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35 Pink And White Nails

pink white nail polish

35 Pink And White Nails

Ahhh, February, the most romantic month of the year, you know what that means? You have to try a cute pink manicure! Single, in a relationship? Who cares?! All you’re going to need are some cute polishes for the 14th February. Unlike your dates, at least they will never let you down!

1Henna Designs

We love the patterns used in Henna and they make great nail art stencils too! Mix tradition with the latest trends to create this beautiful ombré design. Fade from a hot pink to a white, going through a pastel tone too for the most feminine but edgy look.

2I Heart Pink

A great manicure for Valentine’s day. A little white heart looks so cute and isn’t too loud if you are looking for something subtle. For a first date or a therapeutic day of shopping at the mall, this will do the trick! Add a bit of glitter, it never hurt anyone! And voilà!

3Crazy Cupcakes

These nails are good enough to eat! If you are quite the pro at nail art and want to experiment, this has so much going for it. Firstly, cupcakes! Who can say no to that? Plus the spotty nails to match are to die for!

4Cute And Classic

This design will work for any occasion – they are sleek, elegant yet cute. Here’s a handy tip, if you don’t have a dotting tool, use the end of a bobby pin for the spots! No need to thank us!

5Awesome Aztec

Aztec details are hot for the summer season, so work on that technique! Hot pink, white and orange bring heat and sunshine to your nails in a flash. Use striping tape to get all this intricate detailing and avoid spillage! With a monochrome outfit, these babies will add a pop of color!

6Splendid Spots

Neon colors are often overlooked, but there is no way they can’t be incorporated into your design in a subtle way. No one said you had to paint all your nails neon yellow, but by using a neon pink, your nails grab attention for the right reasons. For this look, Essie’s Gallery Gal was used, which is just the perfect neon pink shade, it will look cute all year round and compliments any skin tone!

7Romantic Roses

Roses aren’t necessarily red here, but the pink, white and lilac tones work wonderfully together. This would look brilliant on a date night with a lilac maxi dress and a rose gold clutch. Check out The Nail Art Company’s rose stencils for a sleek, professional look.

8Connect The Dots

A nude pink with white remains feminine but is a bit softer on the eyes than the hot pinks we have been showing you. This will look pretty with a gray cable knit sweater and will keep you looking right on trend even during those cold months. Try out Nail Inc’s shade The Mindful Manicure Better Together for the perfect nude.

9Bright Here

Hot pink has us all nostalgic about the summer vacation – picture it now, you in a convertible, on the highway, wind in your hair, your hands in the air too, dancing along to your favorite song, with this fun manicure! China Glaze has a great range of neon polishes for you to try out, try out their neon pinks like Pool Party and Rose Among Thorns and be ready to turn heads!

10Fake But Fabulous

Can’t grow out your nails without chipping them? Such a pain, right? Well, get your hands on some acrylics for some seriously flawless nails! Head to your nearest salon and treat yourself! Then you can get creative by adding lace, glitter and/or nail jewels. The more extravagant, the better! Coral with white makes you glow, and with a dash of white glitter, instantly brings your nail art from day to night, ready to party with you!

11Flamingo Fan

For the girl dying to try out new things, get drawing! Flamingos are fun, and need we say pink! This is definitely a design for the crazy animal fan. The flamingo really pops out with the crisp white background too!

12Pink Princess

Want nails worthy of a princess? Look no further! Add a bit of texture with some cute star-shaped nail jewels, and do yourself a fabulous ombré, fading towards a sophisticated white. Check out Ali Express’ wide range of cheap but amazing flowers!

13Ice Cream

One of Instagram’s faves is the ice cream design. Just draw on uneven lines on your fingernail with your favorite pink polish, and join them at the top of your nail. For scrumptious-looking nails, use a textured nail polish, like OPI’s I’m Stucco On You from the Nicole range!

14Leopard Love

Using pink for your leopard print makes the look girly but also is a great alternative for those of you who don’t like colors traditionally used in leopard print. Grab your favorite neon polish and get applying! For shier girls, why not go for a subtle pastel pink?


Pinstripes are back in and you gotta have a piece of the action! This will look so suave with a blue denim shirt and cropped jeans. Get Zoya’s pastel pink shade Lorel and start working smart casual with this cute nail design.

16J’adore Paris

Everyone’s heart belongs in Paris. If you want to drop hints for a romantic getaway, or just rock Parisian chic, this is the ideal manicure to test out! We have to admit, drawing the Eiffel Tower isn’t easy, so nail decals or stencils will be your savior here. Nailartuk have you covered!

