Beautiful Girl Quotes

Beautiful Girl Quotes

Quotes About Being Beautiful

We all want to feel beautiful. And, it’s important that we all show the world just how beautiful we are inside and out. These beautiful girl quotes are perfect if you need a little reminder just how special you really are. Or, feel free to send them to a friend to make their day extra great!

1Be Yourself Today

There is nothing more beautiful than being yourself! So, there is no reason to ever try to be anything else. Show the world your unique self every single day!

2She Was Beautiful

Beauty stems from the inside. And, when it is tended too, it grows and grows until it can be seen from the outside. So, remember to water your soul and take care of your heart.

3Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Beauty is not just one thing. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. So, if you don’t think you’re beautiful, look again. Beauty is within you!

4You Can Do Amazing Things

People with confidence are beautiful. And, when you are confident, you can make amazing things happen. All you have to do is believe in yourself. It’s that simple!

5Beautiful Goddess

This quote is a reminder that should be in your head daily. ‘You’re a bright, beautiful goddess’. It couldn’t get more simple than that. You can do anything, goddess!

6Happy Girls

People who glow from the inside are the most beautiful. If you are happy and loving then it will radiate outward and people will be attracted to your presence.

7Silly Girl

Being different is beautiful. No one wants to spend time with the same old people. Show the world your unique self and people will be begging to spend time with you.

8Beauty Begins

We all try to fit in sometimes in our life. But, really, there is no point to that. The most beautiful way to live is to simply be yourself. And, everything else will fall into place.

9Behind Every Beautiful Girl

Sometimes we need to fall in order to see our own beauty. Someone may have told us that we are not that special, but as women, we get back up and show the world just how strong and beautiful we are!

10When You Seek Beauty

Seeing the world in a positive way and finding the beauty in all people and things will make you more beautiful of a person. It will attract people to your positive energy.

11Inside Of You

When someone you love really wants to know you and see all the things inside of you- you will feel more beautiful than you ever have before. Embrace it!

12What Made Her Beautiful

Being alive and being present is beautiful. Do not live life stressing about your day-to-day duties. Instead, find the beauty in the simple things and stay alive and happy!

13Made To Do Hard Things

Strong girls are beautiful girls. And, this kind of girl can make it through anything as long as they keep believing in themselves. So, forget negative talk and talk positively to yourself!

14Beautifully Broken

You don’t have to have your whole life together in order to be beautiful. You can very easily make the pieces of yourself glow while you figure the rest out.

15She’s A Tornado

There are some people you don’t realize are beautiful until you get to know them. Some people look strong and tough on the outside, but inside they are a delicate beautiful flower.

16Let Your Confidence Shine

Confidence is key to beauty. Never underestimate the power of believing in yourself and staying true to who you are. You will attract many people this way.

17Unafraid To Be Herself

If you are unafraid to be yourself, then you are the most beautiful person on this planet. Beauty is unique and comes from within- let it shine outward so the world can admire it.

18A Good Woman

Beauty has nothing to do with what your body looks like. What we have on the outside is just a shell for our beautiful soul to live in. So, forget about beauty standards and know your truth worth.

19Stardust Soul

Beauty is soul-deep. It is not something you can find on social media or the cover of a magazine. It is something that comes from within! Let the world see it.

20Like A Butterfly

Girls should be like butterflies- pretty to look at, but hard to catch. That’s because what makes us beautiful is confidence. And, if you have confidence, you are not easily caught by anyone.

21You Are Not Your Age

22Fearless And Powerful

23Oh My Darling

24When I Tell You

25Inside And Out

26Look Nothing Alike

27The Kinder You Are

28You Are Imperfect

29Exterior Beauty

30How Strong You Are

31You Are Most Beautiful

32How Like The Moon You Are

33Don’t Be Beautiful

34Someone Else’s Beauty

35Not In The Face

36Just Be You


These beautiful girl quotes are the perfect reminder that you are beautiful without even trying! They are great to send to a friend on a rough day. Or, to post on your mirror so that you can read it every morning.

A lot of these quotes discuss that beauty comes from the inside. It is the soul that matters, not your appearance. And, that’s an important thing to remember as you see skinny girls in magazines and women with the perfect lives flooding Instagram.

Then, there are quotes about being happy and how being happy makes you beautiful. If you start to look at the world in a positive light, you will become more beautiful as that positivity radiates out of you. And, people will definitely be attracted to that joyous energy.

Other quotes talk about being yourself. This is sometimes a hard thing to remember, especially when all you want to do is fit in! But, being yourself and showing the world your unique beauty is the most beautiful thing you can do.

Hopefully, these quotes reminded you just how beautiful you really are. And, gave you the confidence to be yourself.


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