Virgo Compatibility: Virgo Men In Love

Virgo Men In Love


Virgo Traits

Dating may not be the easiest thing out there (ok, sometimes it’s not the most fun either!) but, there are ways to increase your luck at finding Mister Right.  One way that many people turn to in helping them find their soul mates or at least their next relationship is by reading the stars. Their horoscope is a good idea as to what the universe has planned for them when the planets, moon, sun, stars and their angles all align to specific locations.  These horoscopes are based on the alignment of the sun and even the day and time you were born but although there is no scientific evidence that these are totally accurate, they usually are pretty damn close!

1Virgo Man and Virgo Description

Virgo the virgin is the sixth sign of the zodiac in between Leo the Lion and Libra the Scales. Those born between August 23 – September 22 are included in the Virgo zodiac and although they may not all be alike, there are many similarities and traits that Virgos tend to have that give them away.  What should you expect if your new guy or that cutie you have been eyeing with his locker next to yours is a Virgo, read on, find out and see if you and your sign are compatible with Virgos.  Finding a guy that is compatible with your sign is such a huge benefit as they tend to understand you and all of your characteristics (good and bad) and still love every bit of you. If you’re lucky enough to win a Virgo’s love, you will need to make sure that you are ready for a serious relationship as they are great for the long run. Check out the following Virgo traits and characteristics.

2Virgo personality: He May Take A Bit To Open Up…

Okay, so he may seem a bit difficult to try to open up but once he truly feels comfortable with you, he has no problem opening up and spilling his heart out. At first yes, he may keep his true feelings to himself but as he gets to see how wonderful you are, his will begin opening up about everything. This is a great thing especially when you know that you’re the one that took his walls down and not any girls from the past.

3Actions Speak Louder Than Words…

For a Virgo man, he may not say the most romantic things that every girl wants to hear. He may not even tell you he loves you as much as you’d like, but, one thing is for sure his actions will always speak louder than his words.  Virgo men aren’t typically ones who will verbally show their love for you but if you give it time they will surely make up for it while they surprise you with a homemade dinner, a sweet love note or even a loving massage. Anyone could tell someone that they love them but, it doesn’t really count unless they take the time to show you; that’s why Virgo men are wonderful! I’d take actions over words any day!

4Virgo Man in Love is Totally Devoted to You…

Every girl wants a relationship where she feels like a princess and to be her guy’s one and only.  Virgo men are totally devoted to their mates and will love you beyond words. They truly adore and when they are in love they put their heart and soul into it.  When Virgos love, they really love.  These are very passionate men, in and out of the bedroom and they always aim to please. Virgo men put all of themselves, heart and soul into things they are passionate about whether it is their favorite sports team or about their career.  This intense passion is brought with them into their relationships and they will go in fully and totally committed.

To a Virgo, their partner is the love of their life and many times their main focus, so if you’re one of those girls that needs a lot of space, maybe a Virgo guy isn’t right for you.

5Anything They Can Do For You…

One of our favorite Virgo characteristics! A Virgo man’s desire to please his partner is strong.  He will do anything he can to make you happy and put your needs before his…or for the most part.  Keep in mind that Virgo men are logical and responsible and will try to make you happy as long as it will not put either of you at risk or in harm’s way.  If he thinks that what you want will have negative consequences then he will most likely take his time to try and convince you to change your mind and divert your attention that will make you happy again.  Vigo men when in love, will do everything and anything to let you know they love you and want you happy. Don’t abuse this kinda thing as it’s a wonderful quality to find in a man.

6A Knight in Shining Armor…Mr. Responsibility.

Just call him Mr. Responsible. Late payments? Thousands of dollars in debt? Living paycheck to paycheck? Not Mr. Responsible.  Virgo men are pretty often overly responsible creatures that you will rarely find with major debt, rent past due or struggling financially with lack of savings.  These Virgos feel most comfortable when they have their lives organized and balanced with a good job, affordable luxuries, usually drives a sensible car with the best gas mileage, minimum debt in their name and their future is also being taken care of with a nice retirement plan. Smart decisions like these are huge for a Virgo and if you haven’t been the most responsible in the past, now is the time to learn!

7A Wonderful Family Man…

Maybe it’s because I’ve had my share of dating Mr. Wrongs to Bad Boys but now, I can’t think of anything sexier than a family man.  You know, those hot dads walking down the streets with a baby carrier or their child on their shoulders…that to me is incredibly sexy in a guy. Virgo men are all about family.  They would do anything for their family and look forward to starting their own with the right person.  He can be very protective and do whatever he has to do to keep you safe.  Virgos don’t need to be bachelors and date as many girls as they can, they are genuinely excited to start a family and provide for those he loves.

Best Match for Virgo and Conclusion:

are you a virgo best match? Virgo men in all of their wonderful ways are overall great guys.  They are passionate, romantic, logical, responsible, protective and so much more! In order to keep a relationship with a Virgo man alive you must be willing to reciprocate and show him the same amount of attention.  Want to know what is the best match for Virgo? and if you’re compatible with a Virgo? Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorns have the biggest compatibility with these great guys. These types of guys can often get walked on since they do so much to please and put others first, so make sure if you’re interested that you show him.  He needs to see that not only are you responsible and passionate but that he could see you in his life in the long run…Virgos don’t do ‘flings’ very well so make sure that he’s the kind of guy for you and that you are ready for a wonderful, long term, committed relationship..



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