25 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

25 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

So you’ve seen her around and you think she’s a stone cold fox. Maybe your eyes met across the hallway as you were on your way to study hall, or you both reached for the last bottle of soda in the canteen. In any case, it can be a scary thing, asking someone out and not knowing how they will react, but if you like someone and you think they might like you too, the only way to find out for sure is to ask them, right?
Girls love a thoughtful guy who makes a little extra effort, so if you can ask her out in a way that’s totally new and different, she’s sure to be impressed. We’ve come up with some cutesy suggestions of totally unique ways to win your girl’s heart.

1Write her a handwritten letter

Us ladies love a little old fashioned fairytale romance and guys approaching us to tell us that we’re hot gets old fast. Stand out from the crowd by writing her a handwritten letter inviting her to dinner or to a show. Compliment her eyes, or her smile and show her that you’re genuine. Slip it in her text book or under her door so that it’s a nice surprise for her.

2Send her an emoji message

An emoji message is sure to make her smile once she figures out the cryptic clues! Consider something along the lines of: boy emoji plus girl emoji equals pizza emoji, with a question mark. If she likes you too, she’s sure to find that super adorable!

3Create a scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? They are always super fun! Send her on an adventure with little hints and when she gets to the final stop, you will be the prize waiting for her with some flowers!
You could also include a little compliment or mention one thing that you really like about her with each clue.

4Do something totally crazy and make her laugh

Girls love funny guys that can make us laugh and cheer us up from however we are feeling. You could organize a flash mob with your friends and do a really cheesy dance to one of her favorite songs, or you could walk up to her with balloons tied all over your arms and legs holding a sign to ask her out. It’s totally weird, but chances are she’ll find it hilarious and she will love that you didn’t care about embarrassing yourself to make her laugh.

5Invite her to do something you know she loves

People love it when they know that someone has been paying attention and actually cares about their hobbies and interests. So, for example, if you know that she loves tennis and you suggest that the two of you play together, she’ll think it’s super sweet that you remembered what she was into, even if turns out you suck at tennis.

6Say it with chocolate

Many girls have a major affection for chocolate and if your crush is one of them, she’ll definitely appreciate this tasty way of asking her out. Many gift stores offer chocolate boxes or chocolate plaques which you can have a message professionally written onto, or you can even get crafty and create it yourself with a chocolate making kit.

7Write out a romantic mad libs

Everyone loves a mad libs! So why not send her an inventive one suggesting that the two of you hang out? Something like “A boy named Dave likes a girl named Karen, they decided to go to _______ and they ate _________”

8Lead her to you with a trail

You know like Hansel and Gretel left a trail in the fairytale? You can create a cuter version and lead your crush to you! Head somewhere you know that she’ll walk and leave a line of her favorite candy. At the end, you can either wait for her to ask her in person or leave a sweet little note.

9Act like Martha Stewart

Ok maybe not exactly like Martha Stewart because she won’t find that sexy but bake her some cakes or muffins. Better still, invite her to help you and rate your culinary skills! She will love the effort that you’ve gone to!

10Snapchat it

Either mention how much you dig her in your snapchat story, or send her a sweet snap talking about how you’d love to spend more time with her.

11Write her a poem

It can either be a romantic poem talking about your feelings for her, or a witty limerick that will really make her laugh!

12Say it with a beverage

You know how baristas write the name of the person on the beverage? Why not take her to Starbucks and have the guy write a message for you on the cup instead. Better still, if you’re feeling super brave, have them shout out your message to her!

13Write it in a public place

We’re talking chalk on the ground outside of her apartment, or a message in the sand. When she walks past it, she’ll be flattered!

14Use a fortune cookie!

When you guys hang out, suggest going for Chinese food and have the waiter slip your personalized message asking her out into the cookie.

15Keep it casual

If you’re super nervous and you feel too shy to get creative, just be straightforward and approach her to tell her you like her. Girls really respect honesty. Even if you only feel confident to ask her out by text message, if you are genuine in your approach it will show.

16Plan her perfect day

Usually, first dates are things like dinner and a movie, but invite her to do something really special – whether it’s a new show she’s been dying to see or a super fancy restaurant. By the end of your day together she’ll have loved her time with you so much she’s sure to say yes.

17Make a candy message

She’ll get a boyfriend AND a tasty snack. It’s a win win situation, right? Create a billboard and fill in the blanks with messages from love heart candies or chocolate bars. Yum!

18Sing it to her

Okay maybe this will only work if you’ve got a good voice but the thought of a guy serenading them with a guitar makes most girls swoon. If you sound like a cat being strangled when you sing, maybe it’s best to choose another option…

19Leave her a gift

Roses left on her doorstep with a little card inviting her for dinner ooze old fashioned romance. Even better if you can think of something really quirky and unique to get for her. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just something thoughtful.

20Let her figure it out with a puzzle

This is going to require a little investment on your part but she’s worth it, right? There are many websites where you can buy personalized gifts so why not order a puzzle or a jigsaw? When she assembles the pieces, she’ll see your message!

21The surprise party effect

Fill her room with balloons and confetti and wait until she gets back to ask her out. Or if you want to set an even more romantic tone, do it with candles. You could do it solo, or round up a group of friends to make it into an actual surprise party.

22Say it with a T-shirt

Ok it’s a little cheesy… But you can never be too cheesy, right? Get a custom made t shirt with something along the lines of “will you be my girlfriend?” or “you’re beautiful, let’s date!” written on the front of it. Wear a sweater over the top and take it off when you see her to reveal your t shirt message!

23Use good old fashioned cheesy chat up lines

How about the classic “You feel this sweater… That’s boyfriend material” or the good old “Do your feet hurt? Coz you’ve been running through my dreams all night”. I mean, ok these chat up lines are about as cheesy as it gets but if you use them jokingly, she’ll find it hilarious too!

24Let her pet do the work!

Attach a small flyer to her dog or cat with a message asking her out. When her furry friend comes bounding up to her, she will wonder what it is that’s attached to its back. It’s certainly an unusual approach!

25Use a website

If you keep a blog, or you have a website, write a post asking her out. Send her a message with just the website link and she’ll be surprised by what she finds! If you’re good at video editing, you could even create a cute vlog or YouTube video for her to watch.



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