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Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Best Eye makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup it is important to accentuate the natural tones of your eyes, instead of hiding them behind five pairs of fake eyelashes or not allowing them to shine through by choosing colours that don’t work.

Blue eyes tend to work well particularly well with earthy and neutral tones, but you can make almost any colour work with your eyes if you apply them in the right way. So, get some inspiration and take a look at our favourite eye makeup for blue eyes.

1Shimmering Neutral Tones

Eye makeup does not have to be complicated and bold to be beautiful. This shimmering neutral tone is earth and soft, and the black on the inner rim of the lower lid makes the bright blue of the eye, really stand out.

2Neon Blue Eyeliner

Neon makeup colours are going to be huge in Spring 2019, particularly when it comes to the eyes. This neon blue eyeliner perfectly complements the vibrant blue of the eyes and the gold base adds a touch of shimmer. Love the separated and defined eyelashes too.

3Dramatic Smokey Eye with A Hint of Mint

The smokey eye is always a winning makeup look and this one certainly has a touch of drama. A shimmering black covers almost all of the lid, blended out before the brow and on the lower lid. In the centre of a lid and and at the corner of the eye is a metallic mint green, which brightens the eye beautifully, as well as picking out green flecks in the blue iris.

4A Touch of Chocolate

Neutral, earthy tones look stunning with blue eyes and sometimes just a touch of colour is enough. A subtle swipe of a foil chocolate brown on the upper and lower lids is stunning for everyday wear, and will only take a few minutes.

5Shimmering Wine Tones

These dreamy wine tones are to die for – rich burgundy, deep purple and magenta have been beautifully blended for an eye makeup look that is showstopping. Keep this fantastic eye makeup in place all day by applying an eye shadow primer before makeup. Wow!

6Bronze to Deep Mauve Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes have come a long way from the days where blacks and greys were the colours of choice. This shimmering bronze blended from the lid towards a matte deep mauve shadow on the outer edges of the eye is just stunning against a blue eye. A touch of silver highlight in the corner of the eye will brighten up any eye.

7Teal Eyeliner on Lower Lid

Amp up your cat’s eye flick by adding a pop of colour on the lower lid. It is amazing how well the vibrant teal shadow blended under the lower lid, complements the light blue of the eye, whilst also contrasting with the heavy black liner. A simple but stylish eye makeup look.

8Fiery Gold Eye

Fiery and spicy tones are super on trend when it comes to eye makeup and these hues look beautiful with blue eyes – like an oasis in the desert. The gold glitter brightens the eye and it is blended beautifully into a matte rust tone.

9Classic Silver Glitter

Silver glitter is a timeless eye makeup look, working well with all eye colours including all shades of blue. It always contrasts so well with a true black eyeliner and defined lashes, don’t you think?

10Lilac and White Gold Lids

You probably would never think of putting lilac and a soft gold together, but they actually look beautiful together with blue eyes. The shimmer of the lilac on the lower lid, complements the metallic finish of the white gold on the upper lid beautifully. Sharp black eyeliner finishes the makeup to perfection.

11Purple Mascara and Green Liner

This subtle blue eye makeup look is so soft and simple and allows this gorgeous skin to shine through. The purple mascara is such a nice change from black and still add volume to the lashes, and the green eyeliner on the inner lid picks out the green flecks in beautiful blue eyes.

12Cool Silvery Blue

Who said you can’t match your eye colour to you eye shadow. This silvery blue shadow is the perfect complement to the cool blue eyes and the navy tones blended at the outer edges creates a subtle smokiness. Gorgeous!

13Unique Cut Crease

Draw attention to your perfect cut crease by lining it with a glitter liner that matches your eye shadow. When the light catches the that sparkle your eyes will light up the room. Great bold cat’s eye flick too.

14Scrumptious Pink Shadow

Bright colours are perfect for the coming Spring and this glowing pink shade is to die for. It is prevented from looking to sweet with a dark grey tone blended out from the crease, and dramatic lashes and eyeliner. Divine!

