Graduation Gift Ideas: Graduation Gifts for Him

graduation gifts for him

High School and College Graduation Gifts for Him

Graduation gifts should be personal and memorable, especially if your man is traveling out of state for college. You can give him something that reminds him of you, or something he seriously needs. Oh or here is a fantastic idea why not both! This list of graduation gift ideas, is made up things he needs, wants, or doesn’t know he needs yet. Most of these gifts can be customized and should! Another plus, these ideas work for high school or college graduation gifts!


1Customized Toiletry Bag

If he is walking to the shower everyday or shares a bathroom with a few other guys in an apartment, he needs a toiletry bag with all of his manly products. There are several websites online where you can get leather-monogramed bags for under $100. Some providers even offer a special message to be embroidered on the lining inside of the bag! (This would be perfect if he travels for work after college too.)

2Dorm Décor

His mom will do most of the home making when she helps him move in, but finding a piece that is truly unique and him in everyway will be a gift he wont ever get rid of and you will be the one who got it for him!

3Personalized matching key chains

Kids college keys go with them everywhere… and I mean everywhere. Usually your student ID card is attached to a lanyard along with car keys, dorm keys, and a USB jump drive. Matching puzzle piece, state, or heart key chains can easily be added to this mass that hangs around his neck everyday. What a sweet reminder when he sees your personalized key chain whenever he uses his keys 30 times a day!

4Netflix Subscription

This is just simply a college need. If his parents don’t have one. Give him the gift of Netflix.

5Indestructible Jump Drive

More and more college professors are adding USB Digital Storage to their required materials for class. I have went through my fair share of cheap jump drives throughout college because the mass of keys mentioned above goes through a pretty tough beating. I finally went to my local office supply store in search of something that could withstand the college lifestyle. I got my indestructible USB during my first year in college, I am now a senior, and it is still attached to my keys! Whoop Whoop!

6Major related T-shirt

All college kids are proud of their majors so get him the gift that allows him to show off his business degree on campus! And every time he wears it he will think of you!

7Tie Clip

You can get these most anywhere and engraved, with a message of encouragement, at your local jewelry store. He will have presentations in college that require business attire, I promise. It shows you support him when it is his time to shine. Even if he is graduating college this is a good idea. (You could give it to him before he walks the stage to wear, too!)

8Jar Full of Quarters

Depending on if the college he goes to requires students to pay for the washers and dryers in the dorm, a jar full of quarters could be an unexpectedly life saver of a gift.


You do an insane amount of walking everyday when you are on campus. I was always curious just how much exercise I got walking from the dorm to class to the café to back to the dorm to the library… and where ever else my little feet took me in a day. Even if he isn’t the work-out type, this would be an awesome gift.

10Funny Coffee Mug

A family member is probably going to get him a Keurig for graduation, or his roommate will have one, and he will drink coffee. Even if he doesn’t now, coffee is one of the many things college makes us think we need (and usually we do need! Studying is hard stuff at 2 a.m.). Get him a funny mug that relates to his intended major, his favorite supper hero, or college in general. Write a sweet message in sharpie on the bottom of the mug for that personalized touch.

11Portable Speaker

There are always the guys who bring a huge stereo to college and blast it 24/7, but for your chill boyfriend who just wants to listen in his dorm in peace, a nice portable speaker is the way to go.

12Guitar Picks

Don’t worry you non-musicians this is for you too! You can find a number of websites where you can customize guitar picks to actually play with. If he doesn’t play an instrument order a pick that says “I pick you.” He can keep it in his wallet or some other special place to remind him of you ever time he looks at it!

13Home T-shirt

This one is for all you girls who have a boyfriend going to a college out of state. There are tons of T-shirt suppliers out there who print your great state on a tee that says “home.” Help your man represent your great state! It might even be a good way for him to meet someone else from his home state.

14Business Cards

It helps to be as professional as possible in college. There will be job fairs, there will be internship fairs, there will be mock interviews, and having a professional set of business cards will help him score that job or internship. College is all about networking. I would defiantly suggest getting professional help designing these cards if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

15Customized Planner

Some people are able to keep up with their homework and assignments in their head, but a majority of college students only think they can. With the work load college students have, getting him a planner would be a great idea! You could even write a sweet note on each week to get him encouraged!

16Gift Cards

Do some research and find out what restaurants are in the town he is going to college in. His friends will want to go out to eat and he, most likely, will be broke. Gift cards are a saving grace from café food.

17Portable Phone Charger

Thy phone will die at thou most inconvenient moment. Keep it charged and keep it in the backpack at all times.

18Gym Accessories

There are always work out facilities on campus and someone will talk him into going if he isn’t already in to working out. Water bottles, a new gym back, whatever you local sporting store can provide will come in handy.

19External Hardrive back up

Probably one of the most useful graduation gift ideas for him!
So he can save everything he needs with out slowing down his computer. They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! He can also back up his computer to the hard drive and if his computer ever fails he will still have part of his 20 page paper saved.

20A letter

You may want to combine this with one of the previous gifts, or if you are on a tight budget this is an amazingly thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation for your boyfriend. My freshman year in college a boy in my dorm had a girlfriend who went to a college a few hours away. He sent her a hand written letter everyday and it was the sweetest thing I had ever heard in my life. You may not want to do one every day, but at least once a week send him a letter of encouragement, tell him a funny story that happened, or anything else. Hand written letters are the gift of all gifts.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list of college and high school graduation gifts for him!



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