30 Cute Date Ideas

cute date ideas


30 Really Cute Date Ideas

If you have just started dating, or are in a relationship and looking for fun new ideas this list is for you! Most of the time it feels like there is absolutely nothing to do in town, but there will always be something happening in the nearest happening city near you. You just have to do some digging or use your creative side ever once in awhile.


How many people actually go on picnics now days? Like wicker basket, red and white blanket picnics!? This is a trend that I desperately want to come back.

2Cute first date ideas – Bowling

First date for my boyfriend and I so I personally think this is one of the best first date ideas! It’s a laid back thing to do, you can sit and talk as you please and it gives us a chance to get competitive against each other, something we both love doing.

3Perfect date in the Park

Searching for perfect date ideas? A park tour was the second date for my boyfriend and I! We went to several parks in town and eventually found our favorite. We walked around, swung on the swings, and talked until the stars came out and then we laid in the grass and he pointed out constellations. Talk about the best date ever.

4Stay at home date ideas – Dine-in and cook together

Since moving in together, this is a twice and sometimes three times a week thing. Cell phones down, Netflix off, and us just cooking and talking. These are my favorite nights because they are surprisingly relaxing. Neither of us are the greatest cooks either, but it is just fun to do anything together.

5Best date ideas – Plant a garden

I personally cannot do this one due to the million things I am allergic too (sigh), but I find building and maintaining something together is so romantic!

6Cute date night ideas – Local attraction

A restaurant or place that all the tourists go too in town. For me personally, it is a bunch of cars sticking out of the ground that everyone spraypaints. I have yet to take my boyfriend there, but I see it happening in our future. Any decent size town has a tourist attraction, and there is a reason it is an attraction.

7Date night laser tag

Yes, me and my boyfriend walked into a lazer tag game dominated by pre-teen and teen boys. And yes, it was amazingly fun! I think this would be amazingly fun if you took another couple or friends.

8Second date ideas – Arcade

This is a great first or second date idea! Again, dominated by teenage boys and small children, but we didn’t care. It was again amazingly fun. if you’re looking for fun things to do on a date, then bring back the childhood happiness together, it is always memorable.

9Dessert Bar

If you city doesn’t have one, go to a restaurant and only order desserts. Get sweet together eating sweets!

10Coffee Shop Music Night

A great idea id you’re looking for what to do on a Saturday night. Even if you aren’t hipsters this can be a fun memorable date. In my city, there are the weird coffee shops downtown that are mildly sketchy and then the goody goody coffee shops. With coffee shop music nights on the rise, you are sure to find a variety of options.

11Binge watch Netflix series

looking for relaxing and great date ideas? Lay in bed together being lazy and finish an entire series in one sitting. Talk about my dream date, but I am also a very busy college student so doing absolutely nothing for hours is a dream come true!

12Fun date ideas – Karaoke Night

Embarrass yourselves, just do it! Take some friends. You might need a little liquid encouragement and that is okay. Just have fun.

13Free date ideas – Feed Others

Volunteer somewhere, or invite friends over to eat with you. Couples can get so caught up in themselves sometimes that they forget there are actually other people in the world.

14Thrift Shopping

Okay, I lied. This is my dream date. I love thrift shopping. I love clearance racks. I love sales. I love discount stores. Take me shopping and tell me I only have $50 to spend. I will take that challenge and promise I will fill up the backseat with purchases.

15Places to go on a date – Hibachi Restaurant

This is one of the best anniversary date ideas! My boyfriend and I go to the same hibachi restaurant at least once a month and always enjoy ourselves. Be sure to go online and do some research. Some restaurant’s cooks will really put on a show while others not so much. Go to one that has good review about the cooks.

16Creative date ideas- Drinking and Painting Class

A trend among my Facebook friends is to go to a one time painting class where they feed you wine and send you home with something brilliant that you managed to paint. I have yet to attend one, but again, I see this in my boyfriend and I’s future.

17Fun dates  – Art Gallery

On the art topic, art galleries are so fun! I love walking around museums and getting lost in paintings. It’s a great place to go to spend time with one another without having to put effort into carrying on a conversation all night.

18Day Trip

Take a day vacation somewhere. There are tons of tourist attractions all over the country. Try to pick a state park or other attraction that is only one to two hours away. For this to work you have to be able to drive there and back in one day.

19Redecorate a room

There are so many things to do on a date like this! If you are living together, you know how tight money can get sometimes, so instead of spending your cash on something temporary spend the money on a new side table, or a new lamp. Then to make it fun, and possibly test your relationship, rearrange the rest of the room.

20Things to do with your boyfriend – Revamp Your Instagrams

Go all over town taking awesome artsy photos of stuff so you have a stock pile of awesomeness to post on Instagram. Ladies, you might have to help your men with the hashtags to get lots of likes. I helped my boyfriend with a post one time and he got 50 likes (a huge step up from his normal 12) and he was extremely proud of his photography skills.

21Classic Dinner and a date night movie

You cannot go wrong with this. Ever. Go somewhere nice where you have to dress up. There are very few times in my life that I get to put on a somewhat nice dress and wear heels. Treat yourselves to something special just because. You don’t need an occasion like an anniversary or birthday to act classy.

22Go See the Grandparents

Make your date about someone else. My grandparents LOVE when they have visitors.

23Unique date ideas – Rent a Tandem Bike

I haven’t done this and doubt I could get my boyfriend to do this with me, so it is up to you other ladies out there to do this one for me. Comment and let me know how it goes if you try this!

24Fun things to do at night – Outdoor Movie/Concert

During the summer most cities have outdoor orchestras, concerts, plays, or huge screens that they play movies on. These are crazy fun. I have never been to one with my boyfriend, but me and my best friends in college have gone and it is awesome.

25Go Dancing

Another one you can’t go wrong with. If you don’t know how to dance, maybe pull up some YouTube videos and learn in your living room!

26Turn Up

Turn up the music and turn up your glasses. I know a lot of couples that party with their friends separately, but I know a lot more couples that party together. If partying is both something you like to do occasionally, do it together.

27Good first date ideas – Go get a taco

And I’m not talking about from a restaurant you have been to. Get one from a food truck you’ve never been to, or an authentic restaurant. My point here is to just get out and try something new.

28Meet up with the family

For some odd reason, my boyfriend and I always seem closer after we spend time with my family. I couldn’t begin to explain why or say that we enjoy every minute that we are with them, but we always have fun. Probably because we are surrounded by other people that love us as much as we love each other.

29Good date ideas – $5 Bin Movie Night

I know Netflix is the thing now, but those $5 movie bins have some pretty off the wall, sometimes weird films. So if you’re looking for fun things to do with your boyfriend, Then take a chance, dive your hand in, pull out a movie, and whatever you get is what you and your man have to watch that night. You have to make it through the whole movie though. Make fun of it all the way through if you have too.


Just go drive around and listen to music. Don’t get lost though if you decide to try some rural roads. My boyfriend and I do this on a regular basis. We load the dog up and just go enjoy the scenery and fresh air. On warm nights we take a trip down memory lane and lay in the back of his truck and look at the stars.



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