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Acne Face Map Causes and Solutions: Figuring Out What Your Pimples Are Trying To Tell You

Acne Face Map Causes and Solutions: Figuring Out What Your Pimples Are Trying To Tell You

Acne Face Map Guide

At the most simplistic level of analysis, acne is stressful. Let’s face it: it has brought us discomfort and unnecessary stress throughout our lives, whether it be a huge red spot on our foreheads on the day of an important presentation or a grim whitehead that looks as if it’s about to burst at any moment. These pesky blemishes can put a damper on our day, when the last thing we need is something else to worry about. A small bump can lower your self-confidence and, with prolonged exposure, your entire self-image.

1More Than Just Pimples

Try as we may, our pimples keep coming back with a vengeance, despite the countless creams and scrubs we use to prevent them. Meticulously-executed marketing convinces us that it’s all caused by excess oil or dirt so that we buy more products, but that’s simply not true. As more research is conducted in the field of acne, the more society understands that it can be the result of so much more than forgetting to use moisturizer. Acne is a versatile condition and can potentially indicate more severe problems within your system. To learn more about what your acne may be telling you, delve into the study of face mapping.

2What Is Face Mapping?

Face Mapping is the ideology that breakouts at each part of the face relate to a deeper issue within the body. A combination of ancient Chinese medicine and contemporary dermatological procedures, this idea, while controversial, has taken storm throughout skin care enthusiasts across the world. It has become such a popular theory that many spas and clinics even put it to practice. Chinese Face Mapping, also known as “Mien Shiang,” notes that only when you live a very healthy life will you have healthy skin as well.

Before believing everything you read about Face Mapping, it’s important to clarify that there is no scientific research connecting breakouts with certain parts of your face to your overall health. It’s not designed to supersede any information given to you by a medical professional. Because of this, it’s not accepted as fact by many practitioners within the dermatology community. However, there is some truth in it; recurring breakouts in the same spot are not to be ignored and Face Mapping may aid you in discovering the root problem to alleviate your complexion.

3Common Causes

While each part of the face is determined to be affected by various parts of the body, there are several contributing factors that, according to several acupuncturists, lead to breakouts in every area. These are the more widespread sources for breakouts, so be sure to consider these before you diagnose yourself with a more serious problem.

Stress: This one’s a no-brainer. Your life is rough. There’s late-night deadlines to complete, overwhelming obligations to fulfill, and so many expectations that your body releases its stress into the largest organ it has: your skin. Try to get your stress out before your skin becomes the target, whether it be through exercise, relaxation, or listening to music. If you’re stressed out all the time, everyone else will know it, too.

Bacteria: Do you forget to clean your makeup brushes? Do you find yourself chatting away on the phone through the night? Do you pick at your skin? All of these acts introduce even more bacteria onto your face and increase the likelihood of breakouts. Because bacteria, P. Acne, already lives on your face all the time (only becoming a problem when pores are clogged), any extra bacteria on your face can catalyze the formation of even more pimples. Be sure to clean your makeup brushes regularly, sterilize your phone once a week, and do not pick at current acne.

Dirt: This may sound obvious, but wash your face and take off your makeup each night. As simple as it sounds, when it’s half past midnight and it takes all your effort just to get up the stairs, it’s really easy to write off. The trick to doing this successfully is to find a time where washing your face is convenient for you. If you’re having trouble with this, try washing your face while in the shower. You’re already there so you might as well, right?


The first zone of the Face Map is one of the largest problem areas for people plagued with acne: your forehead. Aside from the common causes, frequent forehead breakouts may signify the health of your bladder and digestion system. In other words, you may be having trouble with eliminating toxins from your body by failing to drink enough water or eating too much of processed foods. Forehead-specific acne can also point to liver problems or an irregular sleep schedule.

For a solution to these side effects, drink a lot of water throughout the day and cut back on carbonated drinks such as soda (which actually dehydrates you). Try integrating a cup of green tea into your daily routine to reap the benefits of its antioxidants.

If you specifically break out on the edges of your forehead, you may be suffering from the buildup of makeup or hair products. In order to mitigate these, pay special attention to your application of your products in this area and likewise while cleaning them off. To be safe, wash a little past your hairline so as to remove any debris that may collect when you scrub the area.

5Area Between Eyebrows

Related to the liver, problems in this area may suggest an overindulgence in alcohol, rich foods, or a food allergy. In order to ameliorate your complexion, adopt some new habits to implement in your lifestyle. One, engage in light exercise. Sweating is good and will relieve your skin of the toxins that build up throughout the day. Additionally, get more sleep, avoid light snacks, and reduce consumption of heavy foods such as butter and cheese.


The cheeks are often linked with the respiratory system. People who smoke or deal with allergies often experience breakouts in this zone. While causes can be as complex as air pollution in a heavily populated area, it can also be as simple as a dirty phone screen or unwashed pillow case. Along the same line, check to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the kind of detergent you use.

Your diet comes into play when addressing your cheeks, so ensure that your fast food and sugar intake is at a minimum in order to reduce the presence of acne. Eat more vegetables and spend more time outdoors to combat this.

Lower cheek breakouts could indicate poor dental hygiene. Use mouthwash, floss, and brush regularly so as to avoid this.

7Eyes And Ears

Both related to the kidney, dehydration and poor elimination in the eyes and ears leads to red ears and dark circles. Many suffer from dark circles under their eyes and will do anything to get rid of them. While often genetic, you can suppress dark circles by drinking enough water and avoiding consuming excess salt.


Your nose can be linked to both your kidney and heart, so it is essential to monitor it closely for any problems. A reddened nose can be a sign of high blood pressure or a precursor of rosacea, a skin disorder. Conversely, your breakouts may be catalyzed by using makeup that aggravates your skin.

To reduce nose-specific acne, begin by making sure that your makeup is a “noncomedogenic” label. Also, limit the amount of meat or spicy foods that you eat.


Your chin and jawline are closely intertwined with your hormones and reflect imbalances. It is common for women to notice acne here prior to menstruation. You may also notice acne here while eating greasy foods.

Get plenty of rest and eat fresh food to reduce the amount of breakouts in these locations.


Acne near your mouth often has to do with your diet and hygiene practices. Pores around the mouth may be irritated by the application of various lip products. Alternatively, the toothpaste you use may contribute to the culmination of acne along the sides of the mouth. Lastly, grease from foods you eat may remain on the sides of your mouth and create acne.

Review your habits in these aspects of your lifestyle in order to decide whether these may be factors that provide for formation of acne.


The neck can suffer from a variety of stressors, including adrenal gland malfunctions and fragrances. The adrenal gland produces adrenaline and is directly related to stress. Your perfume application may be the reason you struggle with neck acne, as it can lead to hyperpigmentation. Take time to relax each day and only apply perfume to your clothes in order to amend these breakouts.


Your temples are often affected by your diet and will form acne when too many fatty or oily foods are present in your diet. To eliminate this acne, edit out unhealthy and processed foods from your diet and maintain good hygiene in makeup and skincare.



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