Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

cute things to say to your girlfriend


20 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend knows you love her, but she also craves hearing you express these feelings to her! Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect thing to say, so we decided to help you out with this list of super cute things to say to your girlfriend. To give you as much inspiration as possible, we are including suggestions which range between short and sweet to long and romantic. Remember, you know your girlfriend better than we do, so don’t be afraid to personalize these ideas and make them extra special for her!

1You’re the light of my life

Why this is cute: Every girl wants to know that she makes her man happy, so hearing you say that she is the light of your life will show her that she is doing a great job. She wants you to think of her as a source of positivity that you can rely on, so this is definitely a cute thing to say to show her how important she is to you.

2I’m so glad I can call you mine

Why this is cute: This is a cute thing to say because it shows her that you are proud to be dating her. She never wants to feel like she’s holding you back or that you aren’t happy to be with her so this is a super cute way to tell her that you feel lucky and proud to date her.

3To say that you make me happy is an understatement

Why this is cute: This sweet message is simple, but it is sure to put a huge smile on her face when you tell it to her!

4I love you exactly as you are

Why this is cute: Even though you see her for how amazing she is, a lot of people struggle with insecurities and feelings that they are not good enough. Whether she wishes she was prettier, smarter, or more interesting, she will love hearing that you think she is perfect just how she is. Relationships are about accepting and loving each other for who you each are, and she will have a renewed sense of confidence every time you remind her how amazing she is.

5I never thought I could care about someone as much as I care about you

Why this is cute: Every girl wants to feel like she’s had an impact on her man, so telling her that you’ve taught her how to love fully shows her what a good girlfriend (and person in general) she is!

6Do You Even Realize How Amazing You Are To Me

If you’re looking for a super romantic thing to say or to text her, use this cute quote! This quote will surely melt her heart!

7I want you always

Why this is cute: After a relationship is no longer new, sometimes people can worry that their partner doesn’t find them as attractive or exciting as they did in the beginning stage of the relationship. This is a cute thing to say because it reminds her that you are still passionate about her and that you will never stop recognizing how amazing she is!

8You’re stunning

Why this is cute: Never underestimate the power of a simple compliment! Your girlfriend works hard to look good for you so reminding her how gorgeous you think she is will definitely boost her confidence and make her day! Remember, even if you guys have been dating for a long time, she still wants to hear you compliment her!

9You’re Such A Gem

Text your girlfriend a message with this super cute phrase. You want to tell her she’s beyond beautiful and sweet and that she’s your special diamond!

10I feel like I’m the luckiest person alive to be with someone like you

Why this is cute: Saying this to your girlfriend will definitely get you a lot of points! Everyone wants to feel cherished and respected, so telling her that you not only love her, but that you feel lucky to have her is a great way to communicate how special she is to you!

11You’re my best friend

Why this is cute: The strongest relationships often happen when romantic partners are able to call each other their best friend as well as their significant other. Even though she respects all of your friendships and would never try to replace any of your friends, she also wants to know that you want to come to her when you want to talk about your feelings or just bum around.

12I can’t remember my life before I met you. You’re by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t trade our relationship for the world.

Why this is cute: This is an amazing thing to say if you want to impress your girlfriend with your romantic way with words! Saying this will show your girlfriend what an incredible impact she has made on your life and that you value your relationship above everything else.

13When I think of you, the word perfect comes to mind

Why this is cute: This is a little bit corny, but there is no way she won’t love the fact that you think she’s the perfect girl!

14I don’t notice other girls anymore

Why this is cute: Even if the girl you’re dating seems like the most confident girl in the world, she will still sometimes have a worry in the back of her mind that you will find another girl that you think is more attractive than her. While she trusts you completely, she can’t help but be insecure ever once in a while. This is a super cute thing to say to your girlfriend especially if she has voiced any feelings of inadequacy or concern that you will find someone better than her.

15You make me want to be my best self

Why this is cute: Your girlfriend definitely wants to have fun with you and she enjoys being goofballs together, but she also wants to feel like has a lasting and positive impact on your life. She will feel proud to know that she has inspired you to never settle for less than you can be.

16You are the only girl I’ve ever met who is cute, beautiful, and hot!

Why this is cute: Guys like to categorize girls, and every girl is secretly curious about whether she is considered cute, beautiful, or hot. While she might prefer to be categorized as one of these, she would definitely prefer to be all three if possible! Telling her that she is a triple-threat of attractiveness will boost her confidence and she’ll probably remember this as one of her favorite compliments ever!

17Every time you smile my heart stops for a moment

Why this is cute: This is a particularly cute thing to say when you have been dating your girlfriend for a long time. She wants to know that she still has an effect on you, so this is a great way to make her feel loved and noticed. Plus, she has a great smile and this is a surefire way to inspire her to show you that gorgeous grin more often!

18You are the most incredible person I have ever met

Why this is cute: This is a great thing to say to her to show you how much your respect and admire her. She wants to know that you think of her as more than just a piece of arm candy and saying this will definitely make her understand how highly you think of her!

19No matter what happens with us, I will always love you

Why this is cute: Though she definitely envisions a future with you, she knows deep down that relationships either work out or they don’t. Even in the happiest relationships, people often wonder about what would happen if the relationship fizzles out and it is very comforting to know that you will not hate her or think negatively of her even if the relationship is not meant to be.

20If I could wish one thing it would be that you always feel happy

Why this is cute: Knowing that you prioritize her happiness over everything will make her feel incredibly loved by you.

21My parents adore you

Why this is cute: One of the most nerve-wracking parts about a relationship can be hanging out with each other’s parents. Even though she knows you wouldn’t break up with her just because your parents weren’t fans of her, she also really wants them to like her and approve of her as your girlfriend. Letting her know that your parents love her will make her feel awesome and will also impart a sense of security for the future of the relationship.

22I love you

Why this is cute: This is definitely short and sweet, but you can never underestimate the power of the “L” word! Everyone wants to feel loved by the person that they love, so you should never shy away from reminding her that you love her! This is an especially cute thing to say if you haven’t said it yet, so it doesn’t hurt to choose an extra special and romantic moment to first tell her that you love her!



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