Tattoo Sleeve Ideas for Women

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Full and Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

Arms are one of the most common places to get a tattoo, and sleeve tattoos are becoming more and more popular every year. Half-sleeves too! That’s why we compiled a list of some of the best and most unique tattoo sleeve and half-sleeve ideas for women. Hopefully, they will get your gears turning and help you find inspiration for your next tattoo investment. From colorful large tattoos to small designs placed together, to black and white half sleeve designs, get ready for these tattoo treasures!

1Paisley Mandala Design

This paisley sleeve design is reminiscent of a henna tattoo, which of course, will make you feel totally zen and, like, ‘with it’. The pop of pink on the lotus flower makes it girly too!

2The Lion Tattoo

This fierce lion sleeve with a rose may be on the arm of a man in this picture, but this design has ladies written all over it! If you consider yourself a lioness, then definitely choose this design for your next tat.

3Black And White Flowers Tattoo

These beautiful black and white flowers are the perfect half-sleeve for any girly girl that doesn’t want color on her tat. The femininity is in the flowers and that’s all you need!

4Mountain View Sleeve Tattoo

This beautiful nature sleeve contains all the things we love about the outdoors. It has mountains, a lake, flowers, trees, clouds, and of course, sun rays!

5Skull Queen Half Sleeve Tattoo

This skull queen sleeve tattoo is for one badass bitch to rock! It is fierce and tough. And, it also will remind everyone that you’re the queen even after death!

6Detailed Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This detailed full-sleeve tattoo is absolutely stunning. This masterpiece contains so many intricate details, so if you choose a design like this be prepared for people to dissect your arm with their eyes.

7Dainty Birds Half Sleeve Tattoo

This half-sleeve with dainty delicate birds and flowers is a great choice for someone who loves listening to bird songs or loves spending time in the garden!

8Spiritual Sleeve Tattoo

This bold-lined spiritual tattoo sleeve is a great choice for the women who feels awakened and at one with the universe. All of these symbols hold great meaning.

9Wild Flower Half-Sleeve Tattoo

This wildflower half-sleeve is perfect for the wild child in you. It will remind you to bloom and grow and to go with the seasons. Also, it will help remind you to water yourself and practice self-care.

10Enlightened Lotus Tattoo

This enlightened half-sleeve tattoo design is complete with a Buddha and a lotus. It contains great meaning of harmony, purity, and a peaceful and mindful way of living.

11Clocks And Flowers Tattoo

This girly sleeve contains all sorts of design symbols that hold universal meaning. There are roses and pearls, which hold girly charm. And, there are clocks and compasses which represent the journey of life.

12Colorful Birds Sleeve Tattoo

This sleeve full of colorful birds is charming and an absolute masterpiece. The pops of color are bold, without being overwhelming. And, the black and white background is intricate, yet delicate.

13Disney Sleeves Tattoos

When picking to do a Disney sleeve tattoo you have a lot of choices! You could commemorate all of Disney and incorporate your favorite scenes and characters. Or, you could focus on just one movie! You decide!

14Delicate And Girly Sleeve Tattoo

This beautiful henna-like sleeve tattoo design feels exotic, zen, and feminine. It can be customized to your liking. And, it could even include color!

15Roses Tattoo

These three rose tattoos are a perfect choice for a sleeve. Roses are beautiful, but also tough. Remember roses have thorns! If this describes you, then consider this tattoo.

16Call Of The Wild Tattoo

This call of the wild sleeve tattoo incorporates two of the toughest animal symbols around; a tiger and a wolf. If you want to intimidate, here is the tattoo for you.

17Strong Woman Tattoo

This half-sleeve tattoo is perfect for the strong badass bitch in you! The design contains a snake and a woman with snakey eyes for the ultimate ode to toughness.

18Kissing Skulls Tattoo

These two kissing skulls are a little bit creepy. But, if you like creepy then this is a great idea for your next tat. It is definitely for the horror film buff.

19Realistic Sleeve Tattoo

This half-sleeve looks almost like a photograph! So, why not take one of your favorite photos and use your body as a frame to keep it there forever?

20Floral Half-Sleeve Tattoo With Color

This floral half-sleeve with color is beautiful. And, it looks like it was taken straight from nature. If you are looking for a tattoo with an organic feel, then this is for you.

21Bright Colors Sleeve Tattoo

22Glam-Punk Sleeve Tattoo

23Tree Silhouette Tattoo

24Faith And Love Tattoo

25Beautiful Girl With Flowers Tattoo

26Quoted Sleeve Tattoo

27Mermaid Skeleton Tattoo

28Butterfly And Leopard Tattoo

29Elephant Half-Sleeve Tattoo

30Water And Air Travel Tattoo

31Musical Sleeve Tattoo

32Big Red Lips Tattoo

33Human Trees Tattoo

34Tough Girl Tattoo

35Hourglass Tattoo

36Complicated Mind Tattoo

37The Struggle Quote Tattoo

38Wise Owl Sleeve Tattoo

39Rural Scene Tattoo

40Elk Tattoo


These sleeve and half-sleeve tattoos are definitely all unique in style! There is something for everyone on this list.

There are girly tattoos, some with pops of colors, and others with intricate design details. Also there are some that incorporate stereotypically girly symbols such as roses, pearls, and flowers.

Then there are tattoos on this list that are tough and almost scary! There are tattoos that are bold and meant to make a statement. These designs are for the women who never give up!

There are also tattoo ideas on this list that contain elements of nature such as mountains, lakes, the sun, and flowers. These tattoos are great picks for the outdoor lovers!

And, if you’re an animal lover there are tattoos on this list for you too! Some contain wolves and tigers, while others contain more gentler animals such as birds!

Whatever vibe you’re looking to give off, we hope you find a sleeve that’ll do that for you!


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