Inspirational Quotes For Teens

Inspirational Quotes For Teens

Inspirational Quotes For Teen Girls And Boys

In our teenage years, sometimes we need some extra inspiration. Inspiration to keep moving forward. And, inspiration to be ourselves. That’s why we compiled a list of quotes that’ll have you feeling confident and ready to share yourself with the world.

1Be Kind

Being kind is something we should all strive for. Being a good friend, being humble, considerate, generous, and sympathetic are all parts of being kind. Put them to practice!

2A Negative Mind

Thinking negatively will never lead to anything positive in your life. Your life will only suffer if you let negative energy take over. Start every single day with a positive thought!

3Be Yourself

You have no choice other than to be yourself. Trying to be somebody else just to fit in will never make you happy. And, that’s your main job on earth: make yourself happy!

4Asking For Help

In our teen years, we often need a little extra help. And, that’s ok! Never be afraid to ask for help. When you do, others will feel comfortable going to you when they need help too.

5I Will Be Fierce

Being confident and believing in yourself and your abilities will get you far in life. Waking up every day with a positive affirmation will definitely help you achieve your dreams.

6Do That

Every day you should be working to be the best you can be. So a good rule of thumb is to wake up every day asking how you can be your best and then just do that.

7Be The Change

If there is something in this world you don’t like, do your best to be the change you want to see. If you hate when people are cruel, then practice kindness every day.

8You Are Enough

Life can certainly get us down sometimes, but in those tough times we must always remember that we are enough and that we are deserving. Don’t lower your standards.

9Sunrise For You

Remember that this is only temporary. Good things are in the works for you. You just have to hold on, be patient, stay positive, and work hard. The sun will be shining soon!

10Opinions Aren’t Facts

There is no need to worry about what other people think about you. Being an individual attracts people much more than if you were faking it and following the crowd. Embrace yourself!

11Inside Of You

The future is not something external, rather it is something internal. It is the belief that you will be able to accomplish your goals and the confidence to get there.

12Better To Be Yourself

Always stay true to who you are. It is better to be your self entirely, than to follow the crowd and lose sight of who you are. Being unique is special!

13Standing Alone

Never give up your morals just to fit in. If you believe in something strongly enough, then you will not find it difficult to stand alone and support your thoughts.

14To Live It

On the hard days, it’s important to remember that we are not dealt anything in life that we can’t handle. So put your chin up and keep moving forward.

15To Change Your Life

Sometimes, in life, especially in our teen years, we crave change. But, we must remember that in order to change our lives, we must change our priorities.

16I Am In Charge

Thinking positively will drastically improve the quality of your life. Today, choose happiness and you will be in awe at how much better you feel!

17Your Worth

What you are and who you are as a person is determined by you and no one else. You are not here to impress anyone but yourself, remember that!

18Limited Imagination

You should never limit yourself. If you have big dreams, go for them with full-force. Do not accept the doubts of others into your life. Believe in your dreams.

19Change The World

Put out as much positive energy as you can into the world. The world could use all it can get. But, never let the world hinder you with negative energy.

20Never Stop

In your teenage years, sometimes it’s easy to look down and to get depressed now and again. Remember, to always look up and to believe in yourself.

21Silence Is Your Choice

Never be scared to say what you want to say. Your opinions matter just as much as everyone else’s do. Even if yours are different. Make silence a conscious choice.

22Life Moves Pretty Fast

23Don’t Think Outside The Box

24Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

25Makes You Happy

26Overthinking Leads To

27By Being Yourself

28Not My Story

29A Choice

30Never Settle

31Born To Standout

32The Minute You Think

33Believe In Yourself

34The Future Belongs

35With The Flow


When you are a teenager, sometimes it’s hard to remember who you are. Especially, when you are still figuring it all out. Your teenage years are a time for exploration and that can definitely take a hit on your confidence level. These quotes were compiled to remind you just how special you really are.

A lot of these quotes deal with the idea of being yourself. You shouldn’t be afraid to be your unique self. Being different is beautiful, so you should totally embrace it! Also, following the pack will never make you happy. So, just drop that idea.

Other quotes on this list are about standing up for what you believe in and having the confidence to share your opinions with the world. It’s vital to remember that your opinions are not facts, but neither are anyone else’s. So, really, your opinion is worth just as much as other people’s. Don’t silence yourself.

A great number of these quotes discuss the idea of thinking positively. When you are a teenager, mood swings are bound to get in the way of your day-to-day hustle. But, if you remember to think positively every single day, your quality of life and your work ethic will benefit greatly!

Hopefully, these quotes inspired you to be the perfect beautiful teenager that you are. Being you is beautiful!


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