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Top 10 Ice Breaker Questions, Games and Ideas

Your heart is beating fast, your thoughts are scrambling together, and you feel as if you open your mouth you’re only going to make a fool of yourself. We have all had those feelings when we come across someone new that catches our eye. We want so badly to make an outstanding first impression that we freeze; and before we know it, the moment passes us by.

Well not any more. By remembering to take a breath and having a few ice breakers stored away, you can seize the opportunity and leave a lasting impression. Here is our top 10 ice breaker questions, ice breaker games and ideas :

The following questions are great for any situation, but especially if you two have never met before.

1Are you having fun?

Doesn’t matter if he’s a friend of a friend or you two happen to bump into each other randomly, chances are you two are doing something that is worth talking about. Ice breaker questions are not meant to bedazzle and wow, they are meant to start a conversation. “To get the ball rolling” or as other would say, “Get your foot in the door.” It doesn’t matter what the answer is, because now you have their attention.

This question is flawless and simple, but also not too aggressive that you throw up their guard. This easily passes as a way to pass time and be friendly, without being too intrusive.

2Want to join in a game?

Now this question isn’t perfect for all situations, but it is a great ice breaker. This question is more suited for parties or my favorite, waiting in lines. As an avid Disneyland goer I spend about 30 to 45 minutes in line with hundreds of people and it can get boring very quickly. That is why I always have my phone ready with a game of Heads Up.

As soon as people start seeing us having fun; laughing and shouting, they want to join in. I have met some amazing people by asking the question, “Want to join a game?” But it isn’t just at amusement parks this comes in handy. Maybe you’re at a party and have access to board games, party games, or sports. All you need is the proper environment, a game, and some people are interested.

Of course, make sure any game you ask them to join involves groups. By asking them to be on your team, you have a better chance of connecting and having more things to discuss after the game is over.

3I like your…….

I know it’s not technically a question, but it’s a smooth way to grab someone’s attention. We all love being complimented, but make sure whatever it is your pointing out that you are sincere about it. Also pick someone that leads to more conversation. For example, if he is wearing a t-shirt of a band you like, then chances are he likes them to. So choose that as your jumping off point.

Ice breakers are to help you get started talking, but they can’t always guarantee you a long conversation. That is why you need to be smart when choosing which ice breaker to use or how to use it. For example, if you know nothing about shoes and try to start up a conversation about them, he’s going to catch on quick and the conversation will die ever quicker.

So when going this route, make sure whatever you decided to compliment, you have information to contribute.

The Following Questions are great for situations where you have mutual friends.

4What are your hobbies?

You two have already been introduced and maybe hang out in the same group, but never really have had a chance to connect on a more personal level. Well this is the perfect question to take that leap and see if you two mesh as well as you hope. Now that you two are on a first name basis, your questions can be a little more personal than if you were complete strangers.

Which is why this question is perfect. You’re not going to personal, but more just skimming the surface. By asking what they like to do, you open the door to more conversation. Chances are there is something you two have in common. But even if you don’t, then be honest and don’t be afraid to disagree. If we agreed with people on everything, we wouldn’t have room to grow or learn. Not to mention, it would be SO BORING.

So don’t be afraid to speak your mind and be honest. Even if you have never heard of one of his hobbies, it’s ok. Don’t be afraid, take the time to ask questions. The whole point of an Ice breaker is to develop ways for more conversation and what better way than having him teach you something new.

5How did you guys meet?

People love stories. And what better way to get to know someone by listening them tell a story. For example, people who are more outgoing will speak with excitement and draw you in with details. While others who might be shyer, will get straight to the point and speak a little softer.  This is a great question to feel out the vibe of the person and help you figure out the best approach of getting to know him.

But let’s not forget also, that this question shows that you are taking interest in other people that surround his life. As well as bringing it back to the fact that you two already have a mutual starting off point.

6Did you hear about…..

We live in a generation where information is at our finger tips and most social media makes it easier by listing trending subjects. This question is great for when you already know a little about someone but haven’t really been able to get a good conversation going. Chances are you two have hung out a few time with mutual friends or know a few details from stories you have heard. This is the best time to take the prior knowledge and use it to your advantage.

Again, the topic you choose you want to make sure is something they find interesting. As well as you know enough on the topic to hold a conversation. You will be amazed at how quickly the topic changes as each comment will bring new conversation starters up.

7Send them an invite.

Maybe you’re planning a get together at the movies, your house, or just wandering the mall. You know your mutual friend is going, but probably didn’t feel comfortable inviting others because it’s your thing. Take the chance and ask if he would like to join as well.

You don’t have to worry about him feeling uncomfortable if he goes because he will already know someone there. And this is the perfect chance to change the dynamic from friend of a friend, to friends.

You might not think of this as an ice breaker, but isn’t the point of an ice breaker to make people more comfortable so you can get to know each other? What better way then inviting them for a chance to hang out more.

The following questions are great to finally break the ice with classmates.

8Do you want to team up?

Chances are in class you’re going to have opportunities where you can team up with people. Maybe it’s a group project or getting together to study for a test, but no matter the reason this question is perfect to grab a little extra time together. By spending more time with each other, you allow room to grow comfortable which in the end will bring you closer. I mean let’s face it, you’re not going to be studying the whole time.

9Ice breakers for college students: What classes are you taking?

The great thing about being classmates is that you already have something in common. This question is great to expand on what you already know. Even in Jr. High you have a few choices of electives and no one is going to pick something they hate. Just like the question about hobbies, this will lead into endless possibilities for conversation topics.

10Introduce yourself!

Again I know this isn’t a question, but this is the best ice breaker you can use. Plus, you can use this in any situation. Just hold your head up, smile, and say hi.

So next time you start to feel anxious about how to find the best way to break the ice, just remember these top ten questions and dive in. You will be amazed at how welcoming people can be.


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