17Messy Artist

Splashes of paint give a messy but creative edge to your look. Pink, black and white scream feminine but wild and inspired. This is a design that will express your inner artist. Put blobs of your three shades on a piece of paper and use a straw to blow them onto your nails! It is a simple and fun design to do!

18Birds Of A Feather

We love a bit of coral for the summer! The beach, wavy hair and these nails make the perfect combination. Feathers add a laid-back boho vibe to the design and work brilliantly with the bright coral shade.

19Summer Dream

We can’t get enough of lilac, pink and white! It makes us nostalgic about summer all whilst looking flawless! Pastel colors are all the rage and work perfectly with pink and white. If you aren’t a lilac fan, why not pastel blue?

20Double Manicure

Mix it up a bit by combining a normal manicure with a reverse manicure! It gives this lovely striped effect that looks glamorous, sophisticated and will be your go-to design for any occasion!

21Flirty Floral

For the ultimate girly girl, pick a style that will still show off your vibrant personality! This design is a showstopper that will look cute at a garden party in the warmer months. Floral designs are feminine yet still stay sophisticated, so don’t back down!

22Rock Chick

Can a rock chick wear pink? The answer is yes, obviously! The little touches of pink here and there add a girly spin to the classic black and white rock-inspired look. Complete this look with loads of midi rings and your fave biker jacket, it is that simple!

23Rose Gold Stripes

Rose gold is a color everyone needs in their everyday lives, whether you have rose gold jewelry, or like here, rose gold nails, you have to get a piece of the action! The rose gold stripes add texture and divide beautifully the different sections of the design. The simplicity of it adds a luxurious and chic feel to it too!

24L.O.V.E nails

Everyone is a sucker for romance really! There is no point in denying it. For a Valentines inspired design, or just for a date night, get the message across with this pretty design! It is personal, simple and cute, in two colors you are bound to have in your drawer somewhere.

25Watermelon Wonder

You, like your nails, will be feeling fruity fresh and fabulous for the day ahead with these nails. Pastel green compliments the pink and white combination, and totally changes up your nail game! We challenge you to try this one out, are you up for it?

26Zebra Print

What happens when you are bored of leopard print? Well, you go for zebra print duh! The geometric shapes add a contemporary edge to a simple enough zebra print and the pink just adds a bit of vibrance and femininity to the design. This is definitely something you need to tick off your list!

27Dusty Pink Florals

Dusty pink is still in, girls! It is a color that will look flawless, classy and super flattering on all skin tones. This is why you can’t do a nail design with it! With the help of a floral stencil, and Essie’s dusty pink shade Eternal Optimist to get started!

28Chevron Print

Chevron print is a simple way of incorporating geometric shapes without going OTT! It is easy to do, even for newcomers to the nail art scene, plus it looks classy without being too strict. Add a few striking gitter or nail jewels to add some last minute details and there you have it!

29Easter Excellence

Ok, so Easter isn’t here yet, but to keep your mind off all that craving fo, practice this design! Metallics, pastel shades and a touch of white make this an adorable design that you can practice on your siblings for family occasions too!

30Bold Prints

Who knew that chevron and Aztec could work so well together? With a touch of metallic polish, this is a girly, summer-loving design that will make your friends green with envy. With a pair of light wash denim shorts in the summer, your nails will look striking!

31Sakura Branches

Sakura branches are a simple way of doing floral-influenced designs and are quite easy to do by hand if you haven’t got any stencils! The pearly pink polish makes a change from your standard pink polish and looks great on shorter nails too!

32Mesh Madness

Mesh is everywhere in the fashion industry, mesh skirts, mesh tops, but why not follow the trend in a different way? This white grid is giving us serious mesh feels and with the roses down the sides, adds a girly-princess spin on it! Yet again, pastel shades are key here for getting the look, Zoya have all the pastel shades you need to keep you through the season!

33Comic Geek

For the comic-book lovers, and we know you are out there, why not go for this comic-inspired design? It looks like something out of a Pop Art painting! To replicate a bit of these classic masterpieces, trace the outlines of your nails in black, with a little white flick from the bottom of your nail to the top. This is great for any of you who are going to Comic Con, or have it on your bucket list anyway!

34Pastel Manicure

This manicure doesn’t just have pink and white, but also pastel green and pale yellow, giving you a fresh and vibrant look for the spring and summer. The diagonal lines for the tips add a modern twist to the traditional manicure too!

35Sweet Success

Last but not least, some more paint splatters. We love the touch of “Sugar” in white too, giving a candy-feel to the design. This is great for everyday informal situations, and will get your classmates asking you how you did it!



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