35 Back to School Outfits

back to school outfits


35 Back to School Outfits

Admit it, school can be dreadful with tons of paper works to comply and gazillions of tests to pass. But of course, you can ease the academic burden by incorporating a sense of style to your school outfits. Stay chic and classy with these back to school OOTDs, and for sure you’ll turn heads while in the campus.

1Dress And Denim Jacket

You’ll never go wrong with a comfy dress paired with a denim jacket and classic sneakers. This laidback combination oozes with style and character. You can even match it with your fave petite backpack. To make your outfit more attractive, add some comfy and modish accessories like trendy chokers or statement earrings.

2White Button Down And Floral Dress

Defy the conventional and dull hues with some bright and colorful pop of colors. This floral vibrant dress complements well with simple button down top. Finish off your charming OOTD with your favorite white sneakers and some fancy accessories. Truly, you are a breath of fresh air!

3Batwing Top And Knitted Dress

Want to look unconventionally chic while learning new things in school? Well, this unique shirt and dress combo is never a disappointment. Head into your closet and look for a loose top like a batwing shirt then smother it with a knitted dress.There you have it, a cool yet chic ensemble you can wear in school.

4Sweatshirt And Jeans

If you’re feeling bland yet still want to pull off an appealing look, then you can depend on your snug sweatshirt and classic blue jeans. Just don’t forget to add a little bit of style to your ensemble by slightly inserting the sweater into your jeans and finish it off with a nice belt.

5Pocket Coat And Jeans

Pocket coats are significant fashion essentials that must be included in your school wardrobe. This fashion staple serves a dual purpose— to keep you warm and add style to your outfit. Hence, if you want something that catches the eye as well as give you utmost comfort during the cold days, then the pocket coat and denim jeans duo makes magic.

6Fur Jacket And Denim Pants

Don’t let the cold bother you with this fashionable yet comfortable getup. Fur coats are downright cozy and head-turners, and wearing one at school will definitely give you the needed comfort, not to mention some jealous stares from the crowd.

7Colorful Top And Denim Pants

Bored of the simple and dull hues? Then opt for a rainbow top that will surely be a talk in school. Forego the minimalist style even for a day and embrace the vibrant colors from your closet.

8Statement Tee And Cut Off Jeans

Casual and cool. Statement tees and cut-off jeans combo is a must-have ensemble you can wear in school. The look is best paired with high heels to add a dash of sexiness.

9Criss Cross Top And Ripped Jeans

Criss cross tops exude style and sexiness in one clothing, making it suitable enough as your school outfit. You can match it with ripped jeans and sneakers to make it more fashionable.

10Striped Tee And Cuff Jeans

Let’s face it, tees are very comfortable to wear. And if you are one of the many student fashionistas who are obsessed with casual styling, then the striped tee and cuff jeans combo is a great back to school option.

11Button Down And Flared Jeans

Flared jeans is a classical fashion comeback that you can feature in your school wardrobe capsule. Mix it off with a nice button-down for a more sophisticated vibe.

12Turtleneck And High-waisted Jeans

Turtleneck is a gorgeous fashion staple, especially if paired with a nice high-waisted jeans. And to make your aura more sophisticated, toss an elegant coat to your outfit.

13White Tee And Pastel Pants

At least once in a school year, turn into a classic geek chic with this simple white tee and formal pastel pants. The cozy wearability and charm of this look is more than enough to make you comfortable while in class.

14Lace Top And Formal Pants

Look elegantly stylish even in your school with a lace top and formal pants. In addition, this getup is a notorious street style. Don’t forget to sneak a flattering fit of cardigan into your whole look.

15Ruffle Top And Formal Pants

On the hunt for an elegant and professional look to lighten up your school mood? Be school and style ready with a ruffle top and formal pants. This look can help you become the campus’ most stylish student. Are you vying it?

16White Tee And Striped Pants

Tone down the colors with a black and white attire. White tee and striped pants is a great pairing for a casual day at school.

