How To Get Your Life Together

how to Get Your Life Together


How To Get Your Life Together

Life can definitely drag you down sometimes. And, it often feels like your life is falling apart. That’s when you have to stop and take a look at what you’re doing on an everyday basis. Are you following the steps to get you where you want to go? Are you making the most of your time? And, do you feel happy? Here are some tips to help you live your best life and feel like you actually kind of sort of have it together.

1Hangout With The Right People

Always be sure to surround yourself with people who will help you grow. If you allow yourself to be in a group that stunts your personal growth, then you will never reach your full potential. That’s why encouraging thinkers, creators, and visionaries are wonderful people to include in your friendship circle. If you surround yourself with the best, you will become your best.

2Find Happiness Inside Yourself

You won’t be happy with anything in life until you are happy with yourself. That’s why it’s so important to find happiness within yourself; not materialistic things. And, definitely not from other people. Getting the new iPhone or a hot boyfriend will not make your life perfect. Everything you need is inside of you; you just have to utilize it.

3Be Grateful

Always be grateful for everything that you have. And, always realize that others have it worse than you. If you start practicing gratefulness, it will be much easier to work with the materials you already have in order to make your life the best it can be. Being grateful for what you have doesn’t mean you can’t want more, it just means you are recognizing all the tools and blessings you already have in order to get to the life that you want.

4Be Yourself

Always remember to be yourself. You will never achieve your best life if you are pretending to be someone else or going with the crowd. People pleasing will not get you anywhere. Successful and happy people got to where they are by thinking outside the mainstream and totally embracing their individuality. Be sure to always accept your emotions, your dreams, and your worries; everything good and bad. This will allow you to be true to yourself, be aware of who you are, and to create your best life.

5Start Saving

Saving money is an excellent way of making it feel like you have your life together. It doesn’t matter if it is an emergency savings, a vacation savings, or just a general savings; putting money aside will allow you to feel like you have some control over your finances. It also will decrease the stress of unexpected costs if they come up.

6Find Your Passion

A big part of feeling like you have your life together is discovering what your passion is. People who have a particular passion are more likely to have goals and a plan; rather than non-passionate people, who tend to walk around life aimlessly and with no direction. A passion gives you happiness, hope, and vision. And, these three things are essential to having your life together.

7Accept Yourself And Your Emotions

It’s important to always be aware of your emotions and to accept them fully. If something in life isn’t making you happy, then drop it. The same goes for people who are toxic in your life; if their presence isn’t benefitting you, it has no place in your life. So, make a list of the things that make you happy and then one of the things that stress you out and start decluttering your life.

8Follow Through With Things

It’s a fact that you will feel much better once you start following through with the things that you say. You will feel more respect from people. And, you will feel more respect for yourself knowing that you’re a person who keeps their word. Having a to-do list also helps with obligations and tasks and it feels mighty good when you can cross something out and feel that productive spark motivating you to keep going.

9Try New Things

When trying to get your life together, it’s definitely not a crime to try something new. Maybe your old routine wasn’t working for you, so switch it up a little; exercise at night instead of the morning. Or, maybe you just need a little extra something in your life. Try a new class or activity and see if that fulfills you. Part of feeling like you have your life together is finding a daily routine that fulfills you and doesn’t leave you feeling mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

10Take Care Of Your Body

Taking care of your body means a number of things. It means getting enough sleep, eating right, crying when you need to cry, exercising, and giving yourself alone time. All of these things are vital to feeling like you have your life together. If you are mentally or physically exhausted, you will constantly feel like your running on empty, leading you to an unhealthy lifestyle.

11Be Present

Being present and in the moment is very important to feeling like you have your life together. If you are constantly dwelling on the past or thinking about the future, you will feel stressed and overwhelming, which is not the way to a put-together life.

12Stop Complaining

Stop complaining. Negative thoughts create negative energy, which will only hold you back from all things in life; relationships, career goals, as well as personal growth. If you stop and think why things really aren’t that bad and count the reasons you should be grateful, you will notice an immediate improvement in your quality of life.

13Nurture Relationships

Human connection is our most precious gifts. And, even if you are an introvert who appreciates her alone time, it is definitely still important to nurture the relationships that you have. Not only will you create a stronger bond with your friends, but you will also feel a sense of having a support system, which is vital to people feeling like they have their lives together. No one can do it alone!


The ability to focus is key to having your life together. If your mind is going in a million different directions at once, you will find it hard to move forward towards your goal. The trick is to center your thoughts, create a game-plan, and take one step towards your goal at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with everything at once and don’t try to do too much. Slow and steady wins the race.

15Organize Your Space

When trying to get your life together organization is important. It is important with your ideas and plans. And, it is also important in your living and work spaces. If you have things clean, neat, and tidy, you will feel less stressed in your everyday life. Items will be easy to find and a decluttered space always helps a cluttered mind make sense of things.

16Wake Up Early

Waking up early and getting your day started with a little self-care is a great way to create a healthy lifestyle. Instead of rushing in the morning, treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee while watching the morning news, or do a little self-reflection in your journal. Whatever makes you happy should become a morning routine in order to start your day in the very best way.

17Schedule Yourself

It’s extremely important to schedule yourself. From meetings to social events, to selfcare and reading time, scheduling yourself daily will have you feel like you have your life together. This also helps with time management. By setting up your days in a planner, you will always know what you have to do next and you will not feel like you are constantly wasting your time.


Taking time for a little self-care every day is beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. It’s hard to feel like you have your life together if you’re always on-the-go. So, slow it down a little and take some time for a bubble bath, a face mask, or even just a journal entry every night.

19Plan Ahead

In order to feel like you have your life in order, you must have a clear goal you’re working towards. Make sure to plan ahead in order to make your dream a reality. Otherwise, you will find yourself staggering through life lost, confused, and without direction.

20Make A Special Space For Yourself

Making a special space for yourself at your home will help you feel like you have your life together. This could be a place to read or write or a place to work hard on a hobby of yours such as crafting. Whatever the space is, make sure it makes you happy and feel productive so that you can continue to pursue your dreams.


Meditation is a great exercise for the mind. It allows you to let go of daily stress by clearing your mind. By clearing your mind, you can then focus on your goals with more clarity, making you feel like you are becoming the person you were meant to be.

22Don’t Overbook Yourself

It’s so easy to overbook yourself when you’re working towards a goal. But, overbooking yourself often has negative side effects. You will get overwhelmed and stressed making it harder to think clearly and achieve your goals. So, it’s ok to say ‘no’ to some things. If you know where you want to go, only say ‘yes’ to the things that will get you there.



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