Cancer Compatibility: Cancer Men in Love

Cancer Men in Love


Cancer Man Traits

Are you dating a cander man? or would like to know how to attract a cancer man? I, myself, am married to a Cancer man so I totally know a thing or two about how they tend to be. These guys are born in the Cancer zodiac which runs from June 21 – July 22.  This water sign is the fourth in the zodiac under the Cancer star.  Due to the many mood swings that Cancer men are known for, they are represented by a very appropriate and accurate creature…the crab.  Cancer appears between the Gemini and Leo zodiacs are big protectors of their home and family and are driven by their love of their roots and where they came from.  Interested in a Cancer sign? Read on the following cancer man traits  and see if this will be your next relationship or a quick little fling.

1Feel Like You’re Having A Hard Time Reading Him?

You’re not the only one.  The feeling of trying to read all of his moods, gestures and actions in order to really understand what he’s really thinking is beyond difficult.  These guys are pros at hiding their true feelings especially when they’re hurt, and will take refuge inside their ‘shell’.  In order for you to truly get the truth of how he feels out in the open, you must build a trust with him so he feels comfortable and not as vulnerable when confiding in you. Once he feels he can trust you, he will talk to you about EVERYTHING! His dreams, hopes, ambitions, fears and even the funny thing he had seen this morning on the way to work.  It may take some time, effort and some patience but once he opens up it will be much easier to read him and you’ll be able to decipher his moods just by a quick, little glance…just wait, you’ll see!

2Meeting The Family…

This is a HUGE milestone in a Cancer man’s book.  Because these guys are so family oriented putting their families first at all times, when he takes you home to meet his family you should be flattered.  This is him showing his family that he really likes you and can see himself with you.  He takes you to meet them not only for you to get a proper introduction and maybe a good conversation over dinner but for him to get his family’s thoughts on, well…you.  It’s not an interview for a job or anything so serious, but when they speak to you, ask you questions about even the weather, they want to see how you carry yourself, what kind of person are you and if you’re good enough for their son/grandson/brother etc.  Make sure you try your very best to be relaxed and be yourself.  Even if you really want to fabricate or ‘fluff’ up the truth that you’re not unemployed but you’re ‘in between careers’….they can smell B.S. so just be truthful and be that amazing self of yours. Ps. If there is wine, champagne, any form of alcohol included that evening, limit yourself to one as what is said and done after a buzz hits will make or break you darling….remember that.

3You’re Not In A Relationship With Just Him…But With His Momma Too…

Ok, so this may not be just a Cancer trait; hell, this has to do with majority of guys out there. The difference is that these Cancer men are pretty much wired to put their momma first which may have you and mommy dearest fighting for that pedestal.  As much as I would love to tell you that it isn’t that bad, it really, really, REALLY is (from my experience, it can be brutal at times!).  You want to find a guy who loves and adores his mother as you will get a great idea on how well they will treat you.  If a guy treats his mother poorly, that is a huge red flag for you to run for the hills.  To make your relationship with your Cancer man stronger and for you to feel at ease and not in competition with his mother, you need to make sure the lines of communication are open.  Let your hunny know just how much you love his momma but make sure no matter what you don’t talk negatively to him about her…this is a huge no-no in his book and will probably lead him to picking her over you in a heartbeat.

4Hard Outer Shell…

Part of a Cancer’s appearance is they are known for appearing super tough and intimidating on the outside as if nothing or no one can bother them, but inside, they are very soft and sensitive.  Cancer men like to keep up with their hard appearance, showing that they are macho and even may enjoy knowing some may be intimidated by their tough type of personality.  The truth is, these type of men are sensitive and take things to heart often which unfortunately means they are well known for getting upset fairly easy.  These easily upset tempers lead to men who hold grudges.  Keep that in mind.  If you have a fight, a Cancer man will remember that time five years ago when you called him a ‘jerk’ or that time your mother asked him ‘what the big deal is’…so make sure if you have an argument (like all couples do) that you act like an adult and keep name calling to yourself (or shout it in your head…it works just as well).

5There Is No Room For Feminism…

He can be very possessive and territorial. This topic may sound appealing to some women while for others, it may seem to be setting back feminism for many, many years.  I personally think they are just the right amount of making you feel like a princess and not like a child.  Cancer men tend to open doors, fight for your honor and want you to feel safe since they long to protect you.  You will usually see these type of men with their strong arm around your shoulders very often, especially in public.  A downside to this, is Cancer men want you to know who is in charge.  I am not saying he makes the rules or anything to that nature but more so he wants to earn more money, feel like you need him to care for you, and a huge fun trait…take charge in the bedroom (see it’s not all bad!).  Keep in mind, their intentions are good and he just wants to feel wanted and that you need him.  He knows, without you, he’d be back in his shell.

Overall, dating a cancer man can be full of fun and surprises. Cancer men are really kind, loving men that only want to appear hard and tough on the outside so their girl feels safe and protected.  These guys may not be able to say ‘I love you’ easily, but the way he makes you feel safe and secure by his actions, you’ll already know that he adores you.  He wants  someone who will always be by his side, a partner in crime, someone to laugh with and open up to.  Cancer men are most compatible with  Pisces, Cancer, Taurus and Geminis.  I myself, am born in between the Gemini and Cancer cusp and married a Cancer and it definitely has us bumping heads at times but we are so alike that it really doesn’t matter.  That type of bond is what will make a relationship work regardless of your sign’s compatibility but damn these horoscopes are almost always on the money!



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