. Not everybody can weather the storm from not seeing each other regularly.

11The Simple Lack Of Her Is More To Me Than Others Presence

When you are not together with the person you love you can try to distract yourself by being with friends. But eventually even that won’t work, and you simply need to be with your lover.

12The Distance May Be Far And Wide But My Heart Can Cover Them All. The Space Between Us Is So Much More But You Should Know That I Love You So!

True love does not care about distance. Love keeps on growing if you put in the effort, even when you cannot be together physically.

13Sometimes I Miss You So Much, I Just Want To Rip You Out Of My Dreams And Hug You!

The pain of not being able to hold the person you love is real, and it hurts.

14Some Of The Toughest Things In This World Are To Really Want Someone And Not Have Them Around You. Those Are The Times When You Don’t Know What To Do. All You Can Do For Is Wait.

Wanting someone and them wanting you, and yet not being able to be together is so difficult. It hurts and it stings and it is frustrating, and there is nothing you can do, except wait.

15If The Only Place Where I Could See You Was In My Dreams, I’d Sleep Forever

At least in your dreams you can feel as if you are touching them, holding them, hugging them. Dreams are a weaker version of reality, but at times it is the only thing you have.

16Our Lives Were Now Worlds Apart, Separated By Time, Circumstance, And The Unbridgeable Chasm Of Money

Money is such a difficult topic when it comes to relationships. It shouldn’t matter, but it can be the one thing that prevents you from being with the one you love.

17No Matter How Far You Manage To Go, Distance Will Never Be Able To Erase Those Beautiful Memories. There Is So Much Goodness That We Shared Together

When you are together, and you know you’ll be separate soon enough, use the time wisely. Create beautiful memories that will last you throughout the time you are not together.

18Missing Someone Gets Easier Every Day Because Even Though You Are One Day Further From The Last Time You Saw Them, You Are One Day Closer To The Next Time You Will.

You can focus on how long you have been apart, how long it has been since the last hug. Or you can think about how soon you will see them again, be in their arms again.

19Love One Another And You Will Be Happy. It’s As Simple And As Difficult As That

It is not easy to love and at the same time, it is the easiest thing in the world. If both love deeply, that is enough to make it, trough distance and time.

20And Ever Has It Been Known That Love Knows Not Its Own Depth Until The Hour Of Separation

It can be easy to love and be in love when you can see each other all the time. Once you cannot, you’ll know if the love you feel is real enough to survive the distance.

21Love Is The Shortest Distance Between Hearts

Even when your bodies are not together and the distance keeps you from each other, if you love each other enough, there is no distance between your hearts.

22It’s Not The Distance That’s The Enemy, But The Endless Time I Have To Wait Until I Hold You In My Arms

The time you have to wait until you see your loved one again is the biggest enemy of feeling good. It can be so overwhelming when it takes so long before you see each other again.

23I Have Found The Paradox, That If You Love Until It Hurts, There Can Be No More Hurt, Only More Love.

Of course it hurts when you are not together and you want to be and should be. Beyond that hurt though, you find that there is only love. The love is what makes you want to be together in the first place.

24I Hate The Stars Because I Look At The Same Ones You Do, Without You

Even the things you used to enjoy can look bleak and bleary when you are not together with the person you most want to enjoy them with.

25I Don’t Miss You and You Alone. I Miss You And Me Together

It is the being together, the being a couple in real time, what you miss. You love the other person, but you miss being a couple.

26I Don’t Cry Because We’ve Been Separated By Distance, And For A Matter Of Years. Why? Because For As Long As We Share The Same Sky And Breathe The Same Air, We’re Still Together.

Being together can mean so many things. It can mean being together physically, but you can also be connected by mind and heart, even when your bodies are in different places.

27I Can Bear The Distance But Cannot Imagine A Life Without You. For You, I Will Go Through The Distance And The Heartaches. You Are My One And Only

Only for someone who you truly love will you go through the heartache and pain that is having a long-distance relationship.

28For Anything Worth Having One Must Pay The Price, And The Price Is Always Work, Patience, Love, Self-Sacrifice

Nothing good comes easy, and for free. The price for a healthy long-distance relationship is having to work for it.

29Let Yourself Be Silently Drawn By The Stronger Pull Of What You Really Love

When you are long-distance you realize how strong the pull is towards the other person. Even if you have a satisfying and happy life, there is still this invisible pull all the time towards the other person.

30Does Distance Really Matter? You Love Your Favorite Actor, Drool For Your Favorite Singer And Await Patiently For The Next Art From Your Favorite Artist Or Writer. Why Not For The One You Love?

Maybe it seems easier to break off instead of trying to keep going long-distance. But if you truly love someone, are they not worth the wait and the effort?

31I find pieces of you…

Sometimes all you need is a song to remind you of your love and make you feel like they’re there with you.



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