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Face Shapes


What Is My Face Shape?

For all the time we spend thinking about how to flatter different body shapes, we don’t talk nearly enough about different face shapes. We know how to spot an hourglass or pear-shaped figure, but what about a heart-shaped face? What about a diamond-shaped face? Your face is the first thing people see. Your face is what you present to the world and how you interact with everyone around you: treat it right! Knowing your face shape can give you valuable insight and help you fine-tune your make-up, hairstyle, and accessories to best flatter and highlight your look. Read on to learn how to identify your face shape and choose the right styles to suit it.

1Face Shape Quiz: How to find your face shape

Asking yourself “what shape is my face?” To figure out what shape best describes your face, you may only need a mirror. You can bust out the tape measure, too, if you want to go by the numbers.

Look at your face straight on and make note of three things:
1. Is your face much longer than it is wide?
2. Is your jawline soft and curved or more boxy/pointed?
3. What is the widest part of your face? What about the narrowest?

If you’re measuring, take three measurements:
1. From your hairline (in the center of the forehead) down the middle of your face to the tip of your chin
2. Across your forehead over your brow
3. Across the widest part of your jawline

Got all that? Good. Now match up those stats to find your face shape.

2Round Face Shape

-Your face is about as long as it is wide
-Your chin and jawline are soft and rounded
-Your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all about the same width

Style tips: Add lines and angles for balance and contrast. You can rock short hair like no one else, so if you’ve ever thought about going short and funky, do it!
How to find the best glasses for face shape: If you wear glasses, try an angular or geometric frame to balance the curves of your face with some sharper lines and angles.

If you have a round face, you’re in good company with beauties like Selena Gomez and Emma Stone.

3Selena Gomez Face Shape

How amazing are these awesomely retro glasses on Selena Gomez? The softness of her cheeks and jawline leave plenty of room for these angular frames up top.

4Emma Stone Face Shape

Emma Stone shows us how its done with this choppy, carefree, ginger bob. The straight lines of the cut are great contrast with her round features.

5Oval Face Shape

-Your face is longer than it is wide
-Your chin and jawline are soft and rounded
-Your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all about the same width

Style tips: Oval faces have the benefit of being very versatile, so whether you prefer a, “Less is more,” approach or you’re a, “Go big or go home,” type, you’ll have plenty of options. Hairstyles with a little lift up top look great on you, and so do big, bold bangs and long, flowing locks. If you want to add dimension to your face and bring out your features, a touch of blush on your cheeks is your best friend.
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If you have an oval face, you get to take your style cues from the likes of Kate Middleton and Liv Tyler.

6Kate Middleton Face Shape

The Duchess of Cambridge always looks flawless, of course. Notice how the subtle blush on her cheeks brightens her beautiful smile.

7Liv Tyler Oblong Face Shape

Timelessly gorgeous Liv Tyler looked absolutely amazing with this super simple style: big, straight bangs and pin-straight locks.

8Heart Shaped Face

-Your forehead is the widest point of your face
-Your face tapers down to a point at your chin

Style tips: The heart shaped face is distinct and has lots of character. Your face is already blessed with strong, defined lines, so focus on giving your eyes and lips some love. A softly smoky eye (subtle is the key, here) balances nicely with a pointed chin, and bright lips can make the lower part of your face look a little wider if your chin isn’t your favorite feature.
Check our latest post to find the Best Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces.

Heart shaped faces we heart: Reese Witherspoon and classic beauty Scarlett Johannson.

9Scarlett Johannson Face Shape

Scarlett Johannson has great, full lips and isn’t shy about showing them off with bold lipstick. A narrow chin leaves plenty of room for your lips to take center stage.

10Reese Witherspoon Face Shape

This is a heart shaped face we know very well. Reese Witherspoon’s smoky eye is sultry and romantic without going over the top.

