Top 25 Blonde Hair Color Ideas in 2017

Blonde Hair Color Ideas in 2015

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Do blondes actually have more fun? Well, that is a matter of opinion, but what is a matter of fact is that you will have more fun as a blonde if your shade of blonde gorgeously complements your coloring! To help you gather inspiration for your new blonde hair color, we have compiled a list of our favorite 25 blonde hair color ideas for 2017. Whether you are currently a brunette and want a big change, or you are already a blonde and want to freshen up your look, we think any girl can find her perfect blonde hair color on this list!

1Medium flaxen blonde hair with highlights

dirty blonde hair
Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is the queen of highlighted blonde hair. She always nails the perfect shade combinations to complement her coloring and her blonde hair is never brassy. This particular look is extremely natural looking, but she achieves this apparently effortless blonde look with the help of many flaxen highlights. Flaxen is a kind of ashy light blonde and it looks amazing, especially on paler complexions. These highlights give her medium blonde base color a bit of lift and extra dimension. Siena’s color is a universally flattering shade of blonde and is perfect for girls who want to be blonde, but want to maintain a natural and understated look.

2Dark honey blonde hair with highlights

honey blonde hair color
Mary Kate Olsen

This blonde look is amazingly gorgeous and brings out Mary Kate’s beautiful tan and eye color. Mary Kate has a dark honey blonde base which creates a warm look, and she also has a bunch of lighter blonde highlights on top in order to make her hair look sun-kissed and textured.

3Dark strawberry blonde base with honey blonde highlights

shades of blonde hair
Blake Lively

Blake’s hair is a lovely dark strawberry blonde with an overlay of honey blonde highlights. Although visible roots can sometimes look un-kept, Blake’s roots totally work and look stylish as they transition softly and beautifully into lighter warm honey highlights. The honey blonde highlights add a bit of lift and dimension to her hair and really brighten up her eyes. This is a fabulous medium blonde look that is universally flattering on all skin tones!

4Medium blonde with strawberry blonde lowlights and golden highlights

Doutzen Kroes

This shade of blonde is to die for! Although there are a lot of subtle highlights going on in this look, the overall color has the effect of looking extremely natural and effortless. Doutzen has a medium blonde base, on top of which her colorist added a ton of strawberry blonde lowlights and golden highlights. The overall effect is stunning and all of these colors create a full and healthy look!

5Ash blonde hair with flaxen highlights

ash blonde hair
Cara Delevingne

Ash blonde hair is super on trend right now, and there is no one better to look at for inspiration than the gorgeous model Cara Delevingne. Ash blonde hair is not onl a flattering choice for cool toned complexions, but it also looks super stylish! Though she is a world famous supermodel, Cara is known for adapting her beauty to be a bit on the edgy side. Sure, she’s a thin, blue-eyed blonde like a typical model, but her shade of blonde and striking dark eyebrows make her stand out from the pack. Cara’s ash blonde hair has a few flaxen highlights to add some dimension to the overall look. Though we are pretty sure Cara’s talented hair stylist spent a lot of time perfecting this look, this is a fantastic blonde shade that has a distinctive understated and low-maintenance feel compared to brighter shades of blonde.

6Ashy honey blonde hair

sandy blonde hair
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has accomplished the impossible: she has found a blonde shade that is simultaneously cool-toned and ashy while also being warm and golden. While we aren’t exactly sure what kind of witchcraft her hairstylist used to achieve this, we are definitely certain that this is a stunningly unique shade of blonde that you should try out if you have a hairstylist who is talented enough to reproduce it!

7Neutral medium blonde with ash blonde and flaxen highlights

platinum blonde highlights
Jennifer Aniston

No list featuring amazing blonde hair colors would be complete without a nod to Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer is the queen of nailing sophisticated cool-toned blonde looks, courtesy of expertly applied highlights. Jennifer’s hair is understated in the sense that it is not bright or distracting, but it is a piece of art if you look at the placement of each individual highlight. This ash blonde look is perfect for girls who want to wear a shade of blonde that looks elegant no matter what the occassion!

8Ash platinum blonde hair

light blonde hair
Lindsay Ellingson

This ash blonde look is so light that it almost looks silver! However, silver hair is totally on trend right now which is why we think Lindsay’s hair is perfectly suited for this list. Lindsay has such an angelic face that she can pull off literally any shade of blonde. Normally she goes for warmer hues and looks like a gorgeous beach babe, but there is something about this shade that makes her look like a beautiful cyborg hipster….and we love it! This color may not be right for everyone, but we are crazy about it and encourage you to try it out if you think it might suit your coloring!

9Dark strawberry blonde hair with subtle ash blonde ombre

caramel blonde hair
Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s hair is definitely an interesting blonde look because it combines a warmer shade on top and a cooler shade on the bottom. The top third of her hair (from her roots) is a beautiful muted strawberry blonde color and the remainder of her hair is a soft ashy blonde. This is a gorgeous combination thanks to her talented hair colorist, so make sure if you try to replicate it that you go to a professional with a lot of experience creating specific shades of blonde.

10Dark honey blonde hair with ash blonde highlights

dark blonde hair
Julianne Hough

Although we love Julianne when she rocks platinum blonde locks, this darker blonde shade is super gorgeous on her. Her base color is a beautiful dark honey blonde color and on top of her base she has a bunch of ash blonde highlights. This darker hue really complements Julianne’s skin tone and makes her look like she is glowing. The good news is that this unique shade of blonde will complement most skin tones so you should definitely try this one out!