15Edgy Red Smokey Eye

You must be thinking that red is a crazy colour to choose for blue eyes as they are colours that clash. But, as this stunning ruby red smokey eye shows, a little clashing is a good thing. The red is so vibrant and really contrasts with the heavy black liner and the bright silver in the corner of the eye. The red mixed with a deep, dark mauve under the eye is just gorgeous. An all-round great eye makeup look.

16Deep Pewter Liner and Heavy Lashes

A grey-toned pale blue eye has been perfectly accentuated by a deep pewter shadow that has almost been used as an eyeliner. They heavy, yet feathery eyelashes help to frame these stunning eyes, as well as opening up the eye.

17Shimmering Grey with Blue and Purple

How stunning is this all-over glitter make up look. A grey shadow has been used as a base for purple and blue glitter, which has given tome edge to the sparkle. When applied on the lid a good quality concealer can help to hold glitter in place, as well as boosting its saturation.

18Bronzed Goddess

How exquisite is this bronzed and beautiful smokey eye? It is strong and striking and yet the blue of the eye is still the focal point. The gold at the inner corner of the eye gives the eye life and the metallic bronze tones are rich and expensive looking. Dramatic, thick lashes were the only way to go with this look.

19Rose Gold Glitter Eyes

For this lovely eye makeup look, a soft pink shade has been swept over the whole upper and lower lids, with some rose gold glitter dabbed in the centre of the upper lid. Stunning!

20Warm Earthy Tones

This shimmer-free eye makeup is perfect for everyday. Matte earthy tones have been blended out towards the brow bone with darker hues closer to the lashes to help define the eyes. Adding some dramatic false eyelashes will easily take this look from day to night.

21Dusky Pink Smokey Eye

Pinkish tones look great with a blue eye, allowing the multi-tones of the iris to shine through. This dusky smokey eye is a super sultry look for a night out or a hot date. Give those lashes great volume and definition by allowing mascara to dry between coats.

22Soft Rosy Tones

Every blue-eyed girl should have a palette that contains some soft rosy tones. The muted tones really make a blue eye pop as this delicate rosy-hued eye makeup shows.

23Classic Brown Smokey Eye For Blue Eyes

The brown smokey eye is timeless! It will always look chic, it will always look elegant, and it will always look beautiful. No shimmer or glitter is needed. A classic brown smokey eye needs nothing more than a few matte shades of brown – stunning for blue eyes!

24Bold Mustard and Orange

If you aren’t afraid of colour then you may be brave enough to try this eye makeup look. These yellow and orange tones will look particularly good with fair skin tones, where they will really pop. The eyes have been kept free of false lashes and heavy eyeliner so the sunny colours can really shine.

25Neon Orange and Pink

Sticking with bright and bold, check out this neon eye makeup look with neon orange blended out to neon pink. Keep the rest of your makeup fresh with this look to stop looking over-the-top.How cute is that little gold heart, by the way?

26Shimmering Gold and Pink Makeup For Blue Eyes Brown Hair

A slightly different take on the rose gold makeup trend, a shimmering pink shade has been used on the lower lid, and a metallic gold on the upper lid. The bright highlight alone the brow bone, will reflect the light drawing attention to the eyes and those killer eyelashes. A fluttering of those could be deadly.

27Just A Little Mascara

Blue eyes are beautiful. Whether they have flecks of green, hints of brown, or are icy with hints of silver, blue eyes are bright and vivid. Yes, there are colours of eye shadow that can help to accentuate a beautiful blue eye, but sometimes just a touch of mascara is all you need. Make your lashes appear longer by curling before applying mascara, and don’t overload the want to prevent clumps.

28Pinkish Gold

We can’t get enough of the rose gold makeup trend, which looks stunning with blue eyes.

29Peach Brown

Peach is a hot color that looks stunning with blue eyes! Add a matching dark peach rose lipstick to complete the look!

30Colorful shimmer blue

This bright makeup is very colorful yet looks so chic for a night out. The bright blue paired with pink is a perfect color match.



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