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BFF Quotes

We all have that BFF who we absolutely can’t live without. They’re the person you call when you have good news or bad news. They’re the person who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. And, they’re the person who always supports, encourages you, and allows you to be your genuine true self. Let’s celebrate these ultimate cheerleaders and partners in crime with some BFF quotes perfect to describe any friendship!

1You Are My Human Diary

Your BFF is the one you tell absolutely everything to. There are definitely no secrets allowed between a true BFF duo. Your BFF will always let you vent until your throat is hoarse and you’re feeling better. A late-night phone call is also always accepted. BFFs are better than any diary.

2Tell You Everything

Boys, it’s not a myth that girls will tell their BFF everything you said to them. Screenshots of texts you sent to the description of how you kiss are going to be discussed. Sorry, it’s just BFF policy!

3You Make Me Laugh

A BFF can always make you laugh even when you are in the worst of moods. A bad day can turn sunny-side-up fast when your BFF is by your side. So, skip the sad music and journal entry when you’re feeling low and hook up with your BFF for some serious giggling. It’s the best mood-booster a girl could ask for!

4Grow Old With Your BFF

Growing old with a BFF is the ultimate goal. Not only can you be crazy old ladies together, but you get to experience everything in life with them. From marriages, to breakups, to children, to vacations, and holidays, having a BFF for life is the ultimate treat.

5My Best Friend’s Problems

A true BFF will be as concerned about your problems as you are. This is not because they are nosy and intrusive, but it’s because they care about your well-being. Your BFF is not happy unless you are happy. And, they do everything in their power to help you out in any situation.

6BFF Therapy

Sometimes just talking or hanging out with you BFF is what you need to get over a terrible day or problem. Having someone comfortable and familiar around you during hard times makes them much easier because you feel less alone. So, any time you are feeling low, reach out to your BFF. They will always be there for you, just like you are always there for them.

7Always There For You

Life happens. Things change. And, sometimes your BFF isn’t even in the same country or state as you. But, that’s ok! A true BFF will remain loyal. Even when you’re miles apart they will be there for you no matter what, whether it’s a simple Insta post, a text, or a Skype call; your BFF values the meaning of friendship and knows what it takes to nurture the relationship.

8Memories I Could Never Forget

The memories created by a BFF duo are unforgettable and so special. It could be something as simple as having Bio together in high school to grabbing coffee after work every day. Or, it could be about studying abroad and traveling or going on an epic camping trip together. Whatever the memory is, having it with your BFF is what makes it ultra special.

9No Judgement

It’s very hard to find someone that you can disclose everything to without judgement. So, if you find a BFF that allows you to do that, never let them go. It’s rare to have someone so open and accepting in your life. And, being accepted and encouraged to be yourself is the greatest gift.

10Friends To Family

We all have those friends that feel like family. Friends that can come into your house, open your fridge and help themselves to whatever is in there. There are friends who you could call at 4 AM to come get you from someplace you don’t feel safe and friends who make their way into your family parties on a regular basis. Friends who are family should be treated as such.

11Without You

Everyone needs a BFF. It is the person they go to for everything, the one they want to eat gross food with and binge Netflix and the person you bring as a date to a wedding when you are single! BFFs are a god-send.

12I Will Be There At Any Time

BFFs will always be there for you. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how far away they are, BFFs will never let you down when you’re in need. So, never hesitate to call yours when you are in a jam or if you just need a spontaneous vent sesh. It will make you feel better and you’re BFF will be touched that you trust them enough to reach out. Also, they know you’d totally do the same for them.

13Friends Are The Most Important

As you get older you will begin to realize that true genuine human connections are much more important than your career, social media, and other petty things that consume our everyday lives. So, when you find those special connections with people, hold onto them. They’re your greatest gifts in life.

14Friends Are Forever

We are all guilty of totally ditching our friends to hangout with our new boos. And, that’s ok, it’s life and we get caught up in the romance and spark of new relationships. But, it’s always important to remember that our friends were there for us way before Bill, Dan, or Kevin were. So, try your best to make time for your BFF, even if you’re super busy sucking face with Nathan.

15Will Never Leave Your Side

There are some friends that you have known forever and they are still just whatever. Then there are some friends who you meet and have an intense immediate connection with. These friends are like soulmates. You are able to connect on a deeper level because of your chemistry. And, these are the BFFs you should cherish forever.