17Off Shoulders And Culottes

Okay, this look is definitely drop dead gorgeous! You can totally rock this in your school. The off shoulder top complements well with the monochromatic culottes. And of course, the over-sized shoulder bag and the sexy stilettos are very charming.

18Tee And Palazzo Pants

Running late for school? Don’t worry because with just white tee, palazzo pants and bright red lips, you’re off to school with a great fashion sense.

19Sweater And Collared Top

Let your fashion sense speak for yourself! This collared top and sweater fusion is a great spectacle to watch and for sure you will create a scene upon entering the school gates.

20Over-sized Sweater And Leggings

For a casual styling with a dash of edginess, take a cue from an over-sized sweater and legging pairing. Cap off your getup with your best-loved pair of shoes. Without a doubt, this getup makes rough school days more tolerable and comfortable.

21Checkered Polo And Leggings

Turn heads with this rugged sophistication that features both your feminine and cool side. Get this hard-chic school look with a simple white tee, checkered polo, black jeans, and favorite boots.

22White Tee And Denim Skirt

This simple style is perfect to beat the heat. Stay comfy and cool inside your classroom with an uncomplicated costume like that of a white tee and denim skirt.

23Long Sleeve And Denim Skirt

Come spring, your long sleeves and denim skirt will do some talking. Also, learn to integrate your sturdy boots into your fashion style.

24Button Down And Skater Skirt

Button down and skater skirt is one of the safest back to school looks. But if you want to heighten some deep sense of styling, fashion accessories can help you.

25Off Shoulder And Skater Skirt

Slice this sultry school style with an off shoulder top and a skater skirt. And to feature your fashion versatility, wear some A+ list accessory like chokers or statement necklaces.

26Trench Coat And High-waisted Denim Skirt

Trench coats are very useful outwear for school, especially during fall. This wardrobe necessity never goes out of style as long as you know how to mix and match your fashion pieces. Any casual outfit easily goes along with this fashion staple like a sassy top and high-waisted skirt.

27Sweatshirt And Pleated Skirt

A sweatshirt and a pleated skirt? Perfectly charming for school! Copy this sassy style with a beautiful pair of boots or mid-block sandals. Also, if you want to have more sophistication, wear leggings underneath the skirt.

28Tie Up Top And Skirt

Tie up skirts and skirts have been on the trend lately, and for sure you can easily wear them in your school. This pairing appears to be very relaxed at the same time engaging that is perfect for a stressful school week.

29Statement Tee And Vibrant Skirt

Make your school your runway with a bright and catchy ensemble like a statement tee and a lengthy, vibrant skirt.

30Round Collar Top And Polka Dots Skirt

Bring out your sassy side with a round collar top and polka dots skirt. You can even polish your entire getup with some leggings and trench coat.

31Over-sized Sweater And Pleated Skirt

If you want to look cool at the same time stylish, it’s time to make a fashion magic with your over-sized sweater and pleated skirt.

32Ruffle Top And Skirt

Jump into the fascinating trend of ruffles. This 80’s fashion staple is seriously creating a nice comeback not just on the runways but also on your school ramps. Well, you can always make your own style and don’t let others dictate your fashion sense.

33Knitted Long Sleeves And Denim Jumpsuit

Feeling under the weather but you need to go to school? Well, you can still create a comfy and casual OOTD with the help of knitted sweater and denim jumpsuit. Now, you look deceivingly stylish even if you’re not in the mood to dress up.

34Off Shoulders And Jumpsuit

Quite unconventional but definitely a fascinating style to look at. Glam up your off shoulders top with a denim jumpsuit. Throw in some fancy bangles and a posh sling bag to complete your getup. Truly, this unique pairing is totally worth the try!

35Boho Top And Jumper Skirt

Boho top and jumper skirt, why not? Look effortlessly chic and casual with these fashion essentials. Pull off this look not just on the Coachella grounds but also within the portals of your school! Are you ready to unleash your boho side while meeting your new classmates?



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