Perfect Girlfriend: How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

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Perfect Girlfriend: How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

Being the perfect girlfriend sounds hard, but it’s really not! People are actually quite simple. All humans want mutual appreciation, respect, and honesty. And, if that’s what you’re craving from a man, why not give it right back to him in order to make the relationship ideal for the both of you? Here are some easy ways to make sure you are being the girl of his dreams…not his nightmares.

1Listen To Him

You may just think that girls are the only ones who like to talk, but the truth is that guys do too. Maybe not the same ‘blah blah blah’ girl talk you have with your friends, but, just like you, they want to be listened to and heard. Guys have strong emotions, feelings, and opinions that are just as important as yours. So, always be sure to listen to him. No matter if it’s about his buddy’s game day plans or a bad incident at work, he will appreciate your welcoming ear and know that it is always open for him.

2Feed Him Really Well

There is no doubt that guys love to eat. Like, a lot. So, why not make sure he is well fed and his tummy is satisfied? Your guy will definitely give you some GF bonus points for whipping up some good meals in the kitchen. And, it definitely doesn’t matter whether it’s a five-course meal or a grilled cheese. It’s the thought that counts. Make sure to ask what his favorite food is, and always have that on hand! You don’t want your baby to get hangry. Feed him well and he will definitely come back for seconds.

3Give Him Space

All people need a little space sometimes. It’s healthy, soothing to the mind and body, and it will only help your relationship grow stronger. If you give your man a little space to hang out with his pals, go on a solo trip, or even just have a night in by himself, he will definitely benefit from that alone time; plus, he will come back to you with loving arms and remember why he loves spending time with you. He will also adore that you trust him enough to be without you and that you’re not as clingy as his past GFs.

4Love His Friends

If you make an effort to love his friends as much as he does, he will definitely be appreciative. Men want a woman who can fit into their everyday lives. It makes it easy to make the relationship work. That doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t put effort into a relationship; Or, make adjustments and sacrifices. His friends just should never be one of those sacrifices. So, go out, laugh, and crack jokes with his buddies to show him how much you want to be a part of his life. Maybe, even hang out solo with one of his good friends to create an independent friendship. Your BF will love that you take such an interest in his life, and you will love when he does the same for you!

5Don’t Try To Make Him Jealous

Emotional games just aren’t cool when you are in a relationship. There is no reason to go out of your way to try to make your boo jealous. Guys don’t want to feel like they aren’t safe and secure in their relationship and they certainly don’t want to feel like they aren’t good enough for your love. So, drop the immature games, and just love your man like he should be loved. You’ll be thankful when he does the same for you.

6Trust Him

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship; from emotional bonds to sex, no relationship can move forward in a healthy way without mutual trust and understanding. So, make sure you do whatever it takes to make your man know that you are there for him and you aren’t going anywhere. You can easily do this by giving him proper time to hang out with his friends, allowing him to be friends with an ex, or even just saying it to him.

7Be Yourself and Be Confident

Men like women who are confident in themselves. Insecurity within yourself will only lead to emotional arguments and major relationship issues down the road. It’s true what they say, “you can’t love anybody else until you love yourself”. So, before jumping into a serious relationship make sure you’re practicing selfcare and giving yourself all the love that you deserve. If you don’t feel like you can love yourself, it’s best to hold off on committing until you can remind yourself why you’re absolutely fabulous.

8Appreciate Him

When a man does something nice for you, he wants to know that you really appreciate it; Whether it’s buying you a fancy coffee, remembering your sister’s birthday, or cleaning the apartment while you are out. He also wants to feel the same appreciation back by you doing things for him. Mutual appreciation and a balance of good deeds are important to a relationship. Showing that appreciation back and forth will allow you to feel like a team and it everyone will be jealous of the well-oiled machine that you are.

9Do Your Own Thing

Just like he needs space sometimes, you do too. Men love it when a woman just does her own thing once in a while. Yes, they love being the center of your world, but they don’t want to be your WHOLE world. They will find it extremely attractive when you are passionate about something and want to take the time to do that for yourself. Whether it’s just hanging out with friends or going horseback riding, your man will be turned on by your independence.

10Be A Friend Too

It’s always important to remember that your boyfriend is not just your boyfriend, but also your best friend. Relationships shouldn’t be all romance and emotional talks, they should also be fun and silly and relaxed. Relationships should also always have a strong ability to get through the bad days by long talks, vent sessions, and hugs. Remind your boyfriend that he can talk to you, like a buddy, and that it doesn’t always have to be lovey-dovey. Make sure he knows you are open to chat about anything, with no judgement, and he will know that your relationship runs much stronger than a physical attraction.

11Don’t Nag Too Much

Nobody likes a GF that nags all the time. Obviously, people can’t always avoid this because, hey, we all have stressful days! But, try to be conscious of the way you are talking to your boyfriend. Sometimes what you think is simply just asking him to do something, he will depict as a nagging request. And, if you nag him all the time about dishes, plans, or how many times he says ‘I love you’ in a day, he won’t want to be around you. So, save your relationship and watch your tone of voice.

12Meet His Physical Needs

Meeting a man’s physical needs is not necessarily sex. Like, women, men like to hold hands, be given back rubs, and they’re always down for some Netflix and cuddle sessions. So, make sure you’re giving him what he needs and make sure he’s giving it right back to you. Sensual mutual appreciation is one of the hottest things that can happen in a relationship and it will only make your emotional, spiritual, and physical bonds stronger.

13Surprise Him

Surprising your partner can take many forms. Some men love when their girl surprises them with some sexy lingerie, while others love a surprise home-cooked meal. Whatever it is you decide to do for your bae, will make him feel appreciated, wanted, and grateful to have such a perfect GF. Also, surprises are definitely a nice way to spice up a relationship that may be starting to get dull. No one wants predictability all the time and fun surprises are definitely a healthy way to spice things up!

14Be His Partner

It’s always important to be your boo’s life partner. Not his mother telling him what to do, not just his friend, but his go-to person for every situation. You should be the one that he can rely on no matter what he is going through. There are many ways to make him feel like you his number one, such as, healing arguments and mending wounds, gaining trust, and everyday communication, he should be able to feel that you are his person and nothing can change that.

15Love Him Unconditionally 

It’s no doubt that everybody just wants to be loved. And, loving someone unconditionally is the best gift you can give to them. No one is perfect by any means, but your man should feel like you will love him no matter what; from his smelly socks to his messy hair, to the way he laughs loudly in the movie theatre, you should let him know even with all his quirks, he is absolutely perfect for you and you wouldn’t want him to ever change.



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