Anniversary Gifts for Her

Anniversary Gifts for Her


30 Anniversary Ideas And Gifts for Her

If you’re reading this article, congratulations are in order: you’re about to count another year with an awesome lady, or maybe your first year. It’s a great feeling, and an important milestone, so you want an anniversary gift to be special: it should suit her and be appropriate to the occasion, maybe representing a year. We can certainly understand wanting to do your research and field all your options. Here’s a list of 30 unique, special, personal anniversary gift ideas for your girl.

1Traditional Anniversary Gifts – This is Where I Met You map

Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary calls for gifts made of paper. Whether or not you’re married, paper is an interesting starting point, and yields a lot of cute ideas. This personalized map is a pretty bit of graphic design that commemorates where you and your lady first met. So if you’re looking for wedding anniversary gifts for her, this one is a great choice!

2Paper Anniversary Gifts – Origami Wolf

Another one for the paper anniversary, this very fancy origami wolf in a glass and wood case would be beautiful on a bookshelf or nightstand. You can have add a handwritten tag on top of the bell, choose the color of the animals, or pick a different animal altogether from the other options in this artist’s store.
If she likes jewelry you can buy her this gorgeous origami wolf necklace.

3Paper One Year Anniversary Gifts – Paper Flower Necklace

Would you ever even guess these were paper? If you’re looking for one year anniversary gifts for her, these amazing, tiny, handmade flowers are the centerpiece of this pretty pendant. It’s cute and symbolic, but not too intense, so perfect for your first year together. Find more paper necklace here.

4DIY Paper 1 Year Anniversary Gift – Heart Maps

If you’ve only been together a year, this might be a great “wish list” of places you’d love to take your girl. If you’ve been together longer or are especially adventurous, fill up all those hearts with the places you’ve gone together.

5DIY Paper Gifts – Brown Paper Bag

Rustic is totally an aesthetic, and this is cute anyway. You need minimal artistic skill to pull off this DIY gift, and the stuff you choose to put in it shows her that you know her. Stash practical items like travel-size versions of her favorite hand lotion or lip balm, and gift cards to her go-to lunch and coffee spots for busy weeks. Include a few of her favorite “splurge” items that she loves but won’t always buy for herself.

6DIY Paper 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her – 365 Notes

This one requires some planning, and if you’re tight on time, make it 52 notes so she has one a week. The goal is to make her feel special and represent an entire year together. Personalize this in whatever way suits her and your relationship best.

7Seedbom Flower Seeds

So you thought about getting your girl flowers, but she’s sort of a hippie type and isn’t into cut flowers. Here’s the perfect solution and a step above:flower seed bombs. You still get gorgeous flowers out of the deal, but this is more special because you get to watch them grow, which also suggests looking forward to many more years together.

8DIY Anniversary Gift – Box of Dates

Fill a box, jar, or journal with one special, pre-planned date per month. Write out the details and wrap up any supplies you can get in advance. Get creative with presentation and what constitutes a date, and try to make everything seasonally appropriate to each month.

9Knot Ring

If she likes jewelries, this knot ring is one of the best anniversary gifts for her! This ring is subtly romantic, and because it’s so small and simple, she can wear it and look at it every day.

10Anniversary Gifts by Year – Lucky Penny keychain

Does anyone still have a lucky penny? Probably not. So, get her a personalized one from the year you got together.


If she’s the beauty type, Birchbox can’t be beat. They’ll send one box per month filled with samples and info of all types of beauty products. Then, when she finds her new favorite, you’ll know what to get her later.

12Love With Food Box

If she’s NOT the beauty type, this one might be a better subscription box. Love With Food delivers lots of organic, all-natural snacks once a month, and they support hunger charities with their proceeds. Delicious AND doing good, all year round.

13Anniversary Gift Books – Love In the Time of Cholera

If she’s a literature major, you’ll score big with a book. That said, if she has refined tastes, you can’t go with any old romance novel and call it a day. Love In the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is an epic, magical-realism love story that will sweep her off her feet.

14Lush Bath Bombs

I don’t think any girls are immune to the appeal of Lush’s bath bombs, though I’d be hard-pressed to explain exactly why that is. I always feel silly spending money on these, but they’re such a good gift. It’s nice when someone gets you something that you don’t think you deserve yourself, but that you totally want. It says, “I think you deserve to be pampered.”