16A Friend Gives You Freedom

It’s important to have people in your social circle that allow you to be yourself. It’s hurtful and discouraging when your friends judge you. So, finding friends that give you the freedom to be yourself on an everyday basis are important to find.

17They Hate Us

There is no denying that every girl is super jealous of that perfect BFF duo that you see posting pics on Instagram. The pics with matching outfits, perfect hair, and the same Starbucks drink in hand. This is the BFF couple we all wish to be.

18My Happy Place

You should always feel happy when you are with your BFF. Your BFF should feel like home; a warm comfortable feeling should surround you whenever you are with them. Home is where you can be yourself. And, that’s the feeling your BFF should give you.

19Slay Together

Friends who encourage each other to be their best selves are some of the strongest bonds imaginable. Friendships that are mutually encouraging will only allow you to better yourself. And, you and your BFF will slay together and look totally unstoppable. Can you say power couple?

20Just Being With You

It’s such a treat to have a BFF that you can do anything with or nothing at all. It shouldn’t matter if you are napping together or chilling on the couch watching trash TV, if you are with your BFF you are having the best time possible. There is no need for expensive brunches or all-day shopping trips. Their company is all you need!

21True Friends Are Like Diamonds

A BFF is the ultimate accessory. They make life worth living. They make it fun, crazy, eccentric, and nourishing all at once. There is nothing more powerful than human connection and once you’ve found your BFF, there is nothing that should tear you apart.

22Your BFF Knows You’re Crazy

A true BFF loves you for who you truly are! They never judge your emotional outbursts or your habit of overthinking. They love every single crazy part of you. And, they would never dream of trying to change you. They fell in love with your soul for a reason.

23Never Do Stupid Things Alone

BFF is another word for your partner in crime. Yeah, we all make mistakes. And, yes we learn from them. But, doing it with your BFF is much more fun. Also, it makes for a crazy memory.

24A Friend Allows Growth

Friends understand that you change throughout the years. And, a true BFF will change and grow with you. They allow you to change and don’t hold it against you. Friends who encourage growth are friends you should hold onto, as they are willing to grow with you.

25BFFs Tell It Like It Is

BFFs are great at telling it like it is. No, they won’t be mean or judgmental about your decisions, but they will let you know very kindly if you screwed up. And, that’s great! Honesty should be a main component in a friendship.

26She Knows Too Much

A BFF knows everything about you, so you should definitely think twice about leaving them in the dust. They know your deepest darkest secrets and you’ve shared some sacred information. Let’s hope they’re with you forever because you don’t want anything getting out.

27Dear Bestie…

No one can replace your bestie! She’s irreplaceable.

28I have learned…

A true friend will always be there fr you, through the happiest and te toughest times.

29My best friends are the extra sisters

They are your soul sister, your lifelong true friend.

30Nobody could ever replace you..

There is only one true friend, and that is you!

31Girls can’t survive without their bff

Gys will come and go, but your bff will always be there with and for you.

32Dear Bestie, I’m tagging you here..

Tag your bestie ad let her know how much she means to you!

33Best Friends…

You speak the same language no one else can understand.

34Dear best friend..

What a heartwarming quote to send to your bff, Letting her know how much you’re grateful she is in your life.

35We didn’t realize we were making memories…

Having a bestie means you share a lot of unforgettably experiences, and crazy fun memories.

36Yes, we are aware!

Your bff knows how crazy you are and you know how crazy she is. That’s the blessing of having them.

37My best friends are like fairytales

Your bestie is the one you can call 50 times whenever you need, any day and any time.

38 I may not be able to solve all of your problems..

She will always be there for you, for the good and the bad times.

39A best friend helps you write your stories.

She will know just what to do to cheer you up and make you laugh hard. And through the hard times, she will be there with open arms, and your favorite Starbucks drink.

40A toast to my bff

Cause she’s only a phone call away..

41Bff Forever

Never apart at heart..

42We will be the old ladies

You’ll stay the same BFFs that make trouble together, when you’re both old.

43One Million Memories

One reason – Best Friend!

44The best kind of friendship…

You believe and each other and there for each other no matter what.

45You And I

You’re like a small gang with your own secret language, private jokes and secrets.

46I Don’t know What’s Tighter

The best feeling and knowing you’re so close!

47Soul Sisters

Your other half came in to your life and everything changes for the better!

48My Human Diary

She is your favorite person in the world, you’re like an open book to each other.



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