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20 Most Popular Essie Nail Polish Colors

essie nail polish colors


Essie’s Most Popular Nail Colors

It is always a mission to find the perfect nail polish color. Whether you’re at the drugstore or the salon, it is never easy to decide which color not only suits you, but also will look just as good in the model as it would on real nails. Essie is one of the more popular nail polish brands and has been used in merely every Fashion Week internationally, and is found in every nail salon. Essie has hundreds of colors to choose from, and hundreds of shades that beautifully contrast all skin tones. Like every other cosmetic, nail polish has trends, however, it is hard to really pinpoint the exact color that you saw someone else rocking on the runway. The only real problem with Essie is that sometimes there are simply just too many shades to choose from! It’s hard enough to find the perfect shade, but once you do, it may not come out quite like you imagined it. This can be frustrating and cause most of us to miss out on the really unique colors that are available.
To help you reach beyond your go-to red or pink nail polish, we narrowed down the 20 most popular Essie nail polishes to help make your decision a little easier.

1Essie Sugar Daddy

If you have a very fair skin tone, and are too afraid to purchase a nude nail polish because it may wash you out, try Sugar Daddy. This shade is traditional enough to appear neutral, but sheer enough not to appear too pink. Nude polishes can help make you nails look healthier! So try this color just in time for spring.

2A Red for The Fair – Fifth Avenue

If you are fair skinned but want to try something a little brighter, try Fifth Avenue. In the bottle it looks really coral, but once it’s on it looks like a really bright red. Again, the perfect red for spring.

3Ballet Slippers Classic Nude

Ballet Slippers is the next best shade when it comes to nude nail polish. It basically looks like your own nails, but better and effortlessly classic. There is a slight pink hue to it, so it isn’t completely boring and makes your nails look even better.

4Best and Brightest Pink – Fiesta

Fiesta may look a little brighter than how you initially imagined you want your nails to look, but once it’s on nail it looks amazing!

5Neon White – Blanc

White nails are a trend in nail polish that was really popular last fall. To try the standout white nail polish trend, try Blanc and you will be surprised to how bright and exciting white nail polish can be.

6Deep Neutral – Essie Chinchilly

If you want to try a dark shade, without going too dark, try Chinchilly. It comes on almost like a warm gray, and is super rich looking. Not to mention the wine-color was also very popular on runways this past season.

7A List – The Real Red

The most authentic red nail color that Essie has is A-List. It is the boldness and truest red shade and it has been traditional to Essie forever. It also looks great on all skin tones, and is the perfect shade of red.

8Sky Blue Bikini So Teeny

The perfect spring shade is Bikini So Teeny. It looks amazing on those of a medium skin tone, and really has unique blue hues to it.

9One of the Best Burgundy Nail Polish- Essie Wicked!

One of the most used Essie nail polish colors ever has to be Wicked. It is always requested during fashion weeks and is so popular in nail salons. The Plum Burgundy color is truly iconic and known to be one of Essie’s most praised.

10Neutral For Darker Skin – Essie Mademoiselle

One of the best and most traditional colors that is amazing on those with darker skin is Mademoiselle. Similar to the Essie Marshmallow, This shade is also one of Essie’s most requested colors, and is frequently the first to be sold out in all drugstores.

11Trendy Essie Taupe Glamour Purse

One of the most popular colors that have been used in the beauty world this past season is Taupe. This shade has been used throughout many fall/winter collections, and the perfect nail shade of taupe has got to be Glamour Purse.

12A Trendier Red – Essie Lacy Not Racy

 Lacy Not Racy is one of the darker Essie colors. However, it comes on quite red. If you are looking for a shade that is a deep, beautiful red then this one is just for you.

13Perfect for Pedicures – Play Date

One of the more underrated Essie colors has got to be Play Date. Especially when it comes to pedicures, the neon purple is the most complimentary for all skin tones and really stands out.

14Essie Licorice Paten-Leather Black Nail Polish

If you are looking for a color with a vampire hue, then Licorice is perfect for you. The tint tis the perfect amount of red and black, and comes on beautifully on all skin tones.

15Essie Mint Candy Apple – Mint Masterpiece

Another one of Essie’s more popular colors is Mint Candy Apple. This shade is perfect for summer, and is the perfect amount of pastel, with just the perfect amount of green.

16Coolest Cosmo Essie Dive Bar

For a moody yet sharp color that will surely never bore you, try Dive Bar. It is the perfect mix of green-black-blue with the perfect amount of sparkle. It is one of Essie’s more dramatic colors, and truly is one of their sexiest.

17Robin’s Egg Blue

The infamous Robin’s egg blue color is almost impossible to match, but Borrowed & Blue is pretty much as close as you’re going to get. This shade is just the right amount of mint green and white, and looks amazing in all different lighting.

18Classic Essie French Affair

For the best shade possible for a French manicure, go with French Affair. It is the best shade of pink that isn’t too dark, or too light. It also looks amazing on its own and it surely one of the most popular pinks out there.

19Feeling Gray – Over The Top

Gray nails are another really popular trend that has picked up over the past few seasons. Over The Top is one of Essie’s most popular picks, and will surely capture that perfect gray mood on every girl’s nails.

20The Most Common – Eternal Optimist Essie

One of Essie’s more underrated bestsellers is a shade called Eternal Optimist. The reason this shade is probably so popular, is because it is one of the most common shades that is worn on nails. It is the perfect nonchalant shade that combines all our favorite hues, from pink to red.

These shades are all our go-tos when it comes to regular nail polishes, so if you don’t already have these shades in your collection take a trip to your local drugstore and hunt them down or check for the best prices on Amazon! Make the decision of choosing a manicure color easier and purchase the most necessary Essie shades that every girl needs in her bathroom collection, or make not of what shade seems to appeal best for you! Surely, every nail salon will have these colors, so be prepared next time you are getting a manicure… you won’t regret it.



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