20 Birthday Gifts for Him

Birthday Gifts for Him

Best Gift Ideas for Men: Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

Boys can seem hard to shop for if you don’t have some practice under your belt. If you have been in relationship before, I guarantee you can look back and think of some really stupid gifts you’ve given to your man. I know I can. He never used the dang thing. Hopefully, this list of birthday gift ideas for him can help you hone your gift buying skills and possibly help you avoid giving just a crappy gift.

1Gifts for Boyfriends – The Man Can

One of our favorite gifts for boyfriends! The Man Can is 100% all natural skin care package that includes soaps, aftershave, gels, and a sponge. It all comes in a paint can that will make walking to the bathroom in a dorm the manliest thing ever. It is a great gift for men not in college too.

211 in one Beer Opener

This little thing packs a punch with 11 different tools. And the best part is that it fits in his wallet! If you guy is anything like my boyfriend he wants to fix everything, even the tables at restaurants. I am really considering getting this for him for our anniversary.

3Nixie Tube Digital Clock

If you’re looking for unique gifts, you should definitely consider buying him this Digital clock! It is a little pricey, but it is just too cool not to include in this list. Especially if you man is an engineer or works in a field that has to do with other math and sciences. Or if he just loves unique cool stuff.

4Neon Beer Sign

If your man drinks beer, he wants a neon beer sign. Depending on what type of beer he drinks this might be a little tough to find, but once you track down that perfect sign the look on his face when you give it to him will be worth it.

5A Bat Light

Aka awesome night light. Or you don’t even have to call it a night light… it can just be a lamp. A really awesome lamp. I saw some Iron Man “night lights” as well that were pretty dang cool. Or it doesn’t even have to be a superhero one, there are plenty of different types out there.

6A Random Birthday Gift for Him from Thailand

This is exactly what it says. Offered on Amazon, the product description reads that you have no choice and that 10 items will be randomly selected. This just seems like a crazy fun, memorable, and surprising gift.

7Star Wars Beanie

If your guy likes Star Wars, this beanie is super cute and doesn’t completely scream, “I am a star wars fanatic.”

8Potty Putter

I just laughed too hard when I saw this not to put it on the list. Is it bad that I laughed because I could picture my boyfriend using it too. This is a pretty fun gag gift if you ask me, and there is a chance they might actually get some entertainment out of it.

9Headphone Beanie

Bluetooth Wireless headphone beanie… can it get any better than that?! Especially if your guy is a skateboarder, snowboarder, or skier. My boyfriend wears a beanie instead of his ball caps during the winter and I have considered getting him one of these before.

10A Decision Maker

Step right up and spin for an answer! He can have his own personal decision maker sitting on his desk at work for all of those things that come up that he just can’t quite decide. I would sure love one of these personally.

11This Amazing Shirt

This is a neat gift just in general, but if your man actually has the guts to pull his shirt over his head when people actually do ask him about his ninja it could be a really entertaining gift for you as well.

12Important Things Holder

These are all over Etsy, and in all honesty, are really great for men who like to be organized. He could put it in his bathroom for when he gets in the shower, on his bedside table, or on the table just inside the door when he comes home for work. He won’t ever wonder around the house looking for his keys, watch, wallet, or phone again.

13Beer Cap Display

Apparently these are a new trend, or at least new for me and they are awesome! For one, you can keep track of all the beers you have tried, and two it encourages him to try new beers to add to his collection. If you man isn’t a beer drinking even old school sodas would work too!

14New Towels

Your man might be different, but from all of my past relationships guys use the same towels for about two years too long. They are typically disgusting and have tons of holes. You can get bath towels or bath sheets. Bath sheets tend to be extra large bath towels and are so much better for men than the tiny bath towels. Look into bath sheets if you decide to go with this one.

15Whatever this thing is

Turn any sofa arm into a side table to hold drinks, snacks, or remotes. I kind of want one of these too. It completely eliminates the need to lean forward to grab your drink or food off the coffee table.

16Rubberband Gun

Already saved on my Etsy account to get my boyfriend someday. I have already come to terms with finding rubber bands all over my house, and I am okay with that.

17Kitchen Knifes and a Sharpener

If he likes to cook and cooks a lot, these are possibly the only kitchen accessory a man would be okay with receiving. A sharp knife makes a man feel powerful when he chopping beef or onions or jalapenos. Be sure to buy a knife sharpener to go with it. Knives can go dull surprisingly fast.

18Samsung VR

I met my boyfriend and two of his coworkers for lunch the other day and this was the topic for the conversation for the entire lunch hour. There are games you can play, videos to watch, and much more to see through virtual reality gear. Google Cardboard is another option.

19Cards Against Humanity

It is just a fun game and if he doesn’t have it he needs it. This will be fun to play if you throw your man a small birthday party at the house, or any time you have friends over.

20Birthday gift baskets for him – The Tailgate Time Basket

If his birthday falls during football season and if he is a football fan, get him the gift that keeps giving… at least till it runs out. Food. This basket comes packet with snacks, a bottle opener, coasters, and cups. The bucket can then be turned into a beer or soda bucket to keep on the coffee table during the game.

We hope you’ve found the gift you were looking for in this list of the best gifts for men!


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