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Best Nude Lip Glosses and Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone

Best Nude Lip Glosses and Lipsticks

The Best Nude Lip Products For Every Skin Tone

A nude lipstick or lipgloss is an absolute must-have in any makeup collection. Whether you want to create a natural no-makeup look or a crazy bold eye look, a nude lipstick will pull your makeup look together beautifully while making your lips bigger. You might think nude lipsticks can be pretty dull and boring, but once you take a look at the long list of liquid lipsticks, lip toppers, matte lipsticks, clear glosses, high-shine glitter lip balms, you are guaranteed to change your mind.

1Finding The Perfect Shade For Your Skintone

Just like with foundation and concealer, searching for the lipstick/lipgloss tone that matches matches and makes your skin more glowing is essentials. To make the process easier, consider your undertone: if you have a warm undertone (with yellowish, olive undertones), similar lipsticks with a slight coral, brown or orange undertone will look amazing on you. On the other hand, for all the girls out there with cool undertones (pink, porcelain skintones), we recommend a cool nude with pink, taupe or even blue undertones. When choosing the perfect nude, make sure not to choose the exact shade as your skintone, so your lips won’t “melt” into your complexion.

2Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (Cabo Coral)

Although it looks a bit dark in the pot, once applied, the Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral lip balm has the most beautiful, coral tint that will make your lips pop. Its shade warms up any skin tone (this is why it matches a lighter skin tone beautifully), and it has a daring and versatile tone. Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge can be applied as a blush as well.

3Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick (Lulu)

Lulu is a soft, pinkish nude that works perfectly together with light skin tones. As light skin tones can be easily look too pale or „washed out” with yellowish or simple nude shades, going for a coral or beautiful pink nude will solve your struggles of finding the right shade.

4NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick (Babydoll)

Continuing our list with a gorgeous, baby pink nude from the drugstore, there is nothing not to love about the NYX Lingerie Collection’s Babydoll lipstick. This has a liquid, creamy lipstick formulation that goes onto the lips almost in a mousse formula (so it does not dry out the lips). This shade looks especially good with cool undertone skin because of its stunning, feminine pink tone.

5MAC Lipstick (Kinda Sexy)

Kinda Sexy is such a classy, versatile shade that looks stunning on both light, medium and dark skin tones – but if we had to choose only one skin tone, it would be light. It is not only flattering, but also adds natural warmth to the face. Although it is a long-lasting, cream lipstick, it looks like a beautiful tinted lip balm on the lips. If you would like to keep the focus on your lips, add a clear gloss on top of Kinda Sexy.

6Burberry First Kiss Lip Balm

Burberry is not especially known for its makeup, but there are definitely some hidden treasures in their collection, such as this First Kiss lip balm. It comes in a small, practical tube and has a glossy, peachy finish to it, which we absolutely love. Unlike an average lip balm, this will add a beautiful, opaque shine to your lips that will last all day long.

7Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lacquer (Bardot Beige)

If you are looking for a true nude that looks stunning with a heavy smokey eye look, we’ve found the right match for you. As it name suggests as well, Bardot Beige is a classy, timeless peachy beige shade that will look good with absolutely any outfit.

8Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick (Stripped)

Besides the gorgeous shades, Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are also known for their long-lasting, high quality and great formulas, so it’s definitely worth investing in one. Stripped is a versatile shade that looks pretty by itself, with a lip topper or clear gloss, and basically with any eye look from a natural brown eye shadow to deep, black lids.

9Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipstick (Naked)

While Stripped works well with lighter skin tones, Naked is really flattering for girls with medium skin tones. It is a beautiful, lighter color with a hint of peachy and pink undertone, but because of its almost bright nude tone, it is a very unique, flattering choice.

10Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick- Stepping Out

Smashbox liquid lipsticks are known as one of the best high-end liquid lipsticks: they have over 20 shades to choose from with crazy high pigmentation, and unlike most liquid lipsticks, they won’t dry out your lips. Stepping out has a bit of a mauve, coral undertone which will create a “natural tint” effect on your lips.

