Is He the One? Ways to Know When You’ve Met “The One”

Is He the One? Ways to Know When You've Met


Is He the One? Ways to Know When You’ve Met “the One”

You’ve been dating for a few months and everything is going perfectly. Real life, fairy-tale, hallelujah, this is what dreams are made of-type romance. He brings you flowers, he texts you sweet nothings, and he always shares his fries. Your man-of-the-moment seems like the absolute Prince Charming, but… how do you know if he really is “the one”?

Here are 22 ways to tell if he really is your soulmate…

1He Trusts You

This is the guy that you never have to worry about peeking through your texts or listening in on your phone calls. He actually wants you to go out for a girl’s night and when you do, he doesn’t text you the whole night wondering what you’re up to. There is full trust here because he knows you would never do anything to hurt him and vice-versa.

2He Encourages You

You have a mutual support system that is absolute #RelationshipGoals. He encourages you in every aspect of your life. Whether it’s with school, work, or personal growth, your boo is there to cheer you on and help you be your very best self.

3He Really Listens To What You Have to Say

Remember what’s-his-name who used to totally ignore you when you were talking? Like, seriously, he couldn’t even remember what time you were planning to meet up and you’d spend over an hour waiting on him. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with this guy. He remembers all the little things you have to say from the details of your bad day to the name of your Aunt’s cat.

4He Is Not Only Your BF But Also Your BFF

Not only is this one your BF, but he is also your BFF. Not that your best GF could ever be replaced. However, this guy goes above and beyond his BF duties. You feel comfortable enough to horse around with him and also trust him enough to tell your deepest darkest secrets.

5He Tries To Better Himself For You

This suitor tries to be a better man for you. Whether it’s learning a new skill, advancing at work, going hard at the gym, or just smiling more, this guy puts in the effort because he knows you deserve a good man.

6You Work As A Team

You work efficiently as a team during the highs and the lows. You problem-solve issues in your relationship like no other couple. And, that’s because you both truly care. Daily chores and stressful situations like traveling are a breeze. With this guy, you are both constantly working towards a common goal.

7He Brags About You

He talks you up even when you’re not around. And, you do the same with your friends without that guilt-feeling of embellishing his greatness…like you may or may not have done while talking about your ex. He brags about you because he is genuinely proud of all that you’ve accomplished and the beautiful person that you are. This guy knows he’s lucky to call you his and he’s not afraid to tell the world.

8He Lets You Vent

Yeah, ok, you sent him a dozen texts in a row stressing about your exams, but this trooper actually doesn’t mind! You know he is “the one” if he not only listens to you repeat your problems over and over again and ugly-cry all over him, but also tries to help you solve the problem. He wants to see you happy and he will do anything to make that happen.

9He Actually Plans

This winner plans. And, not only dates but future plans, as well. This guy sees a future with you and he isn’t afraid to communicate that. He will surely be comfortable talking about a summer trip cross-country months in advance.

10You Can Be Silly With Each Other

You know he’s “the one” if you can really let loose and be silly with him. Ever just make silly faces at each other until you’re both nonstop laughing? If so, then he’s a keeper. Giggling has never been so sexy!

11You Can Just Chill With Him

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you’re always happy when you’re with him. You don’t need to constantly be woo’d, just a Netflix and Chill night is good with you, as long as there’s pizza.

12He Knows Small Facts About You

Ever get turned on by a guy knowing your coffee order or what kind of paper towels you buy? There’s a reason he knows the little things; it’s because he cares! This observant thoughtful guy is a keeper, for sure!

13You Can Survive An LDR

Long distance relationships are hard and it’ll definitely be full of bad days, but if you can survive an LDR with this guy, he is so worth it. If he really is head-over-heels for you, like you are for him, no one else matters and he is worth every mile.

14He Goes Out Of His Way For You

Acts of service are one of the five love languages, and it’s definitely an important one. If this guy is willing to run everyday tasks for you to help you out, then you know he really cares about your well-being. Whether it’s picking up groceries, or giving your sister a ride somewhere, he wants to help and he does it without whining.

15He Makes Sacrifices For You

Yeah, his favorite team was playing tonight and he was all set to watch it with his bros, but your best friend’s birthday party takes priority because he knows it’s important to you if he goes. Relationships are all about sacrifice and he gets that.

16He Compliments You

He will surprise you with a sweet compliment at any given moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re in sweats with a messy bun and no make-up, he always finds you beautiful and will make sure you know it.

17He Is The One You Want To Call First

You got an A on your paper or you popped your tire on your way to work; whatever it is that happened to you, you want to tell him first. He is your go-to person for the good and the bad and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

18He Goes To Family Events And Social Events Without Complaining

Sometimes, it can be torture to drag your BF to Sunday family dinner at your grandparent’s house. But, if he is “the one” he actually wants to be the one seated at the table next to you. Even if that means putting up with Uncle Joe telling the same three jokes all night.

19You Are Always Thinking Of Them

Sometimes, there are just those people we can’t keep our minds off of. If this guy is constantly in your never-ending stream of daydreams then it’s possible that he’s your soulmate.

20He Doesn’t Try To Change You

He fully accepts you and loves you for who you are. He would never dream of trying to change you. All your crazy quirks, bad habits, and bold opinions are what he truly treasures about you. All your special traits are what he fell madly in love with, so he prefers that you keep them.

21You Just Get Each Other

There are some people that you just connect with on a soul level and limited verbal communication is needed. A flip of your hair and he knows you’re agitated. That special look in your eyes and he knows you’re craving a sweet kiss. If you just understand each other in a way you can’t explain, he may be your special someone.

22You Are Certain

There is no shame in following your heart. Once in a while, you just have a gut feeling about someone. And, that’s your heart telling you that he’s “the one”. And, you don’t need a reason why. Sometimes, you just know.

23He Always Makes You Smile

Even when you’re in an absolutely terrible mood, this Mr.Right can make you smile from ear to ear. He knows all your quirks and all the little tricks to get you from super grumpy to bright and happy in a matter of seconds. He’s your natural mood-booster! No need for coffee.

24You Never Have To Nag Him

With this sweetheart, you only have to ask him once to do something. This isn’t your ex who you had to constantly nag just to get him to confirm your weekend plans. “The one” will care about your wants and needs and put you first. You are his top priority.

25He Checks Up On You

This suitor is the one who will send you a text during the day just asking how you’re doing. He may even give you a quick call on his way home from work to ask if you need anything. He is always there for you and wants to make sure you know it.



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