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Ombre Lips

ombre lips


Ombre Lips

Ombre lips are definitely one of our most favourite trends for summer. As the majority of these looks are so bright and bold, they’re perfect for this time of year when it’s all about sunny weather and wearing brightly coloured outfits. Find your favourite and follow the tutorial to get those perfectly ombred lips you’ve always dreamed of!

1Mermaid Ombre

We adore this Ariel inspired mermaid look and it’s super easy to recreate for yourself!

How to: Use a bright, high shine purple lipstick to cover your bottom lip then blot a little on to the lower part of your bottom lip. Next, use a reflective blue or preferably turquoise lipstick to fill in your top lip. Blend the purple and turquoise together using your finger to create a seamless transition between the two colours.

2Purple Ombre

This lip looks fades downwards offering something a little different for this trend that we just love.

How to: Start with a deep purple shade along your upper lip line and drag the colour downwards so it starts to fade at the bottom. Add a little more colour just to the top lip line so the colour here stay concentrated. Apply a pastel lilac lipstick to your bottom lip and use your finger to blend this colour upwards until it meets the purple. Blend both colours where they meet to create a fade from top to bottom.

3Red And Black Ombre

This look is spot on for the festive season and looks amazing when worn with an outfit in similar shades!

How to: This look couldn’t be simpler! Apply a mid red shade of lipstick to your top lip and a much darker, red/brown colour to your bottom lip. Now simply use your ring finger to dab each of the colours together where your lips meet to create a seamless transistion.

4Black And White Ombre

This look is full of drama and although it’s doubtful you’ll wear it on a regular basis, it’s heaps of fun to create and looks great on those with a fair complexion.

How to: Apply black lipstick all over your top lip. Take a small amount of the black and dab it over the top part of your bottom lip. Fill in the rest of your bottom lip with a gloss white lipstick. Use your finger to blend the white in to the black to create a grey colour on the top part of your lower lip. Add lip balm to finish and create a softer blend between the black and white.

5White And Pink Vertical Ombre

This striking lip look is definitely one we’ll be rocking to parties this summer!

How to: Use a bright white lipstick on the right hand side of your lips and a bright pink on the left hand side. Use our finger to seamlessly blend the two in the centre and finish off with a subtle gloss.

6Orange And Yellow Ombre

This brighter than bright look, looks wonderful in summer, especially with a bronzed complexion.

How to: Apply a bright yellow lipstick all over the centre of your lips to start. Next, use an orange lip crayon to carefully line your lips then using a flat lip brush, drag the colour down to meet the yellow. Blend the colours together with your finger until there is no definitive line remaining.

7Pink And Orange Vertical Ombre

Three shades combine here resulting in a sugary sweet summer party look.

How to: Use a brush to apply a candyfloss pink colour to the outside edges of your lips making sure the line is nicely defined. Now apply an orange colour until just before the centre of your lips where you’ll finish up by applying a pastel yellow lipstick. No need for gloss, simply use your ring finger to gently dab, blending these three gorgeous colours together for the finished look.

8Holographic Green And Purple Ombre

We are all about holographic makeup and green and purple are the perfect paring for this dramatic look!

How to: Simply cover your bottom lip in holographic purple and a dark holographic green on your top lip. Use a brush with a little of the purple to blend on top of the green just on the outer edges of your top lip to finish.

9Pink And White Glitter Ombre

We think you’ll agree this would make a fantastic prom look, extremely sparkly but also a nice shade of subtle pink.

How to: Use a dewy, coral shade of lipstick all over your lips and apply a glitter infused balm over the top. Pat a small amount of extra silvery white glitter into the center of your bottom lip and blend out with a brush to enhance the glitter balm you applied earlier.

10Multi Glitter Jewelled Ombre

This look just screams “festival!” Go all out this summer and wear this look to your favourite outdoor event!

How to: Choose four varying lipstick colours for this look, green, yellow, orange and pink work brilliantly but you can use any colours you wish that blend well together. Use your finger to roughly blend each colour in to the next, no need to be neat. Apply a lip gloss with large glitter particles all over your lips. Finish by using matching stick on gem stones around the lip line and you’re done!

11Gold And Burgundy Ombre

This sumptuous ombre looks fabulous for a formal evening event, anywhere you have to get dressed up for the evening this look will be a hit.

How to: Use a high shine burgundy lipstick all over your lips and blot. Next, use your finger to apply a small amount of gold to the centre of both lips and heavily blend this out just to give the burgundy that gorgeous, subtle gold shimmer in the light.

12Pastel Pink Matte And Metallic Ombre

We are in love with this gorgeous and creative look and love the pastel shades for this time of year.