11Square Face Shape

-Your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all about the same width
-Your jawline and chin are angular and “boxy”

Style tips: Your strong jaw and a fun, wispy, feminine hairstyle are a swoon-worthy combination. Curls, layers, side-parts, and sideswept bangs pair beautifully with a square face.
How to find the best glasses for face shape: Finish your look with classic aviator sunglasses and round earrings for a presentation that screams, “Girl power!”

Stunningly square faces include Angelina Jolie and Lea Michele.

12Lea Michele Face Shape

Oh, if we could all have hair as gorgeous as Lea Michele’s! Soft, choppy bangs and big, shiny waves look absolutely dreamy on her.

13Angelina Jolie Face Shape

Is there anyone who drips confidence and girl power like the brilliant and multi-talented Angelina Jolie? It’s like these big, swoopy aviators were made just for her face!

14Diamond Face Shape

-Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face
-Your forehead is more narrow
-Your face tapers toward your chin

Style tips: As the name suggests, your face demands to shine bright, so put it out there. Your cheekbones are to die for, so sweep your hair back, cut it short, rock an updo, or give it a dramatic, deep side-part. You’ve also got a great face for fierce, arched eyebrows and winged eyeliner.

Sparkling diamonds include Beyonce and Halle Berry.

15Beyonce Face Shape

Beyonce does a great job of wearing dark brows and smoky eyes. The makeup is dramatic but not overdone, because it’s perfectly suited to her diamond shaped face.

16Halle Berry Face Shape

Halle Berry has blessed us with so many amazing, chic, short haircuts over the years. Take a cue from fearless Halle and don’t hide your face.

17Triangle or Pear Shaped Face

-Your forehead is the narrowest part of your face
-Your jaw is wider than your cheeks

Style tips: The triangular face shape is enviable because it tends to look young, and it’s also perfect for all manner of awesome glasses and eye makeup. Cat-eye frames, big sunglasses, wayfarers, and aviators draw attention and create interest at the upper part of your face. If you don’t wear specs, show off your eyes with big lashes, fun eye makeup, or dramatic brows.

This is one of the less common face shapes, but pear-faced and inverted triangle face shape readers, do not fret: your ultimate style icon is none other than the bold, beautiful, adventurous Kelly Osbourne. You will suffer no shortage of inspiration.

18Kelly Osbourne Face Shape

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! Those glasses! Kelly Osbourne is known for making a big statement with her fashion choices, and these cat eye sunglasses definitely do the job.

19Haircuts for Pear Shaped Face

Bangs, Bobs and strong, dark brows works great with pear shaped faces. Flawlessly winged eyeliner. Jet black lashes. Kelly’s eye makeup game is so on point.

20In-Between Faces

It’s very possible you took a good look at your face, read through this list, and still couldn’t figure out if you’re a heart or an oval, or a square, chubby or a round. And that’s okay! Your face may not fit super neatly in any of the general facial shape categories. It may straddle two categories. If that’s the case, embrace the freedom and experiment with style recommendations for both! Even if you have a perfectly heart shaped face or a dead-on square, not every syle tip will work for your face. After all, the shape of your face is just one of its features, and even the very best tip may not jive with your personal sense of style.

21Love Your Face Shape

Don’t let your face shape hold you back from wearing the makeup, jewelry, glasses, or hairstyle you want. If you’ve got a round face and fall in love with a pair of circular eyeglasses, don’t be afraid to go against the common wisdom that you “don’t have the face” for those Harry Potter specs. Yes, those glasses will look very different on you than they would on a heart or square shaped face, but so what? You’re making a statement, and that is NOT a bad thing!

It’s your face, and you should decorate and present it exactly how you want to. There is lots of advice out there about what not to do if you have a round race or a square face or a triangular face, or how to hide or disguise this or that feature of a particular face shape. We’d rather not frame it that way, or suggest there’s anything wrong with your sharp chin or your strong jaw to the point that you should base your style choices on hiding or minimizing them. We’d rather everyone embrace and love their face shape exactly as it is and focus on making it look amazing, rather than trying to make it look like something else.

Who is your celebrity face-shape twin? What looks do they wear to show off their unique features?



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