Long Weave Hairstyles

20 Stunning Sew in Hairstyles and Long Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

We all have days where we want to switch up our hairstyle. For instance, maybe we’re in the middle of growing out a short cut, and It’s. Taking. Forever. Generally speaking, it’s far easier (and faster) to cut than it is to grow. That is, unless you’re opting for a weave! Weaves are an easy way to skip the months of growing out your hair, so you can rock those long locks now. Check out these amazing long weaves that are seamless, stunning and beautiful. They’ll have you saying: “I can’t believe it’s not… real!”


11 Beachy Waves

Look like you just came back from a relaxing vacation at the beach with these casually chaotic waves. Get the look for yourself with a diffuser and some texturizing mousse. This style looks great with both a side part or a middle part, so take your pick!

1. Beachy Waves

22 Hollywood Curls

Queen B always looks on point — this time with beautifully curled locks that cascade down her shoulder. We love the blonde highlights in her hair, and how they contrast with the darker hues underneath.

2. Hollywood Curls

33 Middle Part

Middle parts are a great way to showcase your hair’s volume in all of its splendor. Not to mention, they look great with oval faces. The key to rocking a middle part with curls is making sure the front curls gently frame your face.

3. Middle Part

44 Straight Bangs

A straight fringe looks amazing with long hair! This look is especially great for women with round faces as it has a slimming effect. Keep your bangs fresh with dry shampoo or baby powder and avoid touching them too much throughout the day as they will get oily fast.

4. Straight Bangs

55 Retro Curls

Pin up girl curls are a stunning look to debut for a formal occasion.  Get the look for yourself with old-school rollers or with a thick barreled curling iron. Tuck one side of your hair behind your hair while combing over the other side for some retro volume.

5. Retro Curls

66 Ombre

If you’re bored with your current hair color, mix it up with an ombre look! The subtle coloring means you can still look professional and chic while having fun. For best results, opt for a color that is only a few shades darker than your original hair color.

6. Ombre

77 Side Bangs

Side bangs look adorable with long hair. We love Kerry’s silky bangs that match well with her mid-length hair. Not to mention they’re super versatile, you can easily pin them back or wear a headband when you want your hair out of your face.

7. Side Bangs

88 Wispy Curls

Rihanna looks stunning as usual with these blonde curls. The honey color is warm and natural looking, and her locks strike the perfect balance between soft and voluminous. The shoulder-dusting length is ideal for making the face look smaller and more delicate.

8. Wispy Curls

99 Big Curls

We love the playful volume of Solange’s curls! Her length is manageable and looks bouncy without being overwhelming. Since these curls have plenty of volume, the part can be in or near the middle without losing any of the balance.

9. Big Curls

1010 Super Straight

If curly hair isn’t up your alley, try this super straight look (blunt bangs optional!). Even the ends are super straight with minimal layering, adding a regal Cleopatra-esque vibe. We love the honey undertones and the glossy sheen of this hairstyle!

10. Super Straight

1111 Highlights

Color can add a new dimension to hairstyles and it’s no different with long weaves! We love how Kali’s highlights are so subtle that we almost don’t register them. You can pick how apparent you want your highlights to be, as well as the color!

11. Highlights

1212 Face-Framing Curls

This is a great look to try if you want to slim down a chubby face. Make sure the front curls directly line your face for an elongating effect. Remember that these type of curls don’t look good tousled, so they may be a bit high maintenance.

12. Face-Framing Curls

1313 Mid-Length

Tessa’ glossy brown locks hit the sweet spot in terms of length. Layers make the whole ‘do lighter and some light curling adds volume and depth. If you’re looking for a style that’s long and cute, yet easy to manage, try a mid-length cut like this one.

13. Mid-Length

1414 Romantic Curls

These thick, luscious curls are ideal for date nights and fancy evenings. The key to this look is to only have a few big curls, instead of many small ones. The length is up to you, but we love how this style ends right below the shoulders.

14. Romantic Curls

1515 Soft Waves

Soft waves are glamorous and beautiful, but still manage to look effortless and casual. We love the middle part paired with this look, it makes it more interesting and dynamic. Get this look for yourself by curling your hair with a wand!

15. Soft Waves

1616 Ponytail

Long weaves don’t have to mean down dos! Try this sleek high ponytail for days you need your hair out of your face, or want an elegant updo. Bonus, you can easily hide the weft and pins by using a piece of hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail.

16. Ponytail

1717 Spiral Curls

If big loose curls aren’t your thing, try out these tightly wound spiral curls! They look stunning cascading down your back and have amazing, eye-catching volume. You can also opt for a slight ombre effect, like the one shown here, for more depth!

17. Spiral Curls

1818 Bold Color

Go pink or go home! Nicki Minaj has never been the wallflower type, daringly pulling off bright colors and the like. We love the juxtaposition between her natural looking waves and the unnaturally pink color. Experiment with some colors of your own!

18. Bold Color

1919 Soft and Straight

If you don’t want your locks to be stick straight, opt for a more relaxed look. This style is straight but with very light waves that give it a more natural vibe. This hairstyle hits right in the middle of the back, which is also a great length for curling, should you want a change!

19. Soft and Straight

2020 Asymmetrical

Show off your best side! Dangle all of that new length over one shoulder for a look that is red carpet ready. Your hair can be straight or curly, or somewhere in between! Wear eye-catching earrings to accentuate your look.

20. Asymmetrical


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