11Rimmel Kate Moss #113

Kate Moss created the perfect nude cream lipstick collection in collaboration with Rimmel, and our favorite for medium skin tones has to be #113. Besides being affordable, Rimmel lipsticks are also long-lasting and nourishing, so they are great if you are looking for a drugstore nude lipstick. Rock it with dramatic smokey eyes to make your lips pop even more.

12Milani Lipstick Teddy Bare

Teddy Bare is a gorgeous, brownish nude with a hint of cream shine to it. Just like Rimmel lipsticks, Milani lipsticks are also amazing drugstore options if you wouldn’t like to splurge on your go-to nude lipstick.

13NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream (London)

We are absolutely in love with the soft matte lip creams from NYX! They have a very light, hydrating texture with high pigmentation, so you won’t have to worry about small touchups. The shade London is the perfect mix with peach and brown undertones, so it suits medium skin tones perfectly.

14Jouer Lip Topper (Skinny Dip)

Lip toppers have been crazy popular this season. With their beautiful metallic or glitter finish, lip toppers look beautiful with cream and matte lipsticks. What’s the difference between a lipgloss and a lip topper? While lipglosses add just a hint of shine and glossy finish to your lips, lip toppers can take your makeup to the next level with a more daring and bold finish.

15Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick (Ophelia)

Let’s be honest: Kat Von D probably can’t do anything wrong when it comes to tattoos and makeup, but with Ophelia liquid lipstick, she created the perfect nude shade for everyone with medium skin tone. It is natural yet high coverage, and a gorgeous nude shade with a unique twist to it. Overall, it’s just a beautiful nude liquid lipstick that’s worth the splurge.

16Lancome Rouge L’Absolu Rouge (Henne)

Henne is a very unique shade: a beautiful chocolate brown with tiny glitters in it, that create a beautiful shine on the lips. Lancome’s lipsticks are celebrity favorites as well: they are long lasting and have one of a kind shades that’s hard to find anywhere else. As a rich chocolate brown, Henne fits darker complexions perfectly.

17YSL Lipstick (Ultimate Beige)

Compared to Henne, Ultimate Beige is a lighter, yet equally flattering shade. YSL Lipsticks are also known to be very luxurious, high-quality lip products, so it’s worth to invest in them. Ultimate Beige has a soft, pale brown shade that will make your smile optically whiter while flattering your darker skin tone.

18Revlon HD Lipstick (Snapdragon)

Snapdragon is a special mixture of orange and brown, and the result is absolutely breathtaking. This Revlon shade flatters every skin tone, but looks really natural and pretty especially on darker complexions. If you’d like to make it pop even more, add a clear gloss on top of it, and don’t worry, because of its creamy formula, it won’t  dry out your lips!

19Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick (Walk of Shame)

Walk of Shame is a classic shade created by makeup genius, Charlotte Tilbury, and besides looking good on light and medium skin tones, it is a match made in heaven with deep skin tones. It has a mauve, almost pink undertone with a natural, glossy finish that can be worn with any eye look.

20Milani Liquid Lipstick (Honey)

Honey is definitely a lighter shade, so if you are looking for a sparkly, pinkish nude with a hint of yellow undertone, we’ve got your back with Milani’s Honey. Although it is stunning by itself as well, Honey looks the most amazing with a clear or pink sparkly lipgloss on top that brings out its shine.

21MAC Lip Glass (King Pin)

Similarly to Henne, King Pin by MAC is a luxurious, rich brown shade – but with a glossy finish that makes this lipgloss perfect for any special occasion. We love this color with an all-brown makeup: taupe or beige eye shadows, a geometric brown liner and King Pin will create a killer makeup look!

22Colourpop Ultra Matte (Chi)

Chi is a bit different from all the other lipsticks, and this is exactly why we couldn’t leave it out from this list. While most recommendations for dark skin tones include a yellowish or brown undertone, Chi has a more taupe, almost grey shade, but it’s still a beautiful nude color. How to pull it off? Keep the rest of your makeup natural with a black mascara and a bit of champagne eyeshadow in your inner corners.



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