Flirty Text Messages for Him

Flirty Text Messages for Him


Flirty Text Messages for Your Guy

Whether you are in a long term relationship and you want to keep the spice alive or you want to flirt with your crush, odds are that you have been thinking about sending a special guy in your life some flirty text messages. If you are already in a solid relationship, it is easier to send flirty text messages since you know that they will be received positively and you don’t have a chance of enduring romantic rejection. However, if you are texting your crush, or a guy who you have only been casually seeing, it may be nerve-wracking figuring out what to say! Whether you fall neatly into one of these groups or somewhere in between, we have compiled a list of some sexy text messages to send to your guy. We hope you enjoy this list and don’t forget that you can always change any of these ideas so that they best fit your personality and relationship dynamics!

1“I’ve been thinking about you all day”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: What guy doesn’t want to hear that a girl has been thinking about him all day? Knowing that someone is thinking about you is super flattering so he will definitely love receiving this text message from you. He will be intrigued and wonder what is that you were thinking about. This flirty message will definitely make him smile and think about you all day in the way that you were thinking about him! Mission: accomplished.

2“I can’t wait to see you next”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Knowing that you are thinking about him even when you two are apart will make him feel special. It will excite him hearing how eager you are to see him again and it will boost his confidence knowing that you are interested in him in a flirty way. He will also be impressed that you have the confidence to text him a blatantly flirty message since not all girls are brave enough to do this. Guys think confidence is sexy in the same way that girls think confidence is hot!

3“I just got out of the shower”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Depending on your relationship status with this guy, you can either send this message out of the blue (better for your boyfriend) or in response to when he asks you what you are up to (better for your crush). The mental picture of you fresh out of the shower is definitely a sexy image that he will enjoy thinking about after he receives your text. You don’t actually need to have just showered to send this message since the purpose is just to flirt with him. However, if your desire to flirt coincides with your need to practice basic hygiene, then by all means, hop in the shower!

4“I’m laying in bed and so bored. When will I see you next?”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: This is a super flirty text because it makes him think about you in bed (and his imagination will run wild!) and also opens the door for him to suggest hanging out. You make it clear that you aren’t doing anything currently, but you aren’t desperately begging him to come over. He will wonder what you meant with this sexy message which means that he will spend more time thinking about you!

5“You’re hot”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: This flirty text message is straight to the point and he will be flattered and impressed by your bold message to him. Every guy loves hearing that a girl thinks he’s hot so you can’t go wrong with this simple text!

6“I want you now”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: This sexy text message is impossible to misunderstand so it is a great text to send if you want your guy to be very clear about your intentions!

7“You excite me”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Especially if you are in a long term relationship, your guy may be secretly wondering if you are bored and miss the beginning stages of your relationship when everything was new. Letting your guy know that he excites you is a flirty text because he knows that the spice is still alive. Even though this text is flirty, it is also a sweet text to send to him since it shows that you don’t take him for granted and realize how special he is.

8“I was talking about you today”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Although this text is not explicitly flirty, it will excite him to know that you were talking about him since that shows he was on your mind. You don’t need to tell him exactly what you were saying at first because keeping it vague will inspire him to continue the conversation to satisfy his curiosity. When he asks, you can either tell him what you were saying or respond with a coy “wouldn’t you like to know ;).”

9“My yoga instructor said today that I have gotten super flexible”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: It goes without saying, but guys think physical flexibility is attractive because it makes them wonder what you are capable of in intimate circumstances. This sexy text is definitely flirty, but it is subtle enough that you don’t sound desperate. The image of you doing poses in tight yoga pants will definitely encourage him to reply with a flirty response.

10“Don’t tire yourself out too much today”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: This is a sexy text because it implies that you are planning something for him that will require energy. Regardless of what you have planned, it will drive him crazy thinking about what sexy surprise you have in store for him. Assuming he is a normal guy, he will know what’s best for him and comply with your instructions and give you all his attention when you two meet up later!

11“I heard today is ‘naked day.’ Wanna celebrate?”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: He will know right away that “naked day” is not a real thing, but he will appreciate that you made the effort to send an extra cute and creative sexy text to him. He will be so excited to finish up whatever he is doing so that he can come over and celebrate the impromptu holiday with you!

12“I had a dream about you”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Unless you have made some flirting mistakes in the past and he thinks you are a creepy stalker, odds are that he will be super flattered and intrigued by the fact that you had a dream about him. He will definitely want to know what the dream was about so make sure you are prepared with what you want to say. You can either say something fairly explicit or you can play coy and say something like “it’s a secret ;).”

13“There’s something I’d much rather be doing than working right now” (after he asks what, reply “you”)

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Although it is more common for guys to be more forward with girls than it is for girls to be forward with guys they like, most guys appreciate a girl who has the confidence to make a proactive romantic move. Yes, this text is a little corny but we don’t think he will have any complaints!

14“What do you think I should wear today”

 Why this is a great flirty text message for him: He definitely has a favorite outfit of yours that he has noticed looks especially amazing on you. Sending this sexy text is definitely flirty, but it is also sweet because it shows that you trust his advice about your outfit!

15“There is no one else like you”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Even if he seems super confident, every guy wonders how he compares to other guys in girls’ minds. Knowing that you don’t think anyone else measures up to him will make him feel flattered and special. Confidence is sexy, so sending a text message that intends to boost his confidence is definitely a flirty move!

16“You have the sexiest [insert feature] I have ever seen”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Whether you think this guy has the hottest body, most gorgeous eyes, or most sensual lips, he definitely has at least one feature that drives you a little bit crazy! Even if his attractiveness is obvious to you, he may not even know how attractive he is so this flirty message will definitely make him smile. If he’s suave himself, he may fire back an equally flattering compliment to you so be prepared to get a bit flustered!

17“I’m outside”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: This text is perfect to send if you two have been talking and you know he’s home, not doing anything, and you two have also discussed wanting to hang out soon. This text will backfire if you haven’t established that he is home or if you overlooked the fact that he is actually busy and can’t/doesn’t want to hang out. However, assuming that you have done your homework and know that he is home/not busy and wants to see you, this is a super sexy surprise text! He will think it’s hot and flattering that you came all the way over to share a spontaneous experience with him!

18“The zipper on my dress is stuck, can you come over and help me?”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: Although he probably realizes you could figure out way to solve your dress zipper issue on your own, he won’t question you because he will be too busy running out the door to come help you out. As soon as he gets this text, he will be hoping in his mind that the dress isn’t too expensive because he plans to just rip it off.

19“I am cooking you a steak”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: It is age old wisdom that the way to a man’s heart is through his heart. There is nothing sexually explicit about this text, but you may as well have sent him a picture of you in your underwear, that is how much this text will excite him.

20“The things I want to tell you are not suitable for all audiences”

Why this is a great flirty text message for him: This text is funny but also sexy. The text is a reference to the television content rating screen that flashes before certain television shows are shown. He will think you are clever and cute for making this reference, but he will also be turned on and excited to hear these things that you want to tell him!

When you’re trying to send a flirty text message to a special guy in your life, it is very easy to over think what you should say to him. It is important to make sure that your flirtation cannot be interpreted as aggressive or reflecting desperation. Although it is fine to trust your instincts, it also is not a bad idea to let one of your friends give you their input on your message before you hit send. If for some reason your flirtatious texts don’t work and he does not reciprocate your advances, don’t take it too hard because it is a blessing in disguise. The only thing worse than rejection is wasting months pining over someone who you don’t realize doesn’t return your feelings.



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