25 Cute Teenage Romance Movies

Cute Teenage Romance Movies

25 Cute Teenage Romance Movies

If you have been feeling romantic lately, these are the perfect movies to help you cope with your feels. Out of all the romance movies that have been created, these 25 movies have made it to our list of the cutest teenage romance movies and they will not disappoint your heart. You can watch them by yourself, with your friends or your bae. Let us know your favorite movies or if we missed any!

1A Cinderella Story

Sam (Hilary Duff) lives with her terrible stepmother and two stepsisters who treat her like she’s nothing. Having to work as a janitor and dishwasher at her stepmother’s diner, her escape is talking to an anonymous boy through texts and e-mail. After they make an agreement to meet at school, she finds out that this mystery boy is Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), the school cutie.

210 Things I Hate About You

Katarina (Julia Stiles) isn’t the easiest person to get through. She distances herself from her classmates and prefers her own presence. It is until hot loner Patrick (Heath Ledger), tries to break down her barriers and know her. His will and persistence impresses her and slowly, Kat starts to fall for Patrick.

3The Fault In Our Stars

Meeting in a cancer patient support group, Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) kick off their friendship sharing common hobbies, interests and of course, medical situations. As their friendship blooms so does their romantic feelings towards each other. Understanding the shortness of life, both end up on a quest to fulfill some of their dreams. In the midst of adventure, sickness comes along and breaks hearts.

4Me Before You

A small town girl Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke), hasn’t stepped foot out of her hometown to help her family. After getting laid off from a local bakery shop, she finds herself taking care of a recently paralyzed man, William Trainer (Sam Claflin). Her vibrant and quirky personality doesn’t necessarily intrigue him at first but slowly, he finds her company warm and loving. Even though William is paralyzed, he opens up Louisa’s horizons and realizes the light she brings into his life.

5What A Girl Wants

Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes) has been living with her mother in New York after her parents divorced when she was young and hasn’t heard from her father ever since. After finding out that her father is a wealthy politician running for office, she flies all the way to England to meet him again. In her quest to get closer to her father, she meets a local, Ian Wallace (Oliver James), who understands her bold lifestyle. While trying to create a bond with her father, Ian is also trying to win Daphne’s heart.

6The Last Song

Veronica (Miley Cyrus), or “Ronnie”, is sent down south to her father’s house for the summer with her brother. The rebellious teen doesn’t find the idea appealing since she is still hurt from her parent’s divorce but their mutual love for music makes them more alike and connected than she wants. As she keeps herself out the house, she meets the handsome and popular, Will (Liam Hemsworth) during a volleyball match. Her first impression of him wasn’t the best but after learning his love for nature, she realizes he’s much more than the town’s pretty boy.

7The Prince and Me

Denmark’s Crowned Prince Edvard (Luke Mably) finds himself going to Wisconsin to attend university. While at a bar close to his university, he finds himself trying to flirt with the barista, Paige (Julia Stiles). Unfortunately, Edvard sets a terrible first impression where he completely Paige due to cultural differences. She wants nothing to do with him until she finds out he’s her lab part in a class critical to her pre-medical class requirements. Their first impression of each other wasn’t the greatest but soon, they start to fall for each other until Edvard’s real identity is revealed.

8Remember Me

Both dealing with brutal losses in their life, Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and Ally (Emilie de Ravin) have a lot in common. As Tyler deals with the separation of his parents after his brother committed suicide, Ally finds the need to live her life to the fullest after her mother got murder. There is a unique romance that blossoms between both and shows how two people can still love after so much hurt in their life.

9If I Stay

Mia’s (Chloë Grace Moritz) life completely changes after her and her family go through a tragic accident leaving her in a coma. She goes through an out-of-body experience and reflects on her life to determine whether or not she wants to live or go to the other side with her family. Although her family has passed away, there’s Adam (Jamie Blackley), her romantic interest, who confesses his will to do anything for her if she stays.

10The Notebook

A working-class mill worker, Noah (Ryan Gosling), finds himself infatuated with Allie (Rachel McAdams) who comes from a wealthy family. He does everything to win her heart and he succeeds where both fall madly in love. Noah calls off their relationship when Allie moves up north with her family thinking that’s the best decision for the both of them. After years of separation, they find themselves in the town they met and come to realize, their love for each other never died.

11A Walk to Remember

After getting in trouble with the law, Landon (Shane West) gets stuck with the local pastor’s daughter, Jamie (Mandy Moore), to do community service and be a part of their high school’s play. This bad boy doesn’t like the idea but must fulfill the hours and abide the demands given to him. After spending so much time together, Landon starts to see the beauty and magic the resides in Jamie’s spirit and slowly starts to fall for her.


After discovering she is pregnant, 16-year-old Juno (Ellen Page) has two possible choices to consider from on how to go about with her pregnancy. Out of all the decisions she has, she chooses a unique one which gives her much attention at school and the community.   Juno’s rollercoaster journey allows her to grow as a person and a lover, which has been complicated before she got pregnant.

