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Best Face Exfoliator

exfoliator and skin exfoliation


Best Face Exfoliator and Face Scrubs

Exfoliators, why are they so important? Why does every single skincare brand sell at least half a dozen in their stores?

Well the answer is simple they are to help stimulate a healthy cycle in our skin, your skin is constantly changing, adapting to new conditions and environments and it is constantly shedding itself. Of course, not like you would expect a snake’s skin to, it is slower and gradual than that. But, over time this dead skin can block the tiny pores in our skin causing spots, dryness, oiliness and discolouration to our skin. Other than that when you apply a moisturiser or makeup product it may not sit well on the skin simply because of all the backlog of dry skin that remains. Sounds gross right?
That’s where exfoliator come in and today here are a selection of some of the top exfoliators on the market to suit every skin type.

1Clinique Seven Day Scrub Cream Rinse of Formula for Any Skin Types

best exfoliator

If you are just getting into skincare, maybe you are young, or maybe you don’t know where to begin this is a must have. The product is made with very tiny beads that are perfectly rounded to gently buff the skin to remove dirt and dead skin cells. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, but at the same time it does not trip it of all its excess oils. It is fragrance free and its creamy formulation will not irritate the skin. The best time to use this exfoliator is in the morning prior to applying makeup.

2Dr Organics Manuka Honey Face Scrub

exfoliate face

This is a bioactive face scrub made with Manuka Honey, ground fruit seed and volcanic lava. This is a great scrub to for anyone with dryer skin who maybe cannot exfoliate their skin as the Manuka Honey has fantastic restorative and nourishing properties to help repair and moisturise the skin. Yet the tiny, rounded beads help to remove dead skin, dirt and environmental pollution. If you have normal to combination skin you can use this probably once a day in the morning prior to applying makeup. However, for dryer skin you may need to use this a little less frequently to ensure the oils are not stripped from your skin.

3Lush Ocean Salt Self Preserving and Alcohol Free Scrub

how to exfoliate face

This next one is perfect for anyone with combination to oily skin, this face scrub is made with sea salt, grapefruit and lime to help cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. But, the avocado in the product helps to add moisture to the skin and rehydrate it. This exfoliator is slightly rougher on the skin and is best used once a week if you have dryer to oily skin and 3 times a week if you have more oily skin. This face scrub has an incredible uplifting; zesty scent to it and it is the perfect scrub if you are suffering with a lot of blocked pore on a particular week.

4The Body Shop Gentle Aloe Exfoliator

exfoliating scrub


The Aloe Exfoliator is ideal for anyone with more sensitive skin, it is made with soothing Aloe Vera plant extracts to help repair, calm and restore the skin. It is made with a cream consistency and tiny rounded beads to help remove dead skin and leave it feeling smooth and fresh. This scrub is a must have for the summer months and is best used 2-4 times a week to help maintain healthy looking skin. It is also great for reducing redness

5Neal’s Yard Remedies Honey & Orange Facial Scrub

exfoliate skin

This facial scrub is perfect for all skin types, it is made with honey, orange, rice poser and kaolin to help balance and cleanse the skin. It has a fantastic scent, which is very reminiscent of a breakfast type of scent. The scrub is very gentle on the skin and when removed it leaves your skin feeling a lot more clearer and is a great scrub to use if you are prone to getting spots or blocked pores. This scrub is best used 1-3 times a week in the morning prior to applying makeup.


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