20 Types of Jeans for Girls

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20 Types of Jeans for Girls

Jeans, what would you do without them? We all have the bad habit of going back to the same style, the same color… once you know a type that suits you, you never let them go. But how about you try a new style? Girlterest gives you the lowdown on our favorite jeans and how to wear them!

1High Waist Skinnies

High waist skinny jeans are perfect for nipping you in at the waist and creating the ideal hourglass figure. They fit you in all the right places and are great with a crop top in the spring or summer, or a white shirt can be tucked into it for a classier look. For curvier girls, a darker wash will be slimming and flattering. High waist skinny jeans are great for petite girls too as they elongate the frame, and with heels will make your pins look amazing!

2High Waist Mom Jeans

Bored of your skinny jeans? Mom jeans are super flattering for girls with an hourglass figure as though they are a casual choice they still suck you in at the waist. They are super comfortable, versatile and can be dressed up and down, with vintage tees and heels, or a crop top and sneakers. Light wash jeans will compliment olive and darker skins, add a belt to accentuate your figure.

3Printed Jeans

Printed jeans are a great way of incorporating color into your wardrobe. Our particular favorite is these pinstripes jeans, they give a beach vibe and will look cute on the beach with black sandals and a white slogan tee. Keep the prints simple to flatter your figure. Printed pockets will push up that butt, and simple patterns will add a bit of texture without being over the top!

4Mid Waist Skinnies

Mid waist skinny jeans sit on your waist and create a flattering silhouette. They are a great alternative to high-waist, as they are just as flattering on the figure. A mid rise is also perfect for those shorter girls with a larger bust, as it elongates your frame but it doesn’t make you look frumpy.

5Straight Legged Jeans

Straight legged jeans are perfect for apple-shaped ladies who are “heavier” in the middle, meaning you have fuller hips and a peachy butt! The straight legged jeans will not make you look heavy. This are a great pant for the summer with cork wedges and a caftan top will bring the straight legged jean into summer!

6Cargo Jeans

Are you a fan of the military look? The cargo jean is how you can wear jeans all whilst rocking the soldier look. For a boyish frame, you can go for pockets all over. For ladies with fuller thighs, keep the pockets to a minimum to avoid an unflattering look. A camouflage jacket and cream Converse will top up this look!

7Ruffled Jeans

Ruffles have made a big comeback this season and are used in every way imaginable! Ruffled sweaters, ruffled tops, ruffled dresses, and now ruffled jeans! They make the perfect statement jean for girls with an eccentric sense of style! The ruffled jean is ideal for girls with a slender frame and smaller boobs, to avoid looking like a clown!

8Embroidered Jeans

Embroidered jeans, whether skinny or baggy, are a great way of livening up your jeans. You can buy them with embroidery on them or cheat and do it yourself! Skinny Dip do a range of loud, cheeky patches for you to accessorize those old pairs of jeans with for a truly unique pair! Anyone can rock this look, so what are you waiting for?

9Low Waist Skinnies

Low waist skinny jeans are the solution for bustier girls who want to draw attention away from that area and put it on that tiny waist. Low waist skinnies will hug your most favorite features and elongate your frame for all you petite girls! It makes sense really, shapely top half – low waist jeans, shapely bottom half – high waist!

10Low Waist Boyfriend

Boyfriend jeans are a slouchy, cool alternative that will help you to rock the urban chic look. You will definitely steer clear of boring with a pair of boyfriends in your wardrobe. These look best on an athletic frame as they create shape and volume to your body without making you look frumpy. They are a versatile piece too and can be worn with anything from heels to espadrilles, making them an absolute must-have!


Denim dungarees are now acceptable to wear over the age of 5! We love them because they are fun, stylish and sooo comfortable to wear! Again, we recommend denim dungarees to a tall, athletic build to avoid a drowning in denim disaster. We love rolling up the bottoms of dungarees to show off a bit of ankle and elongate the frame.

12Low Waist Flares

Flares are part of that Woodstock trend that comes back every summer. No matter what festival you are at, you will be rocking that style, but how can you do it? Flares work for most body shapes, so you can rock the hippie chic look at your next concert. Flares accentuate your figure and for the more slender girls, create shape. They make your legs look longer and don’t cut your frame off at the ankle. Team a pair of your favorite flares with cork wedges and a simple nude cami to let that gorgeous silhouette do all the talking!

13Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans can work for anyone as long as they are cut off at the right part of your calf:
– Muscular legs: girls with muscular legs, often due to sport, should crop jeans just above the ankle
– Long slim pins: girls with slender legs with less shape should crop their jeans two-thirds down your calf to create a shapely impression
– Column: girls with calves and ankles at the same width should have cropped jeans sitting just below the ankle, again to make a fuller shape
– Shapely calves: girls with slim but shapely calves should opt for jeans that sit just under your widest measurement – this will probably involve a lot of try ons, but it will be totally worth it!
– Slimmer ankles: girls with wider calves going into a slim ankle should try a cropped jean that sits on their mid-ankle to compliment their shapely legs

14Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are the jean for curvier frames as they hug your figure but also trim inches off your thighs and calves. In a dark wash, they are flattering, slimming and are appropriate for all sorts of occasions. If you have a shapely butt, find pockets that are angled inwards to make it look smaller. Wear them with a white blouse and black pumps for an office-appropriate look!

15Wedgie Jeans

Wedgie jeans are a concept by Levis that we absolutely love, and now everyone wants to get their hands on a pair. For girls with smaller butts, this pair will hug them and give you a curvaceous peach, though this being said, the wedgie jeans are made for everyone! You can get them in all sorts of rises and leg widths to flatter your figure. With our advice, you will be doing Kylie Jenner-style selfies in no time!

16Ultra Low Rise Jeans

Ultra low rise jeans are perfect for supermodel-like ladies. For you taller girls, compliment that gorgeous frame with a seductively low rise. Channel your inner Karlie Kloss with heeled sandals and a floaty shirt to create an hourglass silhouette. The ultra low rise is also the jean for slender, and tomboyish frames.

17Push-up Jeans

Push-up jeans are ideal for girls with smaller butts. The stripes on the side will push up your butt and make it look tighter. The push-up jean is to be avoided by curvier girls to avoid adding more junk to your trunk. Get them in mid waist or low waist to suit every one of your outfits!

18Frayed Edge Jeans

If you want to elongate your pins, frayed edge jeans are the cutest new kid on the block! They fall just above the ankle, showing a bit of flesh and instantly add height to your frame. They have a casual, laid-back vibe to them, making them the perfect summer jean for this year! Team with some mule heels for the trendiest look in town!

19Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are versatile pieces that can work with any style. For petite girls, avoid tears just below the knee that will cut you off and make you look shorter. Athletic girls, distressed jeans are your wardrobe essential, as they create shape and distract from your linear-like shape.

20Contrast Hem Jeans

Contrast hem jeans are one of the latest trends to hit the catwalk. Though they are not the easiest to wear, these will look beautiful on taller pins. The longer hem from behind will make you look even taller and give a sexy look to your outfit. This unique structure will make you look like you have just walked off the catwalks in Milan!



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