13The Princess Diaries

Shy girl, Mia’s (Anne Hathaway) life turns upside down when she is given the news she has royal blood and can be crowned princess to the small European country of Genovia.  Her journey to grow and gain the skills to become a princess is given to her grandmother (Julie Andrews) who hasn’t been in her life as much since her father’s passing. While she tries to learn what it takes to be and act like a princess, she’s glued to her school’s pretty boy who notices her once the tabloids expose her identity.

14The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Four best friends since babies find themselves separating for the summer for the first time in their lives. Lena is going to Greece, Tibby is staying at home working, Carmen is going to be visiting her father in South Carolina and Bridget is going to soccer summer camp in Mexico. Before they all disperse, they go on a last shopping spree and coincidentally find a pair of jeans that fit all of them perfectly even though all are very different sizes. Taking it as a sign, they instantly buy the jeans and decide to send it to each other while they are away. The jeans happen to bring them luck in love, friendships, and relationships while they are separated.

1513 Going On 30

Jenna is tired of the popularity hierarchy while in junior high school. On her 13th birthday, she makes a wish of becoming a successful adult and overnight, finds herself as a 30-year-old (Jennifer Gardner) in a New York apartment. She has an attractive hockey boyfriend and a good life but one thing missing is her childhood best friend, Matt (Mark Ruffalo). In the quest to find where he is, she finally finds him and rekindles their friendship after not talking for so long. Turns out their friendship transforms into something more.

16Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Nick (Michael Cera) and Norah (Kat Dennings) find themselves stuck together after a series of unfortunate events happen in New York City. Even though they both have nothing in common, they find out they have the same interest in music which instantly sparks a chemistry between them. As they spend the whole night going from club and bar to find a secret show their favorite band is hosting, it ends up being their first date until a few ex-lovers of theirs try to ruin it.

17Pitch Perfect

Dreading the idea of going to university, Beca (Anna Kendrick) makes it known to her father, a professor at her university, that she would rather pursue her dreams as a DJ. Shutting down her dreams, Beca is stuck going to school and finds a job at the university radio station. As she hates being a part of cliques and extracurricular activities, she surprisingly she ends up in an acapella singing group, Bardem Bellas. Between school, the group and her job at the radio station, a special relationship is created with a co-worker at the radio station, Jesse (Skylar Astin).

18How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

The battle of the wills kicks off between Benjamin (Matthew McConaughey) and Andie (Kate Hudson). Benjamin, an advertising executive, promises that he can make a woman fall in love in ten days. On the other hand, Andie is a beat writer for a magazine and needs to compose an article on how to lose a guy in ten days. After encountering each other at an event, both select each other as their target. Within the next few days, their relationship goes through all types of mayhem to see who can win the bet without knowing what each other is up to.

19The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Starting his freshman year, Charlie (Logan Lerman) isn’t the best at socializing being that he’s quite the introvert. Meeting two seniors, Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller), they make him a part of their duo. Charlie becomes exposed to the “real” world under the wings of Sam and Patrick and learns to live a little. As he witnesses these experiences, he learns a lot about himself and his two new friends, specifically Sam. He sees the things in her she doesn’t see within herself.

20The Breakfast Club

This 80s film takes five teenagers from different cliques in their high school and puts them in Saturday detention together. Their social status causes tension in the beginning but as the time passes, they learn about each other and break the barriers of their groups. These teens learn that they are more alike than they each expected, creating friendships and even chemistry amongst each other.

21Easy A

After Olive (Emma Stone) decides to spice up her clean-cut life and create a rumor of losing her virginity, it spreads like wildfire. Olive’s reputation is instantly tarnished but oddly, she feeds off of it and creates this false image of herself to hype up the situation. Even though everyone sees her in a negative light, there’s one person who knows the true Olive and sticks with her to the very end.

22Dear John

When John (Channing Tatum), a soldier, and Savannah (Amanda Seyfried), a college student, first meet there is instant chemistry between the both of them. Their love grows passionately the more time they spend together. John is then deployed to a dangerous location and their relationship becomes troubled due to personal situations and distance.


Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) takes you back in time to tell you the history of the ship through their romance. The movie takes us back in time and shows all the sacrifices it takes to be with the one you truly love.

2417 Again

Being the high school basketball star that he was, Mike (Zac Efron), ended up not pursing his dreams to marry his high school sweetheart and raise their children. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work, his kids aren’t his biggest fans and there seems to be no progress in his career. One night, he transforms back into a teenager and realizes he can fix all his past mistakes but with that comes consequences for his present and future life.

25Romeo + Juliet

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet takes a modern twist on Verona Beach where the Montagues and the Capulets hate each other. The children of each family, Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Juliet (Claire Danes), meet and fall in love with one another. The only issue here is they have to keep their romance a secret from their families.



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