Funny Anniversary Quotes

Funny Anniversary Quotes


Funny Anniversary Quotes

Is your anniversary with your bae coming up? Then this list we compiled of funny anniversary quotes is perfect for you! Find the best anniversary love quote to send to your lover on your special day. It’s guaranteed to make him/her laugh! Take a look!

1It’s Pretty Cool Anniversary Quote

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you kind of forget how long you have actually been in a relationship for. It’s like you’ve been together forever.

2Not Quitting It Quote

This funny simple quote is perfect for the couple who started hooking up and just kept doing it. They never quit it! And, that’s great because now it’s their anniversary!

3Let’s Celebrate Anniversary Quote

It’s great to know your worth. And, if you want your boyfriend to know too, then this is a great quote to send to him on your anniversary. He will definitely get a chuckle out of it!

4A Sea Of Whiskey Funny Quote

This funny quote is not only funny, but it’s also sweet too! There are some people in our lives that just completely intoxicate us and make us do the craziest things.

5Marriage Is Knowing Quote

Let’s be honest, sometimes when we are bored we like to annoy our significant others. I mean, we know all the right buttons to press and god, it’s so tempting!

6Annoy For The Rest Of My Days

When you find someone you love and want to annoy for the rest of your days, consider yourself lucky! But, also, be expected to be annoyed by that person too.

7My Husband Says I’m Crazy Quote

If your husband thinks your crazy, then he must take responsibility for marrying a crazy person. If he made that conscious choice, then he must have some crazy too!

8Behind Every Great Man Anniversary Quote

Even if he is great in every way, there is something he is not doing right…according to his wife or girlfriend. No matter how perfect they may be, something could be fixed.

9Another Year Anniversary Sayings

Some couples are just super crazy. They take all the risks and do the dumbest things. But, they are in love and they do all the crazy stuff together!

10The End Of The Day Quote

Everyone has their flaws. But, it is so great to find someone that accepts them and even encourages them. If you have that someone, hold onto them!

11The Other Is The Husband Anniversary Love Quote

The woman is always right. That is a classic rule of marriage. So, if you are going to get married, make sure your future husband fully understands the rule.

12One Night Stand Quote

It’s funny how relationships are formed. Some are through mutual friends, some are through work, and some are formed through a one-night-stand at a bar.

13I Do Anniversary Quote

It’s nice to say ‘I do’ with the person you love. But, once that’s over, don’t get overexcited about agreeing on everything. With marriages comes a lot of disagreements.

14Out Of Debt Quote

Getting out of debt can be romantic if you want it to be. Start celebrating with champagne every time a student loan is paid off! You have to create romance sometimes.

15Sometimes I Wonder Funny Quote

Relationships are hard sometimes. You have to put up with a lot. Arguments, stinky socks, forgetting to unload the dishwasher. It can be frustrating, but it’s worth it.

16Here’s To Another Anniversary Quote

There are times when your partner might make you want to scream. But, hopefully, you both can work through it and remember why you love each other!

17Being Married Is Like Quote

Sometimes it feels like our partner just isn’t listening to us. They don’t seem to hear anything you have to say, even if it’s important and you told them eight times.

18I Will Love You Funny Anniversary Quote

Getting old can be romantic. It’s like you are dating a new person every single day. The excitement doesn’t have to go away, with old age you can keep it around.

19Awake At The Same Time Quote

As relationships go on, intimacy has a tendency to take a back seat. Yeah, you still love being intimate with each other, but you are also exhausted from work and need sleep.

20Stuck With Me Anniversary Quote

When you love someone you want to make sure they know that you are stuck with them for the long haul. This is a sweet way of saying you’re theirs forever.

21Wife Shops Quote

22Stay Together Love Quote

23Marry A Man Quote

24A Happily Married Man

25Some Days Quote

26You Are One Of Them Quote

27Settled For Me Anniversary Quote

28You’re Welcome Quote

29Another Year Anniversary Quote

30I’ll Love You Quote

31Anything For You Quote

32I Am So Glad Quote

33Thanks For Still Wanting

34There’s No One Else

35Romantic Death Quote


These funny anniversary quotes are hilarious and are the perfect way to show your boo how much you really care without being too lovey-dovey and over-the-top.

Some of these quotes talk about getting older and losing the initial appeal of the relationship or the intimacy. It’s important to remember that this is completely normal and there are a million different ways to spice it back up again!

There are also some quotes that discuss how couples love to annoy each other. And, what’s more true than that? When you learn all the buttons to press on your partner it is too tempting not to press them. All of them. And, all the time!

Then there are quotes that talk about being with your partner for so long that you don’t even remember what anniversary it is. This is completely normal too. But, it’s kind of sweet that it feels like you’ve been together forever!

Hopefully, these quotes made you laugh and gave you something to text your bae on your next anniversary!


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