15Classy Bath Robe

Okay, I’m not talking about some drab terrycloth number from a home goods store. I’m talking about a classy, grown woman number that will make her feel like a million bucks after she gets out of that luxurious bath. Yes, you can go a little sultry on this. But the item should still be cozy and functional. After all, the gift is to make her feel special, not to make her look pretty for you.

16DIY Anniversary Gifts – Love Cards

You will have to put some work and craftiness into this, but the result is adorable. Write something special on each of fifty-two cards, drill a hole, and present them on a ring. She can stash this in her desk or nightstand and look at it whenever her boss is on her case or she’s just come home from a bad day.

17Polaroid Snap Camera

Your lady wants cute pictures of you two. She really, really does. This little gadget from Polaroid prints photos instantly and has an available memory card so you can keep and share digital copies.

18Customized bar jewelry

Whether this is your 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary or 30th anniversary, a customized bar jewelry gift is always romantic! These are super simple and customizable with names, dates, quotes, or any text you can think of. They’re pretty and dainty, but unassuming enough to wear with anything. If you get her jewelry for your anniversary, you’ll want it to be something she keeps around all the time.

19Customized recipe book

Perfect if you like to cook together, and even better if you’re planning to move in together. Get a beautiful, customized recipe book for all your kitchen successes, and it will last a long time and stash memories as well as recipes.

20Infinity Bracelet

Simple infinity jewelry is always a win. This has enough detail to be striking but is subtle enough to be timeless and elegant. The infinity symbol represents your love and the years you hope to spend together, of course.

21Three Year Journal

For when you’re confident you’re in it for the long haul, and never want things to get dull. This journal is filled with thought-provoking questions for both of you to answer.

22Anniversary Gifts for Music Lovers – Sheet Music Cuff

This one has the music of Schubert’s Ave Maria but any piece of music can be printed or embossed on a cuff. If she’s into the classics, great. If not, get “your song” printed on one instead.

23Memory Jar

Start this before your anniversary. Stash ticket stubs and other small mementos of all the stuff you’ve done together. Present it to her as something you want to fill up again and again and again. Girls like to see thought in a gift, AND they like to see that you didn’t come up with it last minute. This will definitely show her both.

24Sound Wave Jewelry

Keep it simple with, “I love you,” or use a snippet of your song, or a recording of you calling her by that embarrassing pet name she would hate for anyone else to know about. This can be put on a chain as a necklace, and it looks cool and modern. Only she will know the true meaning behind it.

25Dopamine Necklace

Chemistry nerds need love too! If your girl has a big brain AND style, she’ll appreciate this nerdy necklace. Dopamine is the stuff that saturates our brain when we feel love, and this silver dopamine molecule is paired with a simple red bead and a heart charm.

26Metal Roses

Roses are classic, but they also might be too easy and thoughtless. So, how to take advantage of such a recognizable symbol of love and romance without seeming cliche? Metal roses, I repeat, METAL ROSES. Perfect for the toughest, coolest girl you know: your girlfriend.

27Customized Chocolates First Anniversary Gift

Chocolate is another classic that runs the risk of being cliche. Luckily, you can buy embossed or printed chocolates with patterns, pictures, initials, and more, beautifully presented and still delicious. Some companies are even offering 3D printed chocolate nowadays. There’s absolutely no excuse to buy a heart-shaped box of truffles instead of one of these options. Remember, anyone can buy chocolate at the store. Getting customized chocolate shows you put time and thought into the gift.

28DIY Anniversary Gifts – Constellation Wall Art

So, this is cool anyway, and yeah, you could just do her zodiac sign, but I’m about to take this to the next level for you. The constellations visible in the night sky vary depending on time of year and your specific location. There are loads of astronomy websites that can assist you in figuring out what was showing big and bright in the night sky when and where you met or went on your first date. Figure that out, and do THAT constellation. This is an easy DIY project if you’re even the slightest bit handy: print-out of constellation, piece of wood, nails, hammer, string, done!

29Bucket List Book

This can be both a planner and a scrapbook for all the stuff you want to do together: learning new things, traveling, having new experiences, and more. Fill it up with your ideas first, then document what happens, year after year.

30Message in a bottle

You might be game to do this yourself, or you can buy one custom made. This can be an ornament, necklace, keychain, or just a tiny little thing that hides on her desk or in her bedroom for her own private enjoyment. On the paper, write anything you want, but make it personal: a quote from her favorite book or a message from you are good choices.

We hope you have found the right anniversary gift for your special girl in this list of anniversary gift ideas for her!



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