How to: Use a purpley-pink, matte lipstick on the right hand side of your lips to just over half way. On the left, use a super thin lip brush to apply a metallic finish pink lipstick and when you reach the centre, use the brush to create horizontal lines that spill over on to the matte lipstick. You can also use glitter on the far left to increase the metallic shine.

13Green And Gold Leaf Ombre

You’ll look like an ethereal forest sprite in this amazing, sumptuous lip look.

How to: Cover your lips with a dark emerald green lipstick. Next, use a brush to apply gold, glitter infused lipstick to the centre of your bottom lip and along your top lip line and blend outwards. Finish off by patting broken gold leaf on to the centre of your lips.

14Soft Pink Ombre

This subtle ombre can be worn any day, anywhere. It’s beautifully subtle and looks great with a minimal makeup look.

How to: This time you’ll want to line your lips using your lightest shade first, a subtle natural pink works best. Next add a small amount of a slightly dark pink to the centre of your lips and blend outwards. Finish with a subtle, clear nourishing lip balm.

15Blue And Silver Glitter Ombre

This is a wonderfully wintery look! The perfect alternative to reds and deep purples we would normally wear at Christmas time.

How to: Cover your lips in a matte silver lipstick, then apply a small amount of deep blue, just to the centre of your lips. Using a brush or your finger tip, roughly blend the blue outwards leaving the majority of your lips in silver. Next, use silvery blue glitter to go over the blue and blend outwards. Allow a small amount of glitter to travel towards your lip line but keep the majority in the centre.

16Pink And Purple Glitter Ombre

This look is absolutely stunning and thankfully takes just a couple of minutes to create!

How to: Apply the lightest pastel pink shade of lipstick that you can find, all over your lips. Then, using a purple lip liner, add a little colour to the top of your upper lip line and centre of your lower lip. Finish by patting on a little glitter over the purple to give the two colours a sparkly blend.

17Blue And White Vertical Ombre

A great look for summer, this has us dreaming of diving in to the pool on vacation, super refreshing!

How to: For this look your going right to left instead of top to bottom. Simply apply a light blue lipstick to the right hand side of your lips and a pale white to the left hand side. Use your finger to blend the over towards the white then apply a high shine, wet look gloss.

18Subtle Everyday Ombre

This is one you can even wear to the office, a very subtle ombre just gives your lips a little more definition.

How to: Apply a tinted lip balm then use a light pink liner to gently line your lips. Softly blend this colour towards the centre and you’re left with defined lips but not too much product.

19Nude Color Ombre Lips

Natural makeup, matte browns, and tan shades having now a bit of a cultural moment, so if you prefer a more natural look, you should definitely try this nude ombre lips shade.

How to: You can opt for a color that almost exactly matches your natural lip. use a light brown liner to gently line your lips to add just a bit of definition. This is a great option for an everyday look that isn’t too over the top.

20Pink and Glitter Ombre Makeup

If pink is your go-to color, this glittery ombre look is not only stunning but also very esy to create!

How to: To get this pink look you’ll only need to use one shade of your favorite pink lipstick, and a bit of pink shade glitter to apply on your outer side of the lower and upper lips. Match it with a glitter nail polish and you’re good to go!

21Halloween Ombre Lips

Another gorgeous purple and black ombre lip that is unique of its kind. What a great Halloween makeup idea for your lips!

How to: This ombre combination is a bit tricky but still doable; Use the light purple shade on the inner lower lip and at the edge of the upper lip. Apply a black liner on the inner side of the upper lip and on the sides and edge of the lower lips. Then to create a gradient look blend both shades at the inner sides of the lips.

22Pink And Red Opposites Ombre

Have a little fun with these two pretty lip colors by applying a reverse ombre.

How to: Apply a light pink lipstick to the right-hand side of your top lip and the left-hand side of your bottom lip. Then with a darker pink, top left-hand side and bottom right-hand side. Blend the two together in the center of your lips to create this fun, diagonally symmetrical look.

23Ombre in Silver and Black

This ombre lips look is super trendy Halloween makeup idea and most importantly it is easy to create!

How to: To create the gradient look, apply the black shade liner (and keep a thick line) on the corners of the lips and taper off as you move to the curve of the lips. Then you can apply a base lipstick to the lips before applying a white lipstick in the innermost part of the lips.

24Nude Brown Ombre Lips

We love this combo of nudes and browns! Make your lips extra perfect on your night out with this ombre lip in pinkish dark and nude shades.

How to: Outline the lips with a dark brown liner. Make sure to hold the pencil at an angle to get the right amount of color. Then add a Mocha/ yellow-brown lipstick at the center of the lips. Finally, go over the outline with a pinkish brown liner.



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