11Dark ash brown roots with light honey blonde highlights

highlights for blonde hair
Elizabeth Olsen

If visible roots are not your style, this is not a look you’re going to want to replicate. However, if you do like the ombre trend and appreciate a low-maintenance look, Elizabeth’s hair is a perfect source of inspiration. The contrast between her dark ash brown roots and her light honey blonde hair is striking and looks super stylish.

12Platinum blonde hair with gold lowlights

Ashley’s bright blonde look is flirty and gorgeous. The model’s base hair color is very light blonde, but she tones it down a lot with a healthy smattering of golden lowlights. We love this look because it is reminiscent of retro pin-up girls, but it has a distinctly modern beachy vibe!

13Dark Golden Blonde

dark roots blonde hair
Olivia Palermo

This dark golden blonde hue is so gorgeous and definitely one of Olivia’s best hair colors ever. Olivia’s base hair color is a neutral brown and on top of this base she has a ton of golden blonde highlights and a few strawberry blonde highlights to add some depth to her hair. This shade brightens up Olivia’s complexion and makes her eyes sparkle. This hair color would look good on most skin tones, but it is especially flattering when you have a bit of a tan going on!

14Medium neutral blonde with light blonde face framing highlights

dirty blonde hair dye
Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Rosie is effortlessly stunning. With gorgeous full lips, captivating blue eyes, and defined bone structure, Rosie clearly has the facial features to gorgeously pull off any hair style or color. Though she looks amazing with any hair color, this neutral blonde color is particularly fetching on her and really brings out the natural beauty of her face. Although highlights are awesome, we love that Rosie’s look contains relatively minimal highlights because it allows her hair to look super natural.

15Bronde (brown + blonde) with light blonde highlights

caramel blonde
Jessica Alba

Jessica has such a beautiful smile and we love how this bronde highlighted look makes her look like she is glowing from within. If you are not familiar with the term, “bronde” refers to hair that is somewhere in between being brown and blonde. Jessica’s light blone highlights push her over into the category of blonde in our books, but this is definitely a great example of an understated blonde hair color that will flatter any skin tone!

16Bright golden blonde

lowlights in blonde hair
Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has such a sunny personality, and this bright blonde perfectly encapsulates her effervescent spirit! This look has a bunch of highlights on top of a light golden blonde base, which help to add the illusion of more texture and body to Cameron’s thin hair.

17Light blonde with highlights and darker blonde lowlights

blonde highlights and lowlights
Kate Hudson

Kate is the epitome of a California beach babe. Her hair always has this amazing wind-blown and salt-sprayed texture, and part of this is because of her strategic highlights and lowlights. The bright blonde highlights and darker blonde lowlights give Kate’s hair a lot of depth makes her hair look wavier than it actually is.

18Dark blonde with golden blonde highlights

honey blonde highlights
Gisele Bundchen

Gisele has some of the most gorgeous hair in the industry. Her dark blonde hair always looks effortless and stylishly messy and we are in love with it. This look is achieved by using a rich dark blonde base color and then adding a generous amount of different sized golden blonde highlights.

19Butter blonde with platinum highlights

blonde hair ideas
Kate Upton

Kate’s butter blonde hair looks gorgeous with her complexion! This look is very pin-up girl, so if you want to look like a classic blonde bombshell, this may be your shade of blonde!

20Butter blonde with dark blonde lowlights

platinum highlights
Carrie Underwood

Carrie’s shade of blonde is sweet and very girl-next-door looking. Most of her hair is a shimmery butter blonde color, but she has dark blonde lowlights, which makes her hair look a little bit more natural.

21Ashy blonde with platinum highlights

strawberry blonde highlights
Candice Swanepoel

Candice can pull off any hair color, but this light ashy blonde look is particularly ravishing on her. This is a great blonde shade for girls who have a slight tan. However, if you are super tan, you may want to avoid this shade because it may look a little bit trashy.

22Flaxen blonde with darker blonde lowlights

dirty blonde hair color
Reese Witherspoon

Reese has worn the same trademark shade of blonde for years, and we think this is a great decision on her part because it looks so fabulous on her! This shade is gorgeous and is also extremely versatile. It can look sweet and innocent or vampy and glamorous, depending on your makeup and outfit choice.

23Yellow platinum blonde hair

golden blonde hair
Amber Heard

Amber has one of the most beautiful faces in the world, so she looks great no matter what hair color she chooses to wear. Having said that, how gorgeous does she look with this yellowish platinum shade? This is a great shade to wear if you want to channel some serious old school Hollywood glamour like Amber!

24White platinum blonde hair

champagne blonde
Gwen Stefani

Gwen. She’s an icon and words will never do her justice…but we will try anyway! We think she’s simply flawless and definitely one of the hottest and most stylish moms on the planet. This white platinum look has been her signature for years and she looks incredible and edgy with this shade of blonde. Though Gwen has always had remarkably healthy looking hair considering how lifted it is, remember that achieving this shade (and maintaining it) can be hard on your hair. Be sure to use a high-quality hair conditioning mask at least once a week!

25Ash blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights

blonde hair with lowlights
Georgia May Jagger

Georgia is the beautiful spawn of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, so it’s no surprise that she has such a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind face! This shade of blonde is understated, but it flatters her complexion very well. This is a great shade of blonde if you have undertones of pink in your skin because the cool blonde hair will help to neutralize redness and make your skin look more even toned.

We still aren’t sure whether blondes have more fun or not, but we sure had a lot of fun looking at and compiling all these gorgeous blonde hair color ideas for you! Whether you are looking for a warm honey shade, something that is on the ashy side and cool-toned, or something in between, we hope that you found a shade that inspires you to have your most stylish and gorgeous hair color ever!


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