Icebreakers for College Students

Icebreakers for College Students

Icebreaker Ideas for College Students

Being submerged in a new world full of new people who are all looking to make new friends and memories, finding the right thing to say to break the ice can be challenging! Be sure to follow up with introducing yourself if you use any of these questions on someone you don’t know, and then answer some of these questions for them.


1Have you taken any of this professor’s classes before?

Hot guy in your class: “No, I havn’t?”
You: No. I hope he isn’t too hard. I’m ___________ by the way.”
Hot guy: “Nice to meet you I’m _______…”
You: “I’m a bio med major. What about you?”

The main thing in college is to not be pushy! Be chill, if they like you they will let you know. If not, on to the next one. There are plenty of hot guys on campus. Promise. It’s always good to remember too girls, if a guy likes you he will make an honest effort to ask you out or let you know he likes you. It’s just their nature.

2What is your major?

Always remember, if you are going to start a conversation be prepared to keep talking! Be confident, don’t just let the conversation fizzle out after the first question. A good tip after a few classes, if you both continue to sit in the same seat and continue these little conversations before class. If you are going to miss a class ask him for his number and text him the day after and ask him if you had any assignments. He might continue texting or not.

3Are you in my botany class?

This might take a little fibbing, but can also pass for an honest mistake if you are in a rather large class. This one is perfect to use at a on campus or off campus event. “Are you in Dr. White’s Comp One class?… No, well shoot. I can’t remember how long our assignment had to be, anyway my name is ____________.”

4I am always disappointed with the food here.

The caff is where good recipes goes to die on most campuses. Standing in the forever long line to get a somewhat edible burger and a handsome man is standing in front of you, perfect opportunity. Most people will have something to say about the terrible food on campus if your school is one of the more unfortunate ones. Saying something like “I wish there was somewhere cheap to eat near campus,” opens up the conversation for him to make some suggestions.

5Can you point me to the bookstore?

Play the dumb freshman and ask where something is. If he seems into you say something flirty like “Thanks, I hope you’re around next time I get lost.” I usually never advise girls to play dumb to pick up guys, but the first week of college is acceptable because you probably don’t know where the location is anyway.

6Have you taken any of this professor’s classes before?

This would work best of your sitting next to a cute guy in class. But this could also serve as a conversation point for someone you’ve just been introduced too when an awkwardly quiet moment arises. It’s always good to get a feel for professors from other students anyway. You many learn that the professor is really easy going or that he fails students with a smile on his face.

7What is your emphasis?

There will be meetings for your college or major and most programs have different emphasis. For example, mass communications could have an emphasis in broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, print media, digital media, etc. Someone’s major says a lot about them, and the emphasis says a lot more. Be prepared for “undecided” as an answer. If that is the case tell them your emphasis and a one sentence explanation of why you picked it, this could help get the conversation started.

8Do you know if we have anything due this week?

Get used to asking this question anyway. You think the awesome little planner on your phone will remind you 15 minutes before everything, but you will come to the realization that you forget to put things in your calendar. Or you come to the shocking realization that you might have entered it in on the wrong date. Gasp! Like the previous questions, follow up with introducing yourself, asking their major, etc.

9If you are really struggling with a concept in class ask for help!

Don’t play dumb just so you can get a guys number, but if there really is something you don’t understand ask for help! I am always so shocked by how nice my fellow classmates and college students are and how willing they are to help. This may even lead to a study group or a personal study session! There are these wonderful things called SI or supplemental instruction too, if the hot guy you ask can’t help you at all. Or he may even invite you join him, who knows!  

10Is this your first class of the day?

Again this typically has to be before a class starts or right after it ends. College students schedules are crazy and varied. Your 10:00 am class could be the start of your day, but for students with 8:00 am’s, it could be their last. Emphasis with those poor 8:00 am students. “Man it sucks you have an 8 am but I guess being done for the day at 11 is nice. I don’t get done until 4 today.”

11You should come to _____________ tomorrow night at the______________.

If you are in a sorority, or any type of other organization that hosts events you automatically have an ice breaker. Invite that sexy guy in your dorm to your Kappa Delta Dance Off! Maybe he will bring a few of his friends! There is also this new thing where colleges bring puppies, or dogs to campus during finals week to help kids relax. Could you imagine puppies and hot guys together. This would be a gift to all women on your campus. Get to inviting!

12Are you from this area?

There are usually a few hometown kids with a huge mixture of people that live an hour away or halfway around the world. If they say yes, ask them where the best restaurants are in town or what is fun to do off campus. If they aren’t from the area ask where they are from. You could get an interesting story about a town you never heard of.

13Do you know if anyone in class is doing a study group before the test?

He may say yes, but chances are he will say “I don’t know”. This is the perfect time for you to say “Darn, I am really struggling with ______________ and was hoping I could get some help. Anyway my name is ____________.” He could suggest to help you himself or send you in the direction of someone who can. Either way you talked to the cute guy, he knows your name, and you are finding out who can help you study.



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