How To Flirt With A Guy: 30 Flirting Tips and Ideas

how to flirt with a guy

How To Flirt With A Guy: 30 Flirting Tips and Ideas

So you’ve spotted a hottie around and you’re not sure how to catch his eye? We’ve got you covered. There are several hints that you can drop with guys to let them know that you’re interested, and leave him wanting to know more. There are a number of ways to let a guy know that you like him – you can flirty subtly or make it glaringly obvious. We’ve compiled a list that combines the two so you can choose which you prefer depending on your relationship with the guy.

1Let Him Catch You Looking at Him

Make it clear that you’re checking him out and you like what you see. When he catches you, don’t look away quickly but keep looking and smiling. He’ll know that you’re interested and come over to speak to you.

2Make An Excuse to Touch Him

Like adjusting your shoe and leaning on him for support when you’re out together. Guys respond well to physical contact and when you are attracted to someone, even the smallest and most innocent of touches can make sparks fly.

3Look at His Mouth When He’s Talking

Make it appear like you’re thinking about kissing him (which maybe you are!) by staring longingly at his lips when you’re talking. For added seduction, you could even run your finger over your own lip, or lick your lips so that you draw his attention to your mouth too.

4Stare Deeply Into His Eyes When You’re Talking

Look at him longingly when you’re talking to him like you’re waiting for him to kiss you. He will notice that your look is more intense than usual and pick up on your hint!

5Play With Your Hair

Guys are suckers for this move. Fiddle work the ends of your hair as if you’re nervous around him, or gently and slowly move your hair from one side of your head to the other.

6Look Back When You Say Goodbye

When you say goodbye to him, walk a few paces and then turn back around to see him walk away. When he turns around and catches you looking, he’ll realize that your interest in him is more than that of just a friend.

7Act Cute When You Talk With Him

Giggle playfully at things that he says, or blush occasionally and act shy. He’ll think that you’re adorable!

8Go All Out When You See Him

When you know that you’re going to bump into him or hang out, go all out with your appearance. Wear that beautiful mini skirt that you’ve been dying to wear, curl your hair, get a manicure, layer on the lip gloss… Even if you’re just catching a movie. You’ll be sure to catch his eye and you’ll feel like a, million dollars in the process.

9Listen to What He Has to Say

Okay it sounds obvious that if you’re talking to someone that you should be listening to them, but really pay attention to what he says in conversation. Bring up random things that he mentioned previously so that he knows that you pay attention and that you care.

10Look Him Up and Down

When you see him, give him a long look from top to bottom and then smile at him so that he knows you like what you see.

11Compliment Him

Sometimes, we can drop subtle hints with guys and they still don’t realize that we’re flirting. By being more direct, you can make it more obvious to him. Pay him compliments like “wow that blue shirt looks so great on you” or “sorry but you just smell so good, I can’t get enough of it!”

12Read His Watch

Don’t ask what time it is, lift his arm and inspect his watch yourself. Guys love a confident woman that takes control.

13Is it Cold in Here?

Tell him that you feel cold (or hot – this can work both ways!) and ask him if he feels the same. You can then hold his hand with yours to show him how cold they are! If you’re too hot, you can take his hand and touch it against your forehead.

14Use a Flirty Prop

Play with something while you talk to him and do it in a flirty, sensual manner. For example, if you’re in a coffee shop, you can run your fingers around the edge of your mug, or you can play with a pen in class. Do it subtly though, like you haven’t noticed what you’re doing.

15Send Direct Text Messages

“I’ve just seen a commercial for Jamba Juice and now I want one. Meet me in ten minutes”. He’ll love the direct approach!

16Whisper in His Ear

When the two of you are together in a crowded place or with other people, lean over and whisper into his ear when you speak to him like you’re telling him a secret. Let your lips accidentally touch his ears.

17“Scratch My Back For Me?”

Tell him that you have a terrible dilemma – an itch you cannot reach! We’re betting that he’ll offer to help out in an instant.

18Read His Palms

Joke and tell him that you are practicing to become a palm reader. Ask him to hold out his hand and you can make flirty jokes about the lines.

19Act Ditzy

Act clumsy or like you’ve forgotten something then say something like “agh. I’m always such a clutz when I’m around cute guys” so he’ll know that you find him attractive.

20Accidental Footsie

When you’re sitting near each other, accidentally brush your foot against his. You can even repeatedly do it and then suddenly stop, giggle and say that you thought it was the table.

21Tease him

Playfully tease him about things that he does. For example, if he says something in a dorky way, or you can jokingly mock his taste in TV shows or sports teams.

22Get Him to Check You Out

Find a reason to bend down near him – maybe the classic “oops I dropped my pencil” then you can bend down to pick it up so that he tries to catch a glimpse of you. When you catch him, let him know playfully that you saw him looking and then you both know that he’s interested in your body.

23Laugh at His Jokes

Even if they’re really terrible and worse than something your grandpa would say. Laugh like they are the funniest thing that you’ve ever heard. He’ll be totally flattered and thrilled that you find his sense of humor so funny.

24Act Girly

You don’t have to dumb yourself down or act like a complete princess, but don’t be overly loud, use curse words or act like one of the guys. Guys love a feminine woman.

25Make Him Feel Special

Act impressed by everything that he tells you about his studies, his hobbies, etc. Make it clear that you find him interesting.

26Chocolatey Seduction

If you’re in a cafe or a restaurant and you order a dessert or something like a hot chocolate, you can dip your finger in it when your order comes out and then seductively lick the drink or dessert off your finger.

27Use Your Body Language

Body language is a great way to let someone know that you are interested in them. Crossed arms and legs make you appear closed off from him and not interested so let your limbs relax more and let him know that you like him.

28Smile a Lot

Not only does smiling when you are around him make him think that you could be interested, it also makes him think that you are a happy, positive person to be around and that’s great too, since no-one wants to date a Debbie downer.

29Pump Yourself Up For Your Meeting

It sounds dumb, but honestly, it works. When you’re getting ready to go out and see him, listen to some of your favorite music, and get yourself excited and in a great mood. When you arrive, you’ll be happy and fantastic to be around.

30Offer Him Gum

Carrying gum or tic tacs in your purse, taking one out for you and then offering him one is a great way to break the ice.

You can start by experimenting with more subtle methods of flirting, then when he responds well, start to be more direct.
If he doesn’t respond to your signals, dismisses you when you try to approach him or moves away at your touch then know when to stop. Remember that flirting is supposed to be a fun experience so don’t stress about it too much! Go with the flow and just enjoy what you are doing.



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