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How To Get Rid Of Pores

How to Get Rid Of Pores

How To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores On Your Face

When applying your foundation do you look in the mirror and wonder, “why doesn’t my skin look silky smooth like everyone’s on TV or my insta feed?!”. If so, we bet you’ve always wanted to get rid of those pesky pores for good, right? Well, you may not want to hear this but, besides eradicating them digitally, pores cannot actually be removed. They’re a super important part of your skin’s natural construction and you actually need them to maintain healthy skin! That’s the bad news. The good news is, you can seriously minimize their appearance and drastically change their look and we can tell you how…

1Makeup Free Dreams Will Avoid A Morning Nightmare!

There’s no use denying it, at one point or another we have all been guilty of falling to sleep with our makeup on. We totally get it, you’re at a friends and weren’t planning to stay the night, then you do. You’ve none of your usual skin care kit with you so you tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Or, maybe it’s just been a particularly long day (more likely a long night) and rolling over on the pillow is a lot more tempting than traipsing to the bathroom to clean your face. We know it can be so tempting, but trust us, it’s so not worth it! Yes it’s only one day to you, but your skin doesn’t know that. When we sleep, even when it’s a cold night, we always sweat and to do that, our pores need to open up. When they do, all of the hours old foundation, bronzer, mascara and whatever else you’ve applied is going to get soaked straight in and once it has, the damage is done. It’ll take you days to get your skin back on track after absorbing all of that nastiness. So, at the very least, leave a packet of cleansing wipes next to your bed to remove your makeup from the comfort of your duvet. Or, take a packet with you if you think you may be staying out. Your pores will really thank you for it.

2The Moment You Wake Up…

…before you put on your makeup, make sure your skin is clean and cleansed. Large, open looking pores are the result of clogging, when your pores fill up with dirt, dead skin and makeup they stretch out and look much larger than they would if they were free from those nasties. So, make sure you get in to the habit of cleansing your skin in the morning before anything else to prevent this from happening. Try a nice, gentle cream cleanser if you have dry skin or a foam wash if your skin is more oily to gently balance this out.

3Tone Up!

Once your skin is cleansed and clean, move on to your toner. This will hydrate your skin and get rid of any remaining cleanser leaving your face feeling cool and fresh, ready for that all important moisturiser to absorb right in!

4Cleanse, Tone, Repeat.

You know that little morning routine you follow, make sure it’s also your night routine. This will rid your skin of left over makeup, dirt, and any other sneaky little impurities that have their sights set on your pores! At the end of this routine just make sure you’re using a great night cream instead of one designed for day time use. Our skin repairs overnight and needs a more heavy duty cream to do so.

5Stay Hydrated

No matter your skin type, everyone needs to make sure they use a moisturiser to keep their skin smooth and hydrated. That’s not to say that everyone needs the same type of moisturiser, definitely not! Some are made for those with dry, flaky skin, some for those with a much oilier complexion so make sure you select the right one for your skin before slathering it on! Using the wrong type of moisturiser can cause your skin to under or over perform which again can result in unwanted clogged pores whether that be due to too much oil secretion or dry skin clogging them up.

6Primed And Ready

Now, we can’t claim that pore minimising primers with solve your problem long term, but many of them are absolutely fantastic and drastically improve the situation on a short term basis. Certainly long enough for a whole day’s worth of makeup wear and tear! It can be daunting trying to find the right primer for you as there are so many available. Don’t be afraid to have a wander around the makeup counters and ask to try out different primers until you find one that you love, after all everyone’s skin is different, that’s why there’s so many!

7Less Is More

Always wonder why your skin looks so great when you’re on holiday?! Okay admittedly it’s probably partly to do with your newly bronzed complexion. That being said, when we’re away, especially on a sun holiday, we tend to wear a lot less makeup or none at all and that allows our skin a much needed breather. Your skin isn’t being constantly clogged with makeup therefore your pores won’t appear as wide. In addition you’re exposed to the sun which allows your skin to make lots of vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency can sometimes contribute to a hormone imbalance which may cause acne so catching some rays with stop those pesky zits playing havoc with your lovely clean pores.

As an added bonus vitamin D also improves your skin’s immune system and helps to destroy free radicals that can contribute to premature ageing. Just make sure you don’t stay out in it too long as overtime it will begin instead to damage the skin leading to unwanted wrinkles and sunspots. Try and replicate this practice at home and go makeup free for a day! Even if it’s just once on the weekend when you’re having a relaxing day in.

8Anyone For A Top Up?

Yes we know you already moisturised after cleansing and toning but there’s no harm in a little top up throughout the day to keep your pores satisfied and hydrated. Especially if your skin is particularly dry! Simply pop a small travel sized pot in your hand bag for ease of use. Very dry skin will over produce oils to try and compensate, this can then clog our pores leading to spots developing. Also ensure that you apply plenty of sunscreen to your face  to prevent the sun from diminishing the elasticity of your skin as this too can lead to enlarged pores over a long period of time.

9Get Moving

Whether you run, cycle, lift weights, or just dance around with the hoover on, you’ll want to make sure you get yourself moving regularly if you’d like to reduce the appearance of your pores! Exercise means sweat and although at the time it feels uncomfortable and dirty, as your pores open up to release the sweat it also allows them to drive out all of the dirt and oil that’s taken up residence there giving them a good flush out.

10The Cool Down

Ridding our pores of those impurities of course is excellent, however, as they are now wide open, once we’re done exercising the sweat and dirt can just as easily settle back in. Therefore, we must act fast. As soon as your workout is over, wash your face immediately with a gentle cleanser and rinse with cold water to close up your pores a little faster. If you don’t have access to cleanser right away, at least wash your face and with water to get the sweat away before you start to cool down and your pores beg to close.

As an added tip, make sure not to touch your face during your workout, it’s easy to transfer dirt from your hand directly in to your pores this way. Make sure your hair is tied up out of the way and if your really need to touch your face, use a clean towel to do so.

11Scrub Up

Reducing the appearance of pores is all about ridding them of impurities that can clog them and cause them to widen and/or produce spots. Getting rid of makeup, residual dirt, sweat and dead skin will keep them clean and fresh. This ultimately reduces their appearance making your skin look and feel, soft and smooth. To really make sure all of those impurities are banished, you’ll want to take the time every now and then to exfoliate your skin with a gentle face scrub. Once or twice a week is enough, any more than that will be to harsh as the skin on your face is much thinner and more delicate than anywhere else. Over exfoliation can cause soreness and dryness which once again can lead to an excess of oil secretion as your skin tries to balance out your complexion. This step should be introduced after the cleanser step in your usual skin care routine. We introduce exfoliation at this stage as we have already cleaned our skin and gotten rid of the majority of dirt and makeup meaning we won’t scrub it straight in to our pores. Use a scrub with round beads to avoid tiny skin tears and rub in small, circular motions. This will remove dead skin allowing new cells to generate.



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