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Inspiring Hug Quotes

Hugs give us that feel-good feeling and hugging is one of the best feelings in the world, especially when you hug someone you love, or when they hug you back so tight! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best hug quotes and sayings that will make you remember just how far one little hug can go to improve your day! Spread the hugs!

1The Best Place Quote

Being in the middle of a hug is sometimes the best feeling in the world. It can make your day go from bad to good in a second. And, make you feel entirely loved.

2I Love It Hug Quote

Having someone hug you tight is such a loving feeling. It lets you know that they care about the hug just as much as you do. And, you can truly feel their love through their embrace.

3You Matter To Me Quote

Hugs are a great way to communicate to someone that you matter to them. It lets them know that you are an important part of their life and they don’t want to let you go.

4Just Hug Me Quote

Sometimes, on the bad days, all you need is a hug. Talking doesn’t come easily when you are upset. But, a hug can do wonders for someone who is having a hard time.

5Long Hugs Quote

Long hugs with a lover are the best. It allows you to be present in the moment and to fully relish in the hug. Don’t take those hugs for granted.

6I Believe Hug Quote

Believing in the power of hugs is HUGE. Hugs can do so many great things for people. And, it’s scientifically proven that a simple hug can decrease feelings of stress.

7Tight Hugs Quote

Hugs can make you feel safe and secure. That’s why they are great to give when someone is struggling with anxiety or just really overwhelme and stressed.

8Two Hearts Are Never Closer

When you hug someone your heart is close to your partner’s. Maybe that’s why hugs feel so good. Two hearts are sharing a very intimate connection, that’s got to be special!

9All You Need Quote

Getting a hug from someone who means the world to you can help melt all the stress away. It’s a simple technique that works better than any spa day!

10Never A Bad Time Quote

Hugs are good at all times. When you are happy. When you are mad. When you are sad. Or, when you are perfectly content. Hugs never go out of style.

11A Thousand Words Quote

Sometimes a hug can speak volumes. It can comfort you without even having to say a word. That’s why hugs are a sort of magical form of stress relief.

12Hug Me Tight Quote

We are all guilty of pretending to be ok now and again. But, it’s nice when someone can see past that disguise and gives you a hug to help fix it all.

13Beautiful Form Of Communication

Hugging is definitely a form of communication. And, what it communicates is beautiful. It lets the person being hugged know that they matter.

14I Just Need Someone Quote

We all have bad days where we feel as if we don’t matter or that we are not worthy. It’s nice to have someone to hug us and remind us just how great we are.

15Sometimes A Hug Quote

Hugs can help in every single situation. Even on some days when you don’t know what’s wrong or how you feeling- a hug can always come in handy!

16Sometimes In Life

Advice isn’t always what we need when we are working on making difficult decisions. Sometimes, all we need is a strong hug from a friend or lover.

17One Day Quote

We all feel a little broken after our heart has gone through the wringer. But, when you find the right person and they hug you, your pieces seem to morph back together.

18I Need A Hug Quote

Sometimes, the way to feel better is to just cuddle and be hugged by the person you love the most. It will make the dark days seem much brighter with them by your side.

19I Don’t Need Therapy

We don’t always want to talk when we are feeling upset. Sometimes, we just need a little physical touch in the form of a hug to really start to feel ok.

20I Need Physical Affection

Kissing and romance is one thing, but having someone who can make you feel good and well with just a hug is special. Sometimes, a hug is all you need!

21Everything Will Be Ok

22Hug Them Quote

23Big Hearts Big Hugs Quote

24Some Days Quote

25My Teddy Bear Quote

26Feel Their Hug Quote

27The Most Beautiful Things Quote

28Needed A Hug Quote

29His Smile Hig Quote

30Someone That’s Hurting

31Love Is More Important

32I Can’t Decide

33Cute Disney Hug Quote

34Long Hugs Quote

35Inside Your Hug Quote


These hug quotes are all absolutely adorable and full of deep meaning. Hugs are a type of therapy that can break even the baddest of bad days. They are an all-natural medicine that we can depend on to help our stress melt away.

Some of the hug quotes on this list talk about how difficult it is to talk when you are having a hard time. And, that’s totally valid because when you are upset it’s often hard to find the words to explain your sadness. Sometimes, a person just needs a hug to get them through the day.

Then there are some hug quotes that discuss the power of a hug from the right person. If you have a lover that you are madly head-over-heels about, a hug from them is a dream come true and can solve any problem you may have.

There are also some hug quotes on this list that talk about different kinds of hugs like long hugs and tight hugs. These types of hugs make you feel very special, and also help to make you feel worthy and loved.

Hopefully, these hug quotes helped you to remember just how important this simple act is. So, go out there, and spread the hugs!


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