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Forgive Me and Forgive Yourself Quotes


Forgiveness is a process, and it can take time. Whether you need to forgive yourself or ask for forgiveness, it’s important to allow the time and space for healing. People make mistakes, but ultimately, forgiveness is something you need to do for you, so you can move forward. This list offers a mix of quotes for forgiving yourself and asking for forgiveness. You’re sure to find a quote that fits well for your situation. Use this list to help you navigate this tough time. You will get through this, and the relief will make the process worth it.

1Again and Again

If you’re hard on yourself for your past mistakes, you may have to forgive yourself more than once. Be willing to forgive yourself as many times as you need.

2I Owe Myself

Maybe someone else hurt you. This can still be a good opportunity to forgive yourself and move forward knowing that you deserve better.

3I Needed Time

We are all just learning as we go in life, and mistakes are inevitable. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made along the way.

4Brave and Necessary

You may not realize it, but it is necessary to forgive yourself to completely move forward. This act is as necessary as it is brave.

5Bridge to Forgiveness

When you want someone to forgive you, remember this quote. It takes both sides to mend the relationship, and it will happen when you are both ready.

6Where You Thought

It’s easy to get frustrated when life doesn’t turn out how we thought. This is a great moment to practice self-forgiveness, and know that you are where you are supposed to be.

7Dear Self

Sometimes our thoughts are more hurtful than anything else. Forgive yourself for negative thoughts, and try to be more gentle to yourself moving forward.

8Yourself First

Hanging on to the past makes it nearly impossible to forgive yourself. Release the need to replay past mistakes and you will find it easier to move forward.

9Set Myself Free

Forgiveness is powerful. Once you forgive yourself, you are free to move forward.

10Gift to Yourself

If you want someone to forgive you, remind them of this. At the end of the day, they need to forgive you so that they can heal.

11The Greatest Gift

Forgiveness provides relief for both people in the situation. When asking for forgiveness, remind the other person that forgiveness will benefit them as well.

12Hardest to Forgive Yourself

Many of us have the tendency to be hard on ourselves. No matter your situation, it’s always good to check in and see if you need to forgive yourself.

13First Forgive

Part of the healing process is forgiving whoever hurt you. If you have somehow contributed to your own pain, try forgiving yourself in order to heal.

14Pursue Healing

When asking for forgiveness, remind the other person to choose healing over punishment. It may take time, but the healing path will benefit everyone involved.

15Worthy of Love

You are human. You are bound to make mistakes every day. This is completely natural and deserving of your forgiveness.

16While I Was Hurting

This is a good way to ask for forgiveness. When people are hurting, they sometimes bring that pain on to other people. If you can acknowledge this, maybe you can both move forward.

17Keep Progressing

Sometimes we wake up and realize we have lost sight of our goals. All you can do is forgive yourself and work on getting back on track.

18I’m Sorry

A simple approach can sometimes be the most effective. Acknowledge when you let someone down, and they may be more likely to forgive you.

19Letting Go

You don’t have to forget someone to let go of the hurt they caused. If you want someone to forgive you, encourage them to focus on releasing the pain so they can begin to heal.

20Love and Forgiveness

To love, we must be willing to forgive the mistakes of others. If there is love between you and whoever you hurt, forgiveness will come eventually.

21Guilt is Toxic

22Make Peace

23The Mature One

24I Mean It

25Forgiving Past Mistakes

26A Big Mess

27Perform a Miracle


29I Need You

30What You Know Now

31Take Your Time

32Please Forgive Me

33Wisdom to Realize

34A Mistake

35Best Form of Love

36Suffering of Your Heart

37To the Girl

38Useful to the World

39Words and Actions

40You Did Your Best

41I made a mistake


Whether you are asking for forgiveness from someone else, or you need to forgive yourself, it can be tough to find the right words to describe what you are feeling. Depending on your situation, the process of forgiveness may take a bit of time, and that’s okay. The quotes in this list can help you understand the process of forgiveness and find the best approach for moving forward.

Some of these quotes remind you that you may need to forgive yourself more than once. Making mistakes a completely normal, and consistent, part of life. Learning to forgive yourself as many times as you need can help you bounce back from your mistakes a little faster each time.

A few quotes discuss how any conflict requires forgiveness from everyone involved. Maybe you want someone to forgive you, but you also have to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made.

There are quotes here to remind you that forgiveness is all about letting go of pain. When you feel pain, it’s important to acknowledge where you are in the healing process. Make sure to work toward healing instead of punishing yourself further for your mistakes.

Sometimes asking for forgiveness can be easier than you think. A few of these quotes demonstrate that well. Admitting your mistake and saying you are sorry is a surprisingly big step on the road of forgiveness.

Remember to allow time for the forgiveness process. It is not always an easy road, but being gentle with yourself can help you along the way. Use these quotes to help you feel better as you work through your situation, and know that no matter what happens, you will feel better soon.


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