35 Cute iPhone 6 Cases

cute iphone 6 cases

35 Super Cute iPhone Cases

Your iPhone, your compagnon for life! It is there through your best times and worst, so like you, it deserves some pampering from time to time! Here are our favorite iphone cases to personalize your everyday buddy.

1Gorgeous Geometric

The simplest phone cases are often the classiest. We love this one in black and white for a minimal look. With rose gold headphones, you will certainly turn heads. This phone case is for the girl that loves a bit of simplicity and minimalism in her everyday outfits.

2Wood Wonder

This phone case has a bit of everything – wood-like patterns, with a hint of girly floral too. It almost has a summery vibe to it. If you want to flaunt your new phone this summer then this would be perfect. We are thinking of this for the girl who loves boho-style clothing. Love a lace maxi dress? Love a flute-sleeved top? Then get your hands on this!

3Marvelous Marble

Marble print is perfect for an Instagram-ready phone! A touch of rose gold and marble is perfect for the glamorous girl who dresses smart. If you are looking for a more sophisticated phone case for your next night out, this case is the answers to your prayers!

4Super Sunflowers

If you are a happy-go-lucky kind of a person, then this might be the case for you! It will certainly bring an even bigger smile to your face. It will be perfect for spring and summer, and you have to admit, it is adorable!

5Pineapple Party

This phone case has summer party written all over! If this phone case doesn’t get you excited for summer, we don’t know what will! Plus, it’s ultra girly with the various shades of pink, making it a fun and vibrant choice!

6Good Girls

A good ol’ slogan will give your phone that needed edge! This message makes us chuckle and it will certainly turn heads whilst you are on the go. In black and white it is bound to go with all your favorite outfits too!

7Roll On The Roses

Floral is hot right now. It looks feminine yet elegant and looks cute against a rose gold or light pink colored-phone. This phone case could be fab with some rose gold headphones for a trendy look!

8Pizza Love

Pizza, like your phone, has been there for you too! Show the love for everyone’s favorite break up buddy with a dedicated phone case. Because you just can’t thank pizza enough…

9Just Do It!

If you are adventurous, athletic and ambitious, this is you all over! With everyone’s favorite sportswear brand on it, you will have a phone case that is sporty, gorgeous and inspirational!


A bit of glitz and glamor never hurt anyone! Rose gold with extra jewels for an extra touch of sparkle on your next night out. Why not team this with a lilac pleated maxi and a white crop top for a feminine look from head to toe?

11Beautiful Bow

For the girliest of girls, here is your dream phone case! If this phone case isn’t worthy of a few artsy Instagram pics, we don’t know what is. It is simple, all whilst being feminine and minimal. This will look great in a pastel pink clutch!


Many people have dreamcatcher phone cases, but you can understand why! They are beautiful, meaningful and look good against any color iPhone. We particularly love the black case against the gold iPhone 6!

13Summer Beach

This phone has reminded us why we love summer. The wood reminds us of beach houses, and the mandala pattern of Henna tattoos you would get done. This is obviously THE phone case to bring for your next beach trip!

14Broken Glass

This mosaic-like phone case is the ultimate accessory. It shows a bit of your phone and would look incredible on a rose gold or gold iPhone. With a fresh manicure to match, this is going to look super cute!

15More Than Wifi

I love you more than wifi, and that’s saying something! When we see this symbol, we are so happy! Make passers-by chuckle with this oh-so-true message, and go on the hunt for wifi!

16Good Vibes Only

Banish negativity with this pretty phone case! It has everything you need – a sassy slogan, check, a summery floral print, check! This will definitely get you into the summer party mood!

17Do What You Love

Do what you love, and do not let anyone dictate your life! Live your life for you, and get your hands on this inspirational phone case. The cursive font makes it Tumblr or Instagram ready, and your friends will be jealous of your badass phone case!

18Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom is very symbolic and represents renewal. If you have just entered a new phase in your life – whether it is a new job, new school, or just a “new you”, then this is the perfect phone case for you! If you have a pink iPhone, it will look amazing!

19Ain’t No Mountain

Nothing is ever out of reach, reach for the stars! This mountains phone case is a stunning way to customize your phone. Claire’s have some cute earphones to pair up with this design.


Want to feel empowered? Want to feel fierce? It all starts with the small things, and if you have an inspirational phone case, you have already made a small step on your incredible journey!

21Coffee Crazy

Let’s admit it, we are all guilty of being a little caffeine crazy! Get a phone case to show your passion for coffee! The bigger the phone case, the better, so that is why you need an oversized phone case in your life.

22Going Places

Who doesn’t love traveling? This is for the girl who dreams of foreign places and jet-setting around the world. In navy blue and pink, you are ticking off two of the hottest colors this season!


The happy-go-lucky girl will also love this simple but sweet case! It will lift you up on bad days and also bring a smile to anyone you meet. Plus, it looks great against any color iPhone!

24But First, Coffee!

Another phone case for the coffee fanatic! If Starbucks is like a second home to you, you will love this! Next time you head for the coffee shop, everyone will ask you where you got this beauty from!

25Camper Van

This is for the hippie, or the girl on the go, who dreams for traveling. If you can’t quite afford your own camper van, this is the next best thing!

26Messy Nest

This unique design is one of our favorite cases. It is simple but adds a modern edge to your phone, which is why it made our list! It will look so sleek against a white or gold iPhone!

27Great Giraffe

The giraffe case with a touch of floral will make your friends green with envy. Sketches make the best phone cases, why not create your own design for your phone case? If you are quite the artist, go for it!


Potterheads, stop and look! This gorgeous case is perfect for all you Harry Potter fans! With a truly magical quote, this phone case will remind you of the truly unforgettable Harry Potter series.

29Disney Princess

There is a phone case for all fandoms! Disney phone cases are a great addition to your ever-growing collection. Our favorite is this one with Mickey Mouse ears and lots of glitter, add a bit of ombre and you have the most spectacular phone case out there!

30Polaroid Picture

Are you an Instagram fan? Or are you an avid photographer? Share your passion with this gorgeous girly phone cover. In pastel pink with black borders, and a fake sense, you may even mistake your phone for a polaroid camera!

31Flamingo Fan

Pink flamingos for a cute and feminine look. With pastel pink headphones and pastel blue denim, this could look stunning over the summer! If you have a rose gold or pink iPhone then we think this is a great choice!

32Amazing Arrows

Arrows represent moving forward, if you have been through a difficult time then this phone case could be more personal for you than you may think. We love the navy blue and gold combination for a glamorous phone case too!

33Oreo Love

Once you get started on a pack of Oreos it is hard to stop! This may not help you resist temptation but you have to admit this is a lush phone case! Put it on a pastel colored iPhone for the Oreo pattern to really stand out!

34Pineapple Power

We are thinking of listening to music at the beach with this cute case! Splashes of watercolor paint and a cutout design makes your phone case look like it has come straight out of an art gallery.

35Melting Ice Cream

If you are building up a collection of phone cases, you just have to get yourself an ice cream one! With two of this season’s hottest colors – powder blue and pastel pink – not only will you be on trend but also have the cutest phone